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Introduce yourself here (:


Re: Introduce yourself here (:

  • @ncyogaqueen I am going to be getting certified in Body Pump next month!!  I love it!!
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  • @Mslan congrats on your pregnancy!  We were in May '16 together! 

  • MsIanMsIan member
    @valerie4786 I remember!! How are you?
  • So, I changed my username over a month ago and it's just showing up this morning. I was previously Spedteach something (I dont even remember my previous username. Or anything else these days.
  • I’m so similar! I’m 10 weeks now but would be 12 based on LMP. So crazy! My due date is 1/23. Wishing you all the best!
  • Greetings from Albuquerque! STM here.  Looking at a due date mid January, but who really knows when the baby will come.  Looking forward to chatting with everyone. 
  • Hi my name is alicia. 11 weeks with my first! Due 1/19. Not sure how to add username?...
  • @knottie9df4d3d8012574a4 there is a thread below which explains the process & how to change your user name :smile:

  • @sro18 we have a great of PGAL (pregnancy after loss) thread weekly where a lot of us with losses come together in community. Feel free to join us!
  • Aww you're due on my dad's birthday. Congratulations!!
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