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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • Hi All, 

    I took my pregnancy test on 13dpo and 14dpo. I had a light second line on 13, but it did get a little darker on 14dpo. I am going in for the blood work tomorrow. Congrats to all the BFP. I am excited for this journey as this will be my first. 
  • My line doesn't seem to be getting darker, anyone else had this happen? I figured by 13DPO it would be at least as dark as control 

    13 DPO 

    11 DPO 

  • @kimmer1412 I wouldn’t compare a FRER to a cheapie wondfo since the wondfo isn’t near as sensitive. It took almost a week after my BFP on FRER for my wondfo to be as dark as the control. So I think it wasn’t as dark on the wondfo until 17dpo
  • @kopp5988 thanks I didnt think about that 
  • I agree. I am day 17dpo today and my line is very dark. Actually darker now then the control line and it appeared wicked fast too. I am using FRER and Clearblue.
  • @kimmer1412 +1 on don't compare lines of different brands.  If you are comparing lines of the same brand you should see it get darker at least every other day, sometimes one day doesn't show a big difference.

    Also, FWIW my test line didn't get as dark or darker than the control line until closer to 18/19 DPO when my HCG was well over 1,000.
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  • @coco2787 thanks I have a ton of wondfo so I'll test again in a few days to confirm the line is getting darker. 
  • shri929shri929
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    The top is 12DPO, next down 13DPO am, next down, 13DPO PM, and bottom 14 DPOam.. line profession or chemical?
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  • kiki75kiki75
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    @shri929 Step away from the tests. It’s all you can do. There are due lot differences and hydration differences at play so you can’t read into them. I think your lines look fine. 
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  • I took a bunch of different brands. I got my darkest positive on the Wal-Mart brand, dollar store came in second, wondfo third, frer fourth, and clinical guard last. These were at 9dpo. I normally get much darker lines at this point, but they were slightly darker this morning at 10dpo. I'm still being cautious. 
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  • Dollar store. This was also in the evening though. 4 hour hold .
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  • @mamamoo10 it's been a couple days maybe try testing again?  Those are definitely negative.
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  • @alwaysellie
    I did with dollar tree cheapie. AF wasn't due for 2 days but got a bfpmiddle test was  2 days  before AF
  • @alwaysellie I read incorrectly
  • MsIanMsIan
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    Hey guys. I tested today in the middle of the day. Gonna try again tomorrow morning, but what do you think??
  • @mslan as long as that was within the time window that’s definitely positive! Congratulations!
  • MsIanMsIan
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    @_khaleesi It was! I just can't stand ambiguity. You've made me feel better. I'll take one tomorrow morning. 
  • Is this positive? 
  • @shaileemae Yes! If the picture was taken within the testing window, you are. Congratulations!!
  • MrsJessSMrsJessS
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    I swore I’d never do this. But I’m making myself a crazy person. 
    Tbis was definitely within the time window. Ps I hate blue dye and this was a mistake 🤦🏻‍♀️
    ETA blue dye was a mistake. Not the + if that’s what it is 

  • mermaidca said:
    @mamamoo10 it's been a couple days maybe try testing again?  Those are definitely negative.
    They were Defintely positive. I tested the next morning, and they were darker. 
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  • mamamoo10mamamoo10
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    this was 10dpo fmu
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  • @mamamoo10 I'm really confused. I see nothing on all of these tests except for maybe an evap line on the FRER. What makes you say these are positive?
    I can see the line in all of them. These photos were all taken within the 3 minutes, so no evap lines. They were more obvious in real life, but I still see it in the photos. I did retest the following day, and got darker lines. Also turned a digital. 
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  • 11 dpo 
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  • I'm confused how none of y'all can see the lines. I mean, I know they are faint, but they are defintely there. I don't even need my glasses to see them. Anyways, I'm Defintely pregnant. ☺
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  • @kiki75 going to the store this afternoon to get FRER...or at least something pink lol. I got a faint line on a cheapie Friday but wasn’t sure if it was within the 10 minutes. 
  • It won’t let me update and add a pic. But FRER agrees. And I don’t even have to squint! 

  • @kiki75 holy sh!t. Sorry you took it that way. I was not trying to be argumentative. Someone said they were confused why I thought the tests were positive, so I explained. Geeze. Was not trying to be a jerk. 

     The reason I took 7 posts was because I'm mobile, and couldn't figure out how to put the pictures all in one post. I also thought the point of this post was to show what different positive tests looked like, and thought it might be helpful for others to see the different brands. 

    Thanks for being so kind and understanding. I truly appreciate it. ❤ 
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  • anniemarie887anniemarie887
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  • This is my blue dye test from March 29. I was still at least 2-3 days away from my period. Have taken multiple FRERs since, all with very clear lines. It was such a hard thing to see I actually asked for outside opinions on it, which I've never done before. 
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  • jandawgjandawg
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    14 DPO / CD 31 
    Still 3 days away from expected AF 
    Definitely within the 5 minute window but still faint?

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