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The Big Question - Facebook

sourlemonsourlemon member
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The main point of this post is to gauge readiness of the members to jump over to Facebook as a *SECRET* group. Please post a yea or nay below.

We can also discuss how to set it up and a vetting process for acceptance.
Any other discussions/concerns about this?

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Re: The Big Question - Facebook

  • sourlemonsourlemon member
    edited May 2019
    I'd be ready to jump now, but also wouldn't mind waiting if that is the consensus. I would definitely want to be moved before posting my birth story and baby pictures (I wont post them here at all).

    So I'm a Yea
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

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  • aukeevaukeev member
    I'm a cautious "yea" for the move! 

    Of course, completely open to debate/other better suggestions, but I would personally like to see the following in a vetting process, especially if it ends up being a FB group instead of a PG on here:
    • Minimum [quality] post/reply contribution
    • Identifying photo of some kind - whether we all choose to have the same object in our photo, a photo of us with our ultrasound that shows our name, a photo that shows our face and us holding something with our username from here, etc. 
    • A "vouch" from whoever the admin(s) end up being that they know us 
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  • I am a yay for regulars moving to FB. Keeping up on TB is way harder for me.
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    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
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  • Lewis Morris: New York abstains, courteously.
    Charles Thomson: [recording vote] New York abstains.
    Lewis Morris: Courteously.
    (Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.)
  • If we set up something now for those who are ready, we can keep it open for new members for quite a while...the challenge will be keeping up in 2 places so those who jump over still recognize people. If that makes sense. 

    So, if we jump, will people keep up on here for a while, or drop it completely? 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • I'll go whenever. I agree FB is easier to keep up with. 

    For those still anxious about privacy, I am not "friends" with anyone in M14, but my A17 group is far friendlier/active, and I've bonded with a lot of them.  So really, all they will be able to see is anything on your profile that is public anyhow, unless you choose to friend them. 
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  • aukeevaukeev member
    Once we make the move I would probably stop participating on TB but would still lurk occasionally. 
    12/13/18 - First BFP! EDD 8/27/19
    9/2/19 - Baby #1 Born
    2/17/21 - BFP, Blighted ovum discovered at 8-week ultrasound.
    Gestational sac continued growing on track until 10 weeks.

  • @mkrel I agree about new people. It's weird. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • hemlheml member
    I’m a yes on starting the “process” to move. 

    I’m with @oklahomak that I’d probably still lurk on her occasionally once we make the move 
  • Anyone feel strongly about spearheading the group?

     If not, I can create the group and start a list based on this thread while I sit at the OB later during my glucose test, but before it gets too much farther, we need to choose a few admins. But if someone else feels strongly about it, speak up cuz I have no feelings that will be hurt lol. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • sw1122sw1122 member
    I would be interested in a FB group, but totally understand if my participation doesn't meet the requirements. I check daily, but there are weeks where I don't participate. I don't think I started commenting until Feb, which I guess makes me a creepy lurker. 
  • @sourlemon, I’m good with that! We should probably have 3-4 admins, I think? (Basically just gonna steal whatever July did.)

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • aecmaecm member
    @sourlemon You’ve got my vote to spearhead the group and get it going. You seem adequately non-creepy to me 😜
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  • @sw1122, you are not! I always recognize your name but we’ve also posted in the Fit Friday post since then! 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • aukeevaukeev member
    I'm good with that too, @sourlemon. If @suzycupcake and @olivemomma are up to it, I would also nominate them as admins!
    12/13/18 - First BFP! EDD 8/27/19
    9/2/19 - Baby #1 Born
    2/17/21 - BFP, Blighted ovum discovered at 8-week ultrasound.
    Gestational sac continued growing on track until 10 weeks.

