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  • Ugh, DD is teething again and it seems to be bugging her more than usual. During prior teethings she was usually fine during the day and it was only bothering her at night. Today she has been a little cranky, clingy, slightly feverish, in evident pain and developing a sudden diaper rash. Poor little girl. its weird though, it looks like she is getting a few pimples or a pimple-like rash on her back and face...anyone ever experience this in conjunction with teething?

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  • @BADASBKRCK my LO often gets a rash on his face from drooling and sleeping in it. Teething causes lots of drool! Looked like this when he had it.
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  • @BADASBKRCK I agree with tall trees. Sometimes c will get a little rash around her mouth if she's super drooly while she has her paci in. The back I can't explain. Hope it's nothing more than a little rash!
  • @smushi there's no way we could go to the other day care. It's 45 minutes in the opposite direction of my work. Doing that would make my commute over an hour and a half.

    I'm calling today to talk to the director.
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    I haven't been on in about a week so catching up this morning. 

    @BADASBKRCK sorry to hear about work Ugh! but congrats on the new car! 

    @sherks11 - that stinks about daycare! I hope that it works out. It is soooo hard to leave LO to work if you are not comfortable with knowing that LO is getting the best possible care :(

    @talltrees82 - Good luck with the traveling! 

    We took out first vacation with both kids last week. 5 nights just outside of Toronto staying with friends. The drive ended up being closer to 6 hours with bathroom breaks and the boarder crossing but both kids were so good in the car. We had a great time. The hardest part was getting the kids to bed each night in unfamiliar surroundings so they stayed up pretty late. Once we got them to sleep though they both slept through the night until 8 or even 9 in the morning! We went to the Toronto zoo and that was really amazing! We walked for 4.5 hours and still didn't see everything! Had some really great quality time with my BFF and not I miss her more than ever after spending so much time together!
  • @yellowflower15 that's awesome! I'm glad everything went smoothly. The ferry ride sounds like it was fun for your little ones! Enjoy your trip!
  • Woohoo! Way to go @yellowflower15 and kidlets! Enjoy your visit!
  • @yellowflower15 have fun and I'm crossing my fingers for your trip home!!!

    LO fell down the stairs today. It's only about 6 stairs but they are wooden and she fell down them ALL. She has 3 bruises on her head, 2 of which are on her face. I feel terrible. I'm hoping they look a ton better in the morning :(
  • Oh no @sherks11 ! I hope your LO is okay. I'm glad it wasn't a full flight! Don't beat yourself up, accidents happen. I'm sure those bruises will fade soon, kids heal quick!
  • @yellowflower15, glad you made it! Have lots of fun on your trip!

    @sherks11, hope your LO looks better today! Kids are so resilient. She probably doesn't even know something happened!

    We're still at the beach. LO doesn't love it, but he's doing better than I thought he might considering how much he hated the pool at home. Ya know how you see babies sleeping so peacefully on the beach? Yeah. That's not real life. We have another beach trip planned with my parents, and I'm pretty excited for some nap time babysitters :)
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    I have given up on work for the day. I can't concentrate enough to keep focus and just keep thinking about my dogs. So I will spend the next 45 minutes screwing around on TB and FB trying to distract myself and then leaving early. 
  • Is it just my kid who loves to break into his diaper pail (we just used a step trash can, so it's not hard) and explore the contents, or is this a thing? I'm starting to understand the appeal of pricier (kid-proof) pails.
  • So we put C to bed about 30 minutes earlier than normal since she only took one short nap today and it took her one hour to fall asleep! I felt so bad! She normally takes awhile, like 15-30 minutes but this was extensive! At least no crying just sitting and playing in the dark.
  • @sherks11 I hope your LO is ok! We don't really have any stairs we need to use at our house but it's always a huge fear of mine- I'm sure your LO will be fine!

