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  • @mczzi7788 I'm at 8 weeks and I'm nauseous, tired and have sore boobs.  I don't really "feel pregnant" yet, but I think the news hasn't sunk in for me because I haven't had an ultrasound or heard the heartbeat yet.  I can't wait for those milestones!
  • @mczzi7788 I'm 6w3d and really for the most part wouldnt "feel" pregnant if I didnt know I actually was. Most of my symptoms are minor and not there every day, that's pretty normal at this stage!
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  • @gapmom2019 ;Yes to the dog food smell! This was my first sign when I was pregnant with DD. So far this round (only 4 weeks and 3 days, it isn't making me puke... yet...)


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  • @mczzi7788 I would say most of the time I don’t “feel” pregnant. My symptoms have been mild and they come and go. I wish I had more permanent symptoms happening though... every time my boobs stop hurting I panic!
  • @mczzi7788 I felt really ok until the end of week 6 then I started having some nausea at night. It comes and goes and mostly is very manageable but was pretty rough this past Friday night. I'm at 7+5 now. I think before that I mostly just felt hungry but I mean, I've always liked food. 😁
  • Thanks all. You all put my mind at ease. I just want a healthy pregnancy. I think with no morning sickness just made me freak a little. 

  • Bloating, serious constipation, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sore and swollen beasts. My cramps are from the constipation. 
  • For some reason my cramping has been pretty bad the last 2 days. It is localized to one spot so I'm not worried. They are just very noticeable. 
  • @lw11 I take the My Kind prenatals. Haven’t had any issues with constipation so far and I tend to have issues just normally. I also do the clear fiber mixed with my morning iced lemon water. And yes, if you do have any issues ground flaxseed works well. I put it on toast or in oatmeal. 
  • So much rage.. I went to the bagel place this morning because I wanted to pick up a bagel with chicken salad for lunch, and had to leave because literally one person was working and it was packed. Rage cried in my car on the way to work. I could get chicken salad at the cafeteria here at work but its not as good.
  • I'm 6+1 and still not feeling any real nausea. If this continues it would be great but I wish I could just feel pregnant already. 
  • mc0303mc0303
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    I don’t feel any specific symptoms but everything in my body just feels off and it keeps making me cry. I felt so emotionally and physically drained and uncomfortable last night and just started bawling because I don’t feel like myself. I can’t seem to find anything that makes me feel not blahhhhh and uncomfortable. 😭😭 I feel like I’m being a baby but I just want to curl up and cry. 
  • This bloat is driving me nuts. I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant and it’s disturbing. I didn’t think I’d complain at all since we were TTC for 14 months. But here I am complaining....but come on, bloat during pregnancy is just not fun! And it’s uncomfortable! 

    I also have a cough that comes and goes and when ever I cough I am in so much pain! I can feel my ligaments stretching and pulling when I cough. Ouchhh.....

    Another thing is I’m obsessed with pizza. I mean, I’ve always loved pizza but it is LIFE right now. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so freaking Bloated? Eating 4 slices of pizza might have somehting to do with that.....
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    @gapmom2019 thanks! I’m the opposite! This is not something I have experienced before. I usually go 2-3 times a day. So when it was over 48 hours not going I got worried and very uncomfortable. The Metamucil worked. The reason it was so horrible the first time was because hubby didn’t mix it right and put double the amount I needed and wayyyy too much water lol. Now I do one scoop with one cup water and just pound it. 
  • lw11lw11
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    I keep reading the a lot of women start noticing morning sickness/ nausea symptoms around 6 weeks. I swear I woke up Sunday (6 weeks for me) and every morning since I am so naseous. No throwing up but to the point where trying to eat or make my lunch for work makes me want to throw up. I can’t even think of food. 
  • lw11lw11
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    @creamcheeseplease yeahhh I told my hubby to get me a flavoured one. I didn’t realize how bad it would be. Amateur mistake 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The one you use is a powder too or a pill? 
  • @xilovemybabiesx along the lines of coughing, when I sneeze I feel that pulling feeling down low in my uterus area like what you mentioned. It uncomfortable and I feel like I need to brace myself when I feel a sneeze coming on. My seasonal allergies will be kicking in soon and I'm dreading it!
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  • @xilovemybabiesx Pizza is TOTALLY LIFE!!

