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Post Ultrasound Pics Here!


Re: Post Ultrasound Pics Here!

  • Thank you @therealbitts I know all babies grow at different rates, so rationally it may be too early to worry, but waiting another week to see if the baby is still growing is extremely difficult.  Praying we are just off to a slow start and everything is still progressing.
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  • Thinking of you both @kives22020 and @pirateduck Sending ❤️
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  • @pirateduck: just said a prayer for you. 💕
  • 22ksi222ksi2 member
    Echoing the same as @pirateduck Thank you guys. It’s been a rough week but I have my repeat sono Tuesday. Fingers crossed. 
  • @kives22020: prayers for you, too!
  • @kives22020 I’m sorry you are in this stressful limbo too  :'( stay strong 
  • @pirateduck @kives22020 Thinking of you both. fingers crossed. 
  • @ktholysz your name, DOB, and healthcare facility are all showing.
  • @daffodil_shoe thank you! I totally spaced on that. 
  • @pirateduck: any update? Came back to check on you today.
  • @blaidd_drwg87 A family friend has naturally conceived triplets :) When we triggered with four follicles they gave me the “selective reduction” talk :/ Fortunately just the two for us...
  • @catwood1703 are those its little arms??? 
  • @kives22020 What good news! If you want to upload a pic you just need to click on the scenery button, choose file, and upload from there :)
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