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What do you call your baby to be?


Re: What do you call your baby to be?

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    25 weeks here... Used to call the baby as "bub" short for bubble... Found out we are having a boy... We call him "bubba" :-) named after Bubba the caveduck from the cartoon series duck tales, we watched growing up :-)
  • We call ours penguin as I got pregnant from a frozen embryo transfer :) I'll know next week via blood test what I am having I'm bored right now and just popped over here out of curiosity lol
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  • DH calls baby, "baby" I call baby "love bug" 

  • My friend and I were throwing around boy names (I find out the sex next month) for fun, and I said "I like the name Emerson...but I also don't actually want to name my child Emerson?" and now my friends and I call "him" Emerson/Em/Baby E. I told another friend I was pregnant when baby E was the size of a kumquat so she only calls "him" that, saying "He shall always be kumquat to me!" haha!  8->

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  • We call our baby our little monster.....at least until we can find out if we are having a boy or girl. Only two more weeks to wait!
  • Team Green- call the baby Green!
  • After 5 miscarriages, i hardly even dared believe i was pregnant till 12 weeks, and at 12 weeks, a baby is supposed to be the size of a lime, so the name stuck. Definately not lime sized now though! Im 25-26 weeks now and just huge at least i think i am :)
  • Our little squirmy has so many nick names. My stomach looked like an Easter egg for a while so I called her Easter Egg. My husband goes with Peter, Alien and sometimes whatever fruit/vegetable is on the bump. He likes pulling exotic fruits out of nowhere too.
  • i crave biscuits and gravy all of the time. so i call the baby my little biscuit(: 
  • We called him lentil cause when I told my friend he was the size of a lentil bean so it just kind of stuck
  • We've been using Parry and parasite too!
  • We are due in October so my 3yo calls the baby Candy Corn. She thinks she's hilarious.
  • We call the baby "baby". My daughter we called the monster and my son we called #2
  • Gonzo. My SIL named him since we aren't sharing our little boys name yet... It lightens the mood whenever someone is disappointed we aren't sharing the name :-)
  • We call ours BB for Baby Blount!  But now we have revealed the name we call her by her name, Spencer Elizabeth! 
  • We call our little one Kermit because first sonogram looked like a frog! its caught on with most of family and friends. My Hubby's grandpa has different name each time we visit. They've been all boy names so know what he's hoping for! :-).
  • We call our baby Hackie Sack. (After the rice filled ball you must keep of the ground). We mentioned once that the baby was in a sac and then hackie sack just came up and stuck.
  • We have a 10month old so my husband has been calling this one "the deuce" it seems to have stuck!
  • I called my first  "Squiggles"
    I called my second son  "Jelly Bean"
    So far, no names for this one...    Since he/she will arrive in October/November I might come up with a cute name like Pumpkin or chestnut :) 

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  • We've been calling him Tripod since my dating ultrasound at 9 weeks...you could clearly see the tail between his little gummy bear legs at that point. Now that we know it's a boy, DH is REALLY enjoying calling him Tripod, haha. We're not sharing the name with family yet, so that's been our filler name when we're talking to people.

  • Gizmo. It just sort of happened. DH wants a girl, so he calls the baby Gizmo because he thinks it sounds more feminine. Sweet, excited papa.
  • I took a page from Dirty Dancing... I just refer to him/ her as baby. Not "the" baby... just Baby. As in "Nobody puts baby in a corner."
  • DD was (and still is!) Bug as she was the parasite that sucked the life out of me.  <3

    These guys (twin boys) are and have been just A and B.  Not very creative this time around, lol 

  • We call ours Blueberry bc at the first sonogram that's what it looked like
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    We typically just say baby now, but at the beginning we said alien (after we read about all the transformations the baby goes through, like eyes starting on the sides of the head, etc. -- our little alien! :) )
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    We've been calling her Nugget and Jellybean
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  • I'm 18 weeks, but when we found out we were pregnant this app said he/she was the size of a poppyseed, so we just call the baby poppyseed!
  • I've been calling baby "roommate" and now DH and our families are stuck on it too.
  • I call him by his name or say my lil pumpkin..
  • My friend and coworker named ours Snickerdoodle...after I craved snickers bars like crazy!
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    My first was "Miss Wiggles". This one is just going by her name.
  • My sister calls the baby "lil nugget" but my mother prefers "litlle bit" - as in, a little bit of me, a little bit of my partner, a little love. :x
  • We have a 2 yr old and we've been calling new baby either New Baby or Second (insert 2 yr old's name.)
    But today we found out we're team blue so we might start calling him by what name we like.
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  • mine has changed with her size.. first it was jelly bean, then it was gummy bear, and now its itty bitty :) even though we know her name we still call her itty bitty!

  • We call her "sweetheart," or by her name.
  • We call the baby "Little Bogey" (rhymes with soggy). Hubby is "Big Bogey", I'm just "Bogey" so naturally we had to continue the trend with our little one :) Not sure if we'll stick with it after he or she is born, though.
  • We been calling our baby are little strawberry bc our on said one day she was as big as a strawberry and it just stuck
  • Calling ours Pumpkin since we're due around Thanksgiving.
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