    Nausea has chilled out the last couple of days but the exhaustion is real. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. My sleep tracker had me getting 9 hours, with 5 hours of deep sleep. It.was.awesome.
  • My boobs are SO SORE. Right around the nipples, especially. That was actually the first symptom I had, before I missed my period, starting at about 3 weeks? I'm at six weeks now. Last week, right around when I got my bfp, I got hit with the exhaustion out of nowhere. Afternoons and evening are hard to push thru. 

    I haven't had nausea or vomiting yet, but today my stomach just doesnt feel comfortable. Like my stomach feel empty and queasy, like I'm really hungry, but I've had plenty to eat. Hoping it doesnt turn into full blown nausea later today.
  • Today I threw up in someone’s front yard. Out of nowhere, just walking down the street, and I was vomiting. I was expecting upset stomach and nausea. But no, it’s like the puke is always sitting just at the back of my throat and then bam! 

    I totally just ran away. It was a real highlight for me. 
  • @megmac2010 you poor thing! I've had visions of myself doing that when I'm out for a walk and feeling nauseous. 
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  • I have been having slight nausea, little tired, my biggest symptom is cramps. Anyone else having lots of cramps? I am so nervous. I miscarried in February. 
  • @creamcheeseplease I'm with you on the rage but it's been mostly aimed at MH. 
  • @megmac2010 I don't blame you in the slightest for running away! I hope you feel better soon!
  • Saw my midwife today and she confirmed my cramping is just round ligament pain and nothing to worry about. Boobs are still killing me, they've gotten so swollen so fast.
  • I've had off and on nausea, but I really think it's more triggered by this positively disgusting post-nasal drip I have. I remember having pregnancy rhinitis with my last pregnancy, but can't remember if it started this early. So gross.
  • I’m 6 weeks and 6 days today. My symptoms have been random but very different than what I’m reading so I hope maybe this will help someone else too. 

    I also keep feeling like im not pregnant, but I took another test over the weekend and I’m still pregnant. 

    I have not had nausea or morning sickness really at all. This Monday and Tuesday I woke up a little sickly feeling but I’m not sure if it’s just been my prenatal which I take at night. Monday I nibbled a piece of toast on my way into work and didn’t feel like eating anything. But by mid day I was completely fine. 

    This past weekend i was I was completely exhausted. I literally slept almost all day Saturday and then Sunday I napped a lot. Started panicking because I work full time and I wasn’t sure how in the world I was going to get through the week. But so far I haven’t been as exhausted. Still tired and yesterday I napped for about an hour after work. 

    I havent had any spotting. 

    I have had cramping - very light here and there. 

    My boobs aren’t sore - other than some slight nipple pain if I like “press” on them? But I never got sore boobs with my period or anything. 

    My earliest symptom was extreme thirst which I still sort of have. Trying to stay hydrated the best that I can. 

    I keep having a random craving for Costco cake, but then when I actually think about buying one it sounds gross! lol! 

    I have an aversion to cat food - making my husband do that the most - and just food in the sink/ cleaning dishes etc - 🤢 more gross than usual for me. 

    My first appointment is April 4, which is 8 weeks. I’m looking forward to that just because I still kinda “don’t feel pregnant.” 

    But it I am grateful that so far I haven’t felt too bad. Mostly because I work full time and I don’t plan on telling my employer until later maybe the second trimester. And it’s a very small company so I can’t just be out “sick” all the time. 

    Idk that’s just my experience so far. Hopefully there are others out there like me or this helps other ppl looking through the symptoms thread. 

