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  • @kerbie821 I held out as long as possible my first pregnancy because maternity clothes are expensive. I'll do the same this go round although I have a feeling I won't make it as far as last time. 

    Also I've had a killer headache all day 
  • I've just resulted to wearing baggy shirts and pajama pants lol.
    I work from home so I have the luxury so why not? 
    I do have a party tomorrow so I need to figure out what my bloated tummy can fit in lol
  • Very tired and back pain plus the oh so frequent trips to the bathroom.

    And I make the move to maternity clothes when I can't fit into my regular tops or they start looking...stretched. haha  
  • alm52386alm52386
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    I tried on my maternity shorts and pants and oh man. They are so comfy. Why did I ever put them away!? I wore a pair the other day to work because I only have 1 pair of capris that fit me. 

    I've also been going to the bathroom a lot but I think that's because I'm drinking a LOT more water. 

    Also have random aches and pains, I'm tired and have mild nausea on and off. I also have a terrible cold that has been around since Monday. I lost my voice today so that's awesome.

    Hope you all get naps this weekend!
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  • I just got home from a party and when I took my bra off my boobs were super angry and sore.
    So bad I almost started tearing up.
    I'm so sorry boobs!
  • geshemgeshem
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    @kerbie821 wear whatever is comfortable! If he's worried about squishing the baby, I'm pretty sure our uteruses are still squarely inside our pelvises at this point, so there's nothing to worry about.

    I'm wondering how much maternity stuff I'm going to have to get, since I have some stuff put away from last pregnancy, but a friend had leant me a TON of stuff which was so awesome, but we both moved away so I had to give them back. :frowning: I loved not having to spend a ton of money on clothes I could wear for less than a year. At least there's a maternity/baby consignment store not too far from here. My regular but more stretchy/roomy clothes lasted me a while last time, probably half-way into my 2nd trimester before I had to really just wear maternity, I think?
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  • So so so tired. But wait! Now it's 4:30am and I'm wide awake. I guess I should be grateful for losing an hour if sleep tonight because the only thing worse than being awake at 4:30 would be being awake at 3:30. Also constant low level heartburn.
  • @geshem my last pregnancy I was due in March so was getting big over the winter so I needed pants, coats, etc. this time I’m thinking I’ll be getting big over the summer which means I’m going to wear maxi dresses all day every day, haha. I have all my pants left over from last time and a couple nice work things just in case. I frequent the kids consignment store for my son and I should check it they have maternity though, it’s always nice to get a couple new to you things. 
  • I usually snag some maternity clothes at TJmax or a store comparable to that. They have really cheap tops and some decent pants. Although, I splurged on some nice jeans last time. I have been wearing the same maternity clothes off and on for 6 years though so I have definitely gotten use out of what I have. 
  • mamaeemamaee
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    @creamcheeseplease I agree maxi dresses all summer for me! I just bought one on Amazon. 
  • I can sympathize with the headaches!!!
  • mamaeemamaee
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    This is the start of week 6 for me. As far as symptoms go I’ve had lots of cramping on & off, very sore/tender boobs, constipation set in, peeing very often, and luckily no nausea (yet). I do get easily irritated and have been told by DH that I’m “moody”. I try to consciously be aware of my mood, however I find that I have less patience and I generally have a lot of patience. 
  • I'm also curious about maternity clothes. Will also be biggest during summer/ early so planning in getting lots of use out of my maxi and flowy dresses. I was also looking at buying maternity clothes on Thredup and PoshMark. Lots of former moms sell their gently used clothes for a fraction of the costs. 

    In terms of symptoms, feeling a whole new one over the last few days. Not really having any food cravings or aversions. However I'm noticing I can only get about halfway through heavier meals before feeling nausea. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm 5w2d right now. 
  • @mamaee I so feel you on the moodiness.  I am a SAHM with 2 daughters and between my 3 yo with her Why questions and my 1.5 yo starting her 'I do myself' phase.  I have been snapping far more than is my usual. 

    I try to keep myself in check but it is hard to notice sometimes until after the moments have passed.  Extra cuddles to make up for 'mean mommy' :P 
  • I had minor cramping up until a few days ago. I dont quite feel/look bloated yet, but I just feel "full". But some of my tighter pants are a bit too tight, so I must be bloated. Gas has been off the chain though. I definitely feel a bit more tired during the day, but am also having insomnia at night. 
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  • I'm still not feeling much of anything. So I keep testing to make sure the line isn't getting lighter. I have an appointment this Wedneday for bloodwork so hopefully once I see my OB I will be calmer. 
  • Anyone feel short of breath already? I have a cold too so not sure if that’s it or not.
  • @ameliabird811 definitely short of breath! One of my least favorite symptoms. 
  • @ameliabird811 me! I'll get winded and dizzy too if I get up too quick
  • @emeraldcity1214 I went for bloodwork today, I think I made myself too nervous feeling some cramping, so my dr called in a bloodwork order today to put my mind at ease. I have not gotten sick, and beside a bit of spotting, I've not had a lot of symptoms.
  • @kerbie821 it's normal to not feel symptoms before 6 weeks. Some people don't feel them until 7 weeks. The only pregnancy I got symptoms earlier than 6 weeks was my last one. So I keep telling myself it's fine. *TW having a recent loss just makes me worry...end TW* 

    I guess I should count my blessing that I'm not sick like last time. I was so miserable. 
  • @justaplainbagel  @creamcheeseplease
    I’m sorry you’re having the same awful symptom!
  • I hear the cramping that everyone is talking about.  A dull ache is a good way to put it.  Mine is mostly on the right side, although sometimes all the way across my abdomen.  Slightly constipated, definitely tired, and not interested in food but always hungry.  I'm really lucky up until this point that there's not morning sickness... 

