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UO (Unpopular Opinion) Thursday

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  • I enjoyed the GOT ending 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  • I don't put milk in cereal. Never have. I was allergic to milk as a baby/kid, and eventually outgrew the allergy but have never liked the taste. My mom started giving me cereal as a kid and I just ate it that way, dry, in a bowl with a spoon. And everybody who has seen me do it thinks im crazy. Idk to me it's completely normal and delicious. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • @justsuzie that is a very unpopular opinion online haha. I’m still on the fence. I kinda wish we had more spectacular deaths but I like where everyone ended up. 

  • @justsuzie I’m pretty ok with it too actually. 

    I dont like plain chocolate. It’s good in/on stuff. But not by itself. 
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  • jacerujaceru member
    Following the food theme. 
    I hate coffee. Tried to drink it in college but just can't do it. 
  • @hanshotfirst77 . I eat cereal dry too!  My husband literally lets his cereal swim in soymilk for a long time and it gets soggy and he doesn't mind. I don't get it.

  • I prefer my cereal soggy, I usually pour a bowl of cereal and milk and wait a few minutes until it’s soggy. I also like to let marshmallow Peeps go stale and hard, same with gummy bears. 
  • @justsuzie @dumbledoredies @kbrown2385 Jon Snow coming back to give Ghost snuggles redeemed all sins in my opinion. 

  • @EmilyE13 YES!

    I actually didn't hate the season finale. I liked where most people ended up. I think it's silly who ended up on the throne because that's not the story they told. It seemed very random to throw them on there (trying not to spoil anything lol). I think my real beef is with the entire season and how much they rushed wrapping everything up because they wanted to make their Star Wars movie.
  • @hanshotfirst77 I ate my cereal dry for a very long time! Not sure when I started using milk. I also only recently began using cream in my coffee. 

    As for my unpopular opinion, I’ve never met anyone else who hates salads as much as I do. They make me gag, with or without dressing. Gross. 😅
  • @jaceru I also hate the taste of coffee but really like the smell for some reason. I just think it tastes like burnt dirt. So much so that I don't even like *unpopular opinion* tiramasu. I hear that it's a travesty but I really hate coffee!
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