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  • I'm feeling better today, no more cramping.  But the midwife called me this morning and told me to get blood work done so that she can check if I'm rh negative and to look at my hormone levels to make sure I'm on track with the pregnancy.  Is this something that is normally checked?  I kind of panicked when she called me first thing this morning.  But maybe this is routine.
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    @doglover87 yes totally normal!! They have to check your RH cause if you are negative and then baby is positive there could be problems with your body attacking the extra antibody in the baby’s + blood type. 
    Normal and needed test! 
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  • Happy Friday! I am 7w1d pregnant. I am trying not to freak out coz I still don't have any morning sickness.  I get a hint of nausea here and there but not nothing major. There are days I feel pregnant and days I don't.  I am going in for my ultrasound on Monday. Trying to stay calm until then. 
  • Saturdays have officially become my nap days. This is the second week in a row I couldn't keep my eyes open and ended up taking a 4 hour nap. This fatigue is ridiculous...
  • I have been shaky feeling and have this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm not sure if it is related to just being super anxious or if it's MS that is just presenting differently from my other pregnancies. DH and I laid down in bed to watch a movie last night and I had an intense wave of nausea that hit me. I even sent him to go get me a hair tie just in case I needed to run to the toilet. 
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    @emeraldcity1214 I have a similar feeling some times. It's like panic and dread in the pit of your stomach. I've had a previous MC myself so I attribute my interpretation of the feeling to my anxiety about the situation but have concluded in actuality it's mainly MS and gas for me, as the feeling comes and goes with nausea/passing wind. I am currently 6w2d and nausea has come on strong. Does anyone else want to blow chunks just THINKING about eating? Just me?
  • @emeraldcity1214 and @mhavel1 I have had waves of the same feeling, though I haven't gotten ill yet. This actually happened last night when my husband and I were talking about dinner. I suddenly had to make him stop talking about food or I was sure I was going to be sick. We did eventually eat, but I had to take a break. I've actually lost 2 pounds this week and haven't gained an ounce yet, though I feel like I am trying my best to eat enough of the right stuff.
  • I’ve had some waves of nausea but I always end up wondering if it’s in my head. I won’t feel good for a bit then all of a sudden it goes away and I’m starving! I’ve also lost some weight since finding out we were expecting.
  • @alwayseloquent I wouldn't worry about losing weight right now. Its typical for me to lose 10 lbs in the first trimester. Basically, just eat what you can to survive. As for gaining, you don't need to start gaining until after the first trimester. 

    AFM, fatigue is hitting me hard again today. I could barely keep my eyes open all morning. 
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    I'm sure it's probably just bloating, yesterday I began to feel extremely tight? I guess is how you would describe it? Not pain, just really really full and it doesn't go away, and my belly is pretty firm.  I mean, I almost can't hide it unless my shirt is really baggy.  I'm 7 weeks today.  It is my third child and I did read that since I'm an older mom and my abs aren't what they used to be (lol) that I could start showing earlier.  I just don't remember it being like this unless it was later on in the evening, but it's first thing when I wake up...I go on Wed. for my OB workup so I guess I could ask then.  I am just so paranoid that it could be twins.
  • @gapmom2019 your uterus doesn't move out of the pelvis until 12 weeks. I don't think it would be out over you pelvis this early with twins either. First trimester bloat can be bad. It is way too early for it to be your uterus though. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 yes, I realize my uterus is not big enough yet.  Just not used to this particular feeling, though I realize every pregnancy is different.  I guess I'm a little anxious and hoping it's normal.

  • @gapmom2019 with each subsequent pregnancy my bloat has been worse. Some of the extra is from the abdominal muscles not being able hold it all in as well prior to our first pregnancy. It is completely normal though. 
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    Has anyone else been developing mouth sores periodically? I've read that this can happen for a couple reasons, the most concerning of which is a nutrient deficiency, so I thought I'd see if anyone is in the same boat.
  • @mhavel1 do you have any sort of online messaging portal with your OB's office?  I do and it's really helpful when I have questions and don't want to call lol.  Hope you get some answers!
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    @emeraldcity1214 that’s reassuring to hear about the weight. I’ve found that I’ve been losing weight too because I seem to have a general aversion to food now 😫 I’m just trying to eat what I can stomach and hoping it’ll get better in a few weeks 
  • 7 weeks and 4 days today. was feeling queasy last night and also this morning :( - nibbling on toast because nothing sounds good. I wouldn’t say I’m nauseous just don’t feel 100%

    my sense of smell today is through the roof! Everything is magnified :/ idk if I’m liking this lol. 

    Yesterday i I had another TOTAL fatigue day where i literally was in bed all day. It’s so frustrating and discouraging because i work full time and I feel like my weekends are the only time I have to get anything done. So I just had a whole weekend basically go to waste. Trying not to get too upset it’s just frustrating for me to be so exhausted and unmotivated that I literally can’t do anything. 
  • @christene3 I'm the same 7 weeks 4 days, I know what you mean about feeling like you wasted a weekend, all I did was lie down and nap. I had a little spotting scare so I was scared to walk around, it's all good now but now it's back to reality and I have to work! 😩 It's exhausting!
  • Nausea has been a constant factor for me over the past few weeks. Haven't been pushed to throwing up yet but this constant feeling of queasiness. And not really having food aversions but half way through a meal I lose all desire to eat. Cant even enjoy eating anymore  :-/ oh and the fatigue is no joke! I had one of those days too on Sunday. Could barely get off the couch all day. Made the mistake of taking Diclegis in the early evening. I was knocked out almost immediately! DH couldn't believe how exhausted I became. He just let me sleep next to him on the couch 😍 Am hoping the symptoms die down by the 2nd trimester. I'm currently 8w4d. 
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