    7 weeks tomorrow! 
  • Nausea - All the Time. I'm 6w3d. I knew I was pregnant prior to a BFP because I got really nauseous walking past the seafood department at the grocery store (same thing happened with my DD). But this go around is SO much worse, at 5w0d I started being nauseous all day long - no break. Since 6w0d I've thrown up several times throughout the morning and nauseous all day still. Maybe 10min break after eating. 
    Anyone else have nausea this bad so early? With my first it didn't really set in until 8w and wasn't awful til about 10w. 
  • mc0303mc0303
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    @christene3 I feel the same! I’m excited to go to my appointment on Monday for the reassurance that everything is Ok. 
  • This is messing with my brain! Yesterday I was soooo sick and today I feel... nothing. No nausea, no sore boobs, no fatigue. Nothing!

    I wish it had a little sign that said “I’m still here!” so I could stop assuming the worst all the time. 
  • Zero symptoms here but want to comment and read! I hate being at the end of the month, because I'm so far behind. If history is anything, I'll be on here in April REALLY venting about nausea and vomiting haha. 

    @megmac2010  That was me with both pregnancies. If I had a dollar for every yard/trashcan I puked in, I’d be wealthy! I wouldn't stress about not feeling awful today. It really comes and goes!

    @emeraldcity1214  I wonder if the cramping is a corpus luteum cyst?

    @christene3  Hugs! Every pregnancy and every woman is different. My boobs never get sore either (period or with any pregnancy). I guess we are lucky!

    @Costagna16  UGH! That sounds like my last pregnancy exactly. This means NOTHING but my first was a girl (like yours—nausea but later) and this one was a boy (nausea WORSE and WAY earlier). I hope it lessens for you!


    DD1 EDD 9/29/2015, Born 9/24/2015

    DS1 EDD 1/3/2018, Born 12/26/2017

    BFP #3 3/21/2019, EDD 11/29/2019, MMC/D&C 5/7/2019

    BFP #4 6/28/2019, EDD 3/12/2020 

  • Oof. After almost 5 days in a row without any nausea, it's hit me again this afternoon. I've tried getting fresh air, but then I just have to come back to my office which feels so stuffy today. In the midst of feeling absolutely awful, one of my employees decided it was a great time to come in my office for a vent session. I'm so ready to just be able to tell people so I can tell people I need a minute sometimes and know that they will understand. This is hard. 🤢
  • I thought I was lucky and didn't have any but at the 6 week mark I am definitely feeling it. I am super tired and nausea is getting to me
  • lw11lw11
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    @megmac2010 oh noooooo. I haven’t thrown up yet but I have visions of me at work trying to make it to the bathroom and puking in the hall 🤦🏻‍♀️ The bathroom is pretty far. 
  • @lw11 that's my nightmare too! I've only had a bit of nausea here and there, so no actual vomiting yet, but I'm terrified it's going to hit me when I am at work. It's a long trek from my office to the bathroom... it's actually closer for me to step outside and puke in the grass than run to the bathroom 😅🤣
  • Went to my first OB appt today. I had a pelvic exam and now I'm having some cramping and spotting. Hoping that's normal. 
  • @doglover87 I wouldn't worry too much since you had a pelvic exam. Could have just irritated your cervix. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 thanks, I appreciate the reassurance. I'm riding an emotional rollercoaster right now! 
  • @doglover87 I'm on the same rollercoaster. 
  • edited March 29
    I am 8w3d and I feel like I am missing something because I feel great. Definitely do not feel pregnant, which scares me a bit!

    No nausea, bloating, food aversions, or tiredness. I am weepy but not moody, lightheaded/dizzy when I stand up (this started 3 days ago), have chest acne, and am hungry ALL.THE.TIME. I am dreading getting on the scale :/ My boobs were sore at first but they feel fine now. My "symptoms" are so minor I don't even think about them. 

    It has made keeping the pregnancy private much easier, though! 

    Anyone else have very few symptoms still?

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