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  • @mac-n-cheesy ugh, poor thing!! Yes, adding iron to your mix sounds horrible for you 😅 I always love a good "cat stretch" in the full body stretch... forgetting that I'm pregnant and it will ALWAYS result in the horrible calf cramp/Charlie horse muscle twist. Hang in there!!
  • @mac-n-cheesy I feel you on all of that! I need to ask my doc about colace because I’m miserable. The roid situation.. also feel your pain, literally. I have a cream and tucks which don’t really do a darn thing. 

    I am waiting my call with the results of my 3 hour and super nervous about it. I feel like I am so huge and everyone keeps making comments about how they think I’m due now and are shocked when I say October. Could they be off on my date or am I just really this huge and miserable already? I’m 29 weeks Friday. 
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  • I failed my 3 hour miserably…..😭😭😢😢
  • @k_rn21 Awww. I'm sorry 😞
  • @k_rn21 aww so sorry! 
  • @k_rn21, I'm so sorry. 😢 Feel free to PM me if you have questions about GD, or if you just want to vent. It can be lonely having GD. I'm here for you! ❤
  • @k_rn21 I'm so sorry! That sucks. 
  • Pelvic/bladder pressure has been rough. 
    Also I’m in a weird place where I’m getting anxious about being a FTM but also kind of depressed because I want my body back. And not even in the vain type of way, but the, I wish I could do things without it being so physically challenging way. 
    Im so over being short of breath and achy. 
  • @madiirosee I'm looking forward to being able to roll-over in bed with ease. Belly's so big I ask my husband to put the blanket on me because pulling it is quite a feat lol
  • Yes to the big belly! Cutting my toe nails was an Olympic event 😅 so much contorting and bending around the belly just to reach my pigglies
  • Omg, I feel so round already! It took so much effort to put on tennis shoes the other day and tie them! Slip ons for the remainder of this pregnancy! 
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  • Couldn't put my socks on while lying on the bed this morning 🙁
  • I would so take sleep deprived exhausted over cant breath doing anything exhausted!!
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