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Post Ultrasound Pics Here!


Re: Post Ultrasound Pics Here!

  • Wow! That’s such an awesome picture @mamasbloom
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  • @Mrstomommy1114, you may want to edit your pictures to crop out your name and personal info
  • @misstree5 she’s perfect!  I love 3D ultrasounds.
  • @babyroma Right?! I swear baby was blowing kisses during the US. It was so cute
  • emilyniicolaemilyniicola member
    edited January 2020
    Elective 3D/4D ultrasound at 32 weeks to have a sneak peak at my daughters little face! At this appointment, she was estimated to be 4.5 lbs. Now I’m 36 weeks and counting the days until she arrives! 
  • Ooooooo guys!!!!!!! Try the gender detectives  facebook!!! they do ramzi and nub so cool
  • @phantomlady2019 everyone in this group is/has had their baby this month :) we are all beyond the nub theory 
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