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Anyone else get a BFP by prayer!?

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: he alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection (Psalm 91:1-4

Always by Gods will, thank you Lord!

Can I get a Amen?! :)
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Re: Anyone else get a BFP by prayer!?

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  • Well, I didn't post this to be deliberately mocked and made fun of. I'm talking region ..and I got very inappropriate comments? Really.
    You girls are like the mean girls. But moms at the same time? :(
  • I literally can't breathe I am laughing so hard.

    I feel bad that the OP is upset, but the responses are freaking hilarious.
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  • Thank you Charlie, we just have different beliefs which is fine, I used to feel the same way until a certain event happened in my life. Now I believe their is a higher power that created allll this science etc
    To each their own!
  • Besides the fact that I have literally been getting "bullied" on my own post, regarding my own belief... By grown women? Now I'm judging apparently. Lol oh boy. Ok.
    Goodnight ladies.
  • Sorry for thinking there may be a couple Christians on here that wanted to connect on pregnancy related struggles.
    Didn't meant to offend anyone's scientific beliefs.
  • @ProfEDD you said it way better than me



  • Are you serious right now!? It is so disrespectful to be commenting on a post mocking a religion! If there was a Muslim or Jew or catholic on here asking for support from fellow believers I would NEVER comment talking about MY god or mocking their god in general. Ever.
    That's called.. Starting shit.
    No rhyme or reason for it, just because? You disagree?
    I was raised to never ever bash someone's personal belief, talk religion, politics or race.
    Kinda like if you don't have anything nice don't say anything at all? Ya. This goes way back.

    I live in NY and been in the city for quite sometime now, I've became cultured, hard but patient and anything but ignorant. Having moral, class and respect for others is just part of life for me.
    I apologize for offending anyone in any way shape or form by this post!? Not sure how that was possible or why all these comments were necessary but it is what it is.
    Any Christian would understand why sometimes things don't work out and how god has other plans. This post was meant for people that understand what it's like having a relationship with god. Not people who just think by praying your problems will be solved. Trust often requires unanswered questions.
    It's so much deeper than this all but I'm not going into it all. I'll delete the post.
    Have a goodnight!
  • I have nothing against Catholics!!!! I was just using the different religions as a example oh my word you people are so nasty!!!! I keeping coming back because I'm in such disbelief.
    Never in all my life have I met such crazies who get off on arguing.

    Please people find peace in your lives,.. Maybe an activity y'all must be very bored or something.

  • guys, it does kinda sound like you're mocking her beliefs o.O
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    OP, you are being ridiculous.  You posted a bible verse & asked who else got pregnant through prayer.  No one mocked your beliefs, no one even said that prayer didn't help you!

    I'm glad you found God & it has brought happiness in your life, but when asking people to respect your views, you need to respect theirs.

    I prayed HARD during my miscarriage in November for a miracle & it didn't come.  I believe there's a reason for it, it still sucked.  I prayed to get pregnant again, I also temped & had sex during my fertile window.  It worked, wonderful.  I'll continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy, while also seeing my dr & doing what I can to hopefully not have another loss. 

    I did not get pregnant by prayer, maybe it helped, who knows.  I got pregnant because sperm fertilized my egg & it implanted in my uterus.  That's how pregnancy works.

    ETA: wording.
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    I think it's time to add to the "read this first" sticky that religion and politics (just like everywhere else in public) should not become a topic. And if it does, that you need to be prepared for mixed opinions that you may not like or agree with. @CharlieFox30‌
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