    Sending everyone positive, healthy vibes!

  • Anyone else finding zero cravings for food they normal crave? Chocolate and cheese (or anything cheese flavored) are my go to TOM cravings or really anytime of the month cravings, but I’ve had zero desire to eat either these past two weeks. It’s not like an aversion like I’m having for other foods but just a general ehhhh feeling towards them. So weird. I’ve got an open bag of smartfood popcorn that has been sitting in my pantry for a week and a half now, I’ve never had smartfood last that long! 
  • kopp5988 said:
    Anyone else finding zero cravings for food they normal crave? Chocolate and cheese (or anything cheese flavored) are my go to TOM cravings or really anytime of the month cravings, but I’ve had zero desire to eat either these past two weeks. It’s not like an aversion like I’m having for other foods but just a general ehhhh feeling towards them. So weird. I’ve got an open bag of smartfood popcorn that has been sitting in my pantry for a week and a half now, I’ve never had smartfood last that long! 
    I had this during 1st tri with my last pregnancy. No nausea but lost all interest in food I loved and nothing ever sounded good. Then when MS kicked in it was even worse. 
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  • mvc003mvc003
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    I'm also mehhhh about any foods right now. I'm hungry, but like not that interested in anything in front of me?

    Except for pizza. I find myself day dreaming about pizza a lot these days...
  • @gumby22c yeah the morning sickness is in full swing though I found the past two days if I eat something small every hour it’s more manageable.

    @mvc003 yup same, I’ll be hungry but still have to force myself to eat. 
  • My boobs!! I’m only 4 weeks today and I had to stop at the mall to buy a couple of comfy bras. I’m also bloated, but luckily I work in an office by myself so I wear yoga pants every day. Thank god because there is no way I’m getting real pants over this bloat!

    The other symptom that really surprised me is the extreme thirst. It’s indescrible. I’m parched all the time!
  • kcjoy11kcjoy11
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    Until yesterday, I was worried I was not nauseous because with my first I felt it almost immediately. But now I am 5wks 6days and nausea is in full swing here! I am also exhausted!
  • I am nauseous all the time now, but I'm definitely trying to be thankful I haven't actually thrown up yet. Also, I'm wearing a pair of maternity jeans today, ones I had last time that have a crappy panel so I just folded the panel down. It's much more comfortable than trying to stuff my bloated tummy into my regular jeans. On the downside though because they are maternity pants you can see the little bloat bump more. 
  • @creamcheeseplease same, nauseous all the time but haven’t been physically sick yet. Feeling slightly less so this morning than the past 3-4 but wondering if it’s because I ate a preggie pop the second I woke up and I skipped the gym. Your maternity pants sound awesome! I’m getting Facebook ads for them from all my google searches I guess.
  • Fatigue has hit me like a ton of bricks today. I feel like I can barely move I'm so tired. 

  • @kopp5988 yeah, I've been getting a ton of targeted ads for maternity clothes. I'm glad you've been feeling okay today/I hope feeling less nauseous continued throughout the day! I feel so nauseous and drinking water is just making me bloated and feel gross. I'm very glad I have an office to hide out in right now. My door is legit locked. 

    @emeraldcity1214 the fatigue is so hard to deal with. It's like a completely different kind of fatigue.
  • Fatigue here is strong. I’m waiting for the nausea to hit. I’ve had a few waves of it and some food adversions but by now I was in a full all day nausea with both my other kiddos. It makes me a little nervous to compare. I have to try not too.
  • @creamcheeseplease sorry to hear your struggling so much today. That was definitely me yesterday felt to nauseous to even want to drink water, had to force it down. Of course the inner worrier in me is like why is it less intense today! Lol Oh and that’s great you have an office you can hide out in! We’ve got an open floor plan at my office with everyone in cubicles so privacy is limited.

    @emeraldcity1214 I feel you on the fatigue today. Can you fit a nap in today? 

    @ameliabird811 I hope the full day all day nausea holds out a bit longer before you have to deal with it this time around! Even though it’s nerve wracking to not have it, ugh it’s just horrible to deal with 

    So a couple of hours ago I started having weird cramping come and go on my left side pelvic area. It’s a “sharper” pain then my normal cramps but it’s fairly mild. I’d say it’s like bladder level in terms of height, wondering if it’s related to this constipation I’ve been dealing with.  Why must we over analyze everything! I get all kinds of weird pains here and there normally but now it’s like everything I’m like what’s that? Why’s that happening? Oy 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • @kopp5988 I'm not napping but I'm laying down right now. We are just taking it easy today. 
  • I am in week 5 and I am really experiencing anything besides sore chests, peeing more, and being very bloated. I bought a pregnancy pillow to help me sleep better (due to being so bloated). I have been waiting for the nausea kick in but nothing yet. 
  • @xilovemybabiesx, where do you shop for maternity clothes?
  • My lower back pain is crazy intense, I do not recall this last time. Holy moly I can barely get a decent nights sleep this week because I can't get comfortable. 
  • @mczzi7788 I’ve been shopping online at Mercari! Been keeping my eye out for some ideas! My mom is addicted to shopping and just went to motherhood today and they had 50% off the clearance section at Motherhood! She got me a bunch of shirts for the fall for like $10 or less each and some new pants for $15! I plan on going tomorrow to see if she missed anything 😂
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