    @Sporty1216 C always tries to get into her diaper pail and other garbage pails! c just loves taking anything out of where it's supposed to be in general.
  • @sporty1216 we just use a step can too... LO hasn't gotten into it, but he doesn't spend much time playing in his room where it is. He gets into everything else, though! Emptying the dog's toy basket is a favourite.
  • It's getting too quiet around here!
  • Today was a heartbreaking day. My best friend came over. Her husband left her (and her 2 kids) and ran off with an 18 yo. I can't even go into all the details but when questioned by the police (because yes it was necessary) he admitted to having multiple relations with 18 year olds and multiple random one night stands. 2 detectives (who are looking for this 18 year old) who came to my house broke the news to her. Her husband is no where to be found and she hasn't heard from him since yesterday morning. Phone is off, no credit cards, and he emptied the bank account. I did the best that I could to comfort her but it was just impossible. Thoughts and prayers for this family please!!!
  • @sherks11 wow I couldn't even begin to imagine how your friend is feeling. She's lucky to have you there for support. I honestly have no words. Your friend is in my thoughts.
  • Oh my gosh, @sherks11 ! That is all just horrifying. I'm so sorry. Your friend is truly fortunate to have you in her corner. Will definitely be praying for her and her kiddos.
  • Jeez @sherks11, your poor friend! Everything about that situation is heartbreaking. Like others said, she's lucky to have you! Sending her and the kids hugs.
  • @sherks11 how horrible! Many, many thoughts and prayers for your friend. I know it will be a long time but I hope she is able to heal from all this. Thoughts and prayers for you too as you help her through this. I'm glad she has you as a friend!
  • Thanks ladies! No update. Neither of the 2 have been found. This is just unbelievable, I don't feel like it's real life!!
  • Holy crap that sucks! The man should be found and castrated immediately...that is so messed up. Its one thing to abandon your wife and kids, but to empty the bank account that is feeding your children? F that guy!

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  • 45 hour week as of today, by the end of tomorrow it will be 52 hours. Then I get a day off and back to another 6 day 52 hour week. Ugh...I'm so tired and I haven't done this in 10 years, my body hates me! On the plus side, we just hired two new employees, but it will be a month before I can go back to 40 hour 5 day weeks

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  • Oh, gosh, @BADASBKRCK ! Hang in there! I hope that once the two new employees are up to speed you can take a well-deserved break!
  • I totally forgot about crazy pregnancy dreams. I had the dirtiest dream about Jensen ackles (from supernatural) last night. I'm not even sorry, it was amazing...
  • Dropped our morning nursing session today. I'm a little sad and a little not. It didn't seem to bother LO at all--though he did spend some time pulling on my shirt just before nap time. Hopefully we can keep the bedtime session, but he's been changing up that routine too. He used to pass out cold. Now he nurses and is wide awake and we rock and sing to sleep. On the upside, he's slept from 8:30-6 two nights in a row. I hope I didn't just jinx that. ;)
  • I'm thinking we will drop the am session next week. I feel really mixed about starting the process of I'm being honest.
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    ^^ me too, @manders803 I was sad this morning. But I think it's time for us. I'm sure you'll know the right time for you two as well.

    ETA: with each session we've dropped, I've always had to be very aware of when I was choosing for one to be my last one so I could savor it. That has helped, I think. As does the fact that LO barely seems to notice. Hopefully we can hang on to the bedtime one for a while yet. :)
  • That's great advice. Thank you.
  • LO sneezed prunes all over me this morning... Since it was only speckles, I didn't bother changing. Just got to work and realized I've also got a juice stain. Oh well!
  • @Talltrees82 I always go to work with food or in the old days spit up too!!!! It's impossible for me to get out the door clean!!

    It's LOs first official beach day today! I'm so excited!!!!
  • LO got in trouble for biting at daycare yesterday. Nooooooo! I don't want a biter!

    He hasn't done it at home. Hoping it's an isolated incident!
  • *grumble* had a customer on the phone today who was being an ass and called me a liar then said he was done with talking to me. apparently my mouth moved faster than my hand on the disconnect...I said "what a jerk" a millisecond before disconnecting and the guy emailed us complaining. My damn mouth and hot temper always gets me into trouble.

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  • @BADASBKRCK that sucks, sounds like the guy totally deserved it! Hopefully you're not in too much trouble and can get some satisfaction knowing he heard you ;)
  • I'm with @Talltrees82 ! He probably needed to hear it! But I hope it doesn't blow back on you too much...
  • @BADASBKRCK - as long as you aren't in too much hot water, isn't it a dream come true in a way? Don't you always kind of wish a*^holes will hear a comment like that?
  • @sherks11 I'm so sorry to hear that is happening to your best friend. How heartbreaking.

    @0jamielynn0 What do they do when he bites? I wonder how you're supposed to get a baby to stop? Maybe the other baby's arm looked like a good teething device. Hehe :P
  • LO is pooping in the tub now at least twice a week. It's gross and smells AWFUL when cleaning it out!!!! Any ideas???
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