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I am 7 weeks and this time in my first pregnancy last year I ended up with a miscarriage. I am so worried it is happening again as I started to cramp last night and have some light pink spotting. I know this can be normal but I’ve haven’t spotted at all. I have had all other pregnancy symptoms this time which I didn’t the last time. My doc appt is until the 8/24… 

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    Hi and welcome! I am sorry for your scare. I had a MC my last pregnancy too, it is very stressful.  

    Can you please introduce yourself in our Introduction thread
    Introduction - Page 4 — The Bump

    As per the Board Organization post, we do discourage one off posts. Your question would be perfectly in the following thread. 
    **TW** Spotting/Bleeding/Threatened MC Thread — The Bump

    I do suggest calling your OB or nurse line as we can not provide medical advice. 

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    @chantel0920 I just want to offer some advice that will hopefully help you. Two weeks is a very long time to wait and worry. Please call your OB hotline/office asap and talk through your concerns. This social media forum is not intended or should be used for this purpose. Good luck to you. 

    -- What I have learned as a 39 y/o FTM, 26 weeks. Bring medical questions directly to your OB.  
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  • Thank you, was unaware of the thread. I am calling my OB. 
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