  • If I'm eligible, I'm ok with a move.
    However I don't have an ultrasound pic with my name on it. I paid for the CD of images from my AS, but we have no printed pictures. Though I'm capable of any of the other selection criteria lol
  • mkrelmkrel member
    @sourlemon Go for it!  And @sw1122 I recognize you, maybe always from Fit Friday which I have been MIA from for a while, but you seem regular to me.  
  • If I'm eligible, add me to the list of people who would be fine with a move to FB. The suggestions from @oklahomak on vetting sound good, too.
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  • @aecm whew my disguise worked! I can start being creepy now 😂. 

    Ok my list has started. I'll keep building it over the next week or so to give everyone time to see this post and for admins to be decided on. I figured out I can create the group yet until someone is my "friend" on Facebook. So I'll just remain in list building mode for now. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • @sourlemon, you can friend me if you want. I’ll PM my name/email. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • I’m down for the jump to FB! As others have said, as long as we have some sort of process to weed out the randoms. My TB app has been glitchy lately so it’s been more of a pain to use than normal!
  • like @olivemomma and @wabash15 I'm in the stranger danger boat too.I like the idea of a PG here. (I posted this over in the UO thread today). I think it is a good start and is inclusive.  With the PG there are still admins and there is a vetting process/invitation required

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  • Hi! So I'm totally one of those weirdos that just randomly started showing up again (like two days ago). I would absolutely love to be a part of a FB group but totally, 100% get the stranger danger aspect. I haven't felt compelled to participate actively as I didn't feel as though I had much to contribute, but as we get nearer to babies being born I'm starting to feel like I want to participate more and more. For now I'll step away from this thread and let you ladies figure it all out, just wanted to poke my head in here and advocate for myself  :#. I like @sourlemon's idea of keeping up the Bump for a while for us newbies to get to know everyone, but I do think that will be challenging to keep up in two places so IDK. Okay, stepping out now! :)
  • Currently the list does not contain anything about "who gets in", right now it's just a list of year, nay, and prefer pg first. Its a start. 
    DD1 5/23/14, DD2 12/5/16   Baby #3 on the way!

  • @sourlemon I think that’s good. I would be interested to see how it all unfolds and what everyone’s thoughts are as we get closer... it may help some who are on the fence decide one way or the other
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  • Once a FB group starts (assuming I am approved) I would not really check in on TB anymore....maybe occasionally but not much at all. I don't love the idea of a private group on here because I find it much easier to be active on FB and TB app drives me crazy. If the majority wants a private group here I would consider it though. 
    11/2010 Diagnosed with PCOS 
    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
    1/12/13 DD was born
    4/9/16 DS was born 
    9/17 CP 
    6/23/18 BFP EDD 3/4/19 

  • mkrelmkrel member
    @Allycat11 I’m also not a huge fan of the PG unless it’s just a “on the way to a fb group” step. I find fb much easier to use. And like @cato99 my June 17 FB group is still super active and we have daily check ins and it offers a ton of support. I also found the platform more user friendly when we were up for MOTN check in’s with our newborns and everything. So yeah I’d certainly start with a PG if that is what the majority wants, but as an end game I prefer FB.
  • I think I'd enjoy Facebook more (if I'm eligible- I didn't find the community until February, and didn't start posting until March). The Bump app is too glitchy on my phone. I literally can't log into the community groups from my phone, so I only get to check it on my desktop at work Monday-Friday.
  • You gies, I’m really excited because we are going to a baseball game on Saturday. It’s my plan to eat hot dogs, drink soda, and not give a sh%! 

    Besides that, I’m not sure stranger danger bothers me anymore with a private FB group heavily vetted and with strict invite rules. My current profile is not public and neither is my friends list so.... 
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  • I'm also on the "TB app is super glitchy and frustrating" train.
    But also feel like @mrosek91 is an integral part of this community and want her around!
  • I'm team FB group because of how glitchy TB is. But like others, I'd join a PG if it was on the way to a FB group. My S13 fb group is still active and I have met several of the ladies in that group in real life. Same with my J15 group. Being able to names to faces makes it so much easier to really connect with people.
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