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Ugh what to do

First of all, I DO personally think this is tacky, and DO think it is gift grabby. This is long. I am asking for honest opinions, so I don't care if it's a crappy response or a helpful one. In my area, everyone has showers for multiple children. I know someone with their 6th boy and having their 6th shower (and planning their own *puke*). So having a shower now is not frowned upon here. With my last pregnancy, my BF had planned a shower, and I was excited. However, I declined because the passing of my near and dear grandmother (mostly mother) and couldn't get over the grief. I didn't have a shower with my first pregnancy. This time around (since I am having another girl) I hadn't expected anything at all cause I have everything I need. Other than necessities. With a husband in the hospital, a 2 year old with a skin issue and doctors appointments, and her postponed birthday party to plan, I was happy to know I am not a FTM having to make a list of invites and having to attend my shower. However, my aunt has been begging me to let her throw a small shower. I litterally have everything so I said no. She won't take no for an answer. She wants a *diaper raffle* and a name tag donation thing she got from the games list on the bump. Although I have been to many showers with a diaper raffle, and found it okay, I am not fond of telling guests to buy a certain thing for me. I haven't made a registry, and don't plan to unless I see a special "create a registry and get a $20 target gift card." Should I throw my hands up and tell her whatever, go for it? Thanks!!

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    Nope still decline that all is tackier than just a second shower which is still tacky.

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    Thanks! I have a big close family, and nothing but little girls. I told her last night that I didn't want a formal shower AT ALL. She said she reserved the room in our bowling alley for family only (with the exception of one really close family friend). She stated to everyone to not bring gifts, but everyone has hand me downs for me from their girls. We will make a family bowling/pool night out of it, which is perfectly fine since we do that twice a year anyways. And it will be nice to get the family together before LO is born. I'm actually excited to shoot some pool, and many of my aunts are going to have a few drinks at the bar in the alley. I get to watch their craziness, which will be a stress relief. I just hope she is telling the truth because I do not want to show up there with a big surprise shower and lots of gifts. I'm mostly independent and don't like asking for anything anyways, let alone have someone take their time to plan a shower for my second baby girl. That's really absurd to me.
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    I like the compromise you have come up with your aunt. In my opinion it's about getting the family together and celebrating, not the gifts. It sounds you are going to get that. Enjoy! 
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    I personally would do a registry with things you'll need to replenish/buy new. Diapers, wipes, bottle nipples(if you use them), etc. for the completion coupon. That's the only reason we have a registry.
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    Sounds like a good plan!  Enjoy!
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    I agree with the ladies above, id decline the shower idea but since your situation is a little different than most, maybe suggest a group of your closest family and girlfriends and enjoy a nice brunch together. Gifts may still be involved but anybody attending wont feel obligated to buy you anything

    Edit : i just read your compromise and thats a great idea, no pressure! Enjoy your day :)
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    Why not have a Sprinkle! Just make a small registry and still celebrate with family and friends! I see no problem with multiple's not like I will hang on to every little thing after my baby girl is born...we have a small house and lots of nice consignment shops nearby! Not to mention I am an avid Ebay user...I sell things when I no longer need them! 

    If we had another baby, we would absolutely have a Sprinkle if it is another girl and another Shower if it's a boy! 
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