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January 2019 FET

Looks like I am kicking off January FET board!
*TW* loss mentioned in intro:
I am coming off two back to back cancelled FET cycles after a MC in early September. My November FET was medicated with Estrace, my lining would not budge past 6 so we called it off. My December FET, we were hoping that a natural cycle would be better but my lining barely got to 4. For January - We are trying an FSH cycle, so I will stimulate additional follicles and trick my body into producing it's own estrogen. I think the D&C took a toll on my lining, so even though it sucks that this month got cancelled, I am happy to have had this time to let my body have a break and hope that everything will be restored. This is our last embryo and really need to make it count!

Looking forward to kicking the new year off on a good note <3

Re: January 2019 FET

  • Hi @leilee101! I'm here with you.  :) Currently scheduled for a Jan 3rd transfer with our last PGS normal embryo. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that your lining cooperates for you this month! 
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  • Hi ladies!  I just started my period today so we are officially gearing up for a January FET....I go in tomorrow for bloodwork and to receive my schedule.  Nervous and anxious to get this show on the road.  Enjoying a nice glass of wine  B)

    @leilee101 Ughhh what a ridiculously tough road....I'm so sorry  :s I hope this protocol is just what you need ..fingers crossed!
    @allycoghlin Wow Jan 3rd will be here so soon...so excited for you! 
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    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

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  • I also just received my schedule - transfer scheduled tentatively for 1/17. This will be my first FET after 2 failed IVF fresh cycles & CP. I'm not sure what to expect with the FET - my clinic is a mill so they never explain anything or answer questions (yes, if this one fails I'll be going elsewhere!). 
    They only have one US/lab check 5 days before the transfer - other ladies seem to have more regular checks on progress so I'm not sure how normal that is. I know the lining should be over 8 but not sure about other typical values to move forward. 
    I didn't respond much to the IVF stimulation meds so I'm hoping I am also not a poor responder to estrace!
    Also curious - we have a 6 day AB and 7 day AB - my clinic said both are "great" and have a high chance of success, but reading studies online it sounds like day 7's rarely make it to implantation, and day 6's aren't that much better. Any experiences with this? 

    Good luck everyone! 
  • @allycoghlin Jan 3rd is so soon! What a long journey you have been on, I hope 2019 is the start of new beginnings for both of us
    @SwtAnana Good luck at your baseline today.. hope everything is looking good and you can just right in to FET cycle
    @rmmgr FET cycles are generally alot less monitoring and much less medication involved. Are you taking Estrace by mouth? My clinic (and many others) suggest vaginal insertion as the best delivery route. My clinic also freezes all quality embryos at Day 5, so I have no experience with 6's or 7's. I would think the chances of implantation would be higher, as they are more developed embryos? 
  • @leilee101 I'm frustrated for you with all the delays - that's what I fear will happen with my history of not responding to meds well. They are doing vaginal route, just Estrace increasing every few days along with baby aspirin and medrol right before the transfer. I find the whole day 6/7 thing confusing too.  I guess it means they're just slower to grow (they hit the "5 day" blast growth at 6 or 7 days instead of 5) so they're just behind but still blasts? Even my clinic gives me conflicting info - the MD said she wanted to transfer both the 6 and 7 day together because day 7s rarely implant, but then got overruled by the other MDs due to risk of twins. But the nurse then said "oh there's no difference, they're all good." I just hope I get lining at this point! 
    & @allycoghlin @SwtAnana hoping 2019 is the year for all of us!

  • @SwtAnana I hope everything went well at your baseline today! Did they give you a transfer date? 

    @rmmgr I don't think it's completely abnormal for a clinic to skip doing a baseline ultrasound and only do a lining check prior to scheduled transfer. I know some clinics do them and some don't and my RE says there is no clinical significance to doing a baseline ultrasound but it does make patient's feel better so they continue to do them at my clinic. I'm transferring a day 6 embryo, as well. My RE said success rates are a bit reduced for day 6  vs day 5 and then a bit more reduced for day 7. I've also seen a study that suggests female embryos are a bit slower to grow and tend to become blasts at day 6 vs male embryos tend to get there a bit quicker. Still a great chance of pregnancy with each embryo individually. :) I'm assuming you'll be transferring your day 6 this time? 

  • @allycoghlin Yes, we're starting with the day 6 and the 7 if that doesn't survive the thaw (all this freezing and thawing makes me think of scraping my car out of the ice ha!). Interesting study on female embryos! Thanks for the additional info :smiley: Let's go day 6ers!
  • Hi girls! I'm doing my #2 FET in January, as of now, it is scheduled for jan22. My 1FET ended up in CP. I'm hoping this new year will be more successful for all of us. I started on Lupron injections yesterday and my base US/labs is on 8Jan.  
    @rmmgr can you request more frequent labs/US? My clinic is doing it 5-6 times in a two week period. I don't know if it standard or not. 
    @leilee101 FX for you <3 I hope your Doc will figure out what is working best for you and you can transfer.
    @allycoghlin 3Jan will come faster than you think :) Looks like you will be the first one here. 
  • Hello again all!

    I had my baseline appointment yesterday with labs and we are a big fat GOOOO...I’m so excited! We are scheduled for a January 2nd transfer so I’m shocked at how quickly things will move. I hope my body cooperates because on my last FET, I did need vaginal estrange to boost my levels so this pushed my transfer back 3 days....due to my work schedule I can not have this happen again.   

    I’ve already started estrace in the am and pm with a baby aspirin....depending on my bloodwork next week, I’ll then start medrol and PIO. Not ready for those shots...my butt was sore for months after I stopped  :#
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    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

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  • @SwtAnana Good news on your transfer...FX! You beat @allycoghlin by one day LOL :smiley: How many embryos do you plan to transfer? 
  • @dukie001 I think that means I’m officially the first one in the group. When I saw my schedule my jaw dropped because I thought it’d be an extra week of preparing ....que the frantic calls and emails to my boss and coworkers to switch things around lol

    only planning on transferring 1 at a time. My embryos are PGS normal so given their increased chance of success, I want to avoid multiples. Plus, our embryos are ICSI embryos which also increases the chance of splitting  :o
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    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

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  • @SwtAnana Yes, first one in line, that what I meant....unless someone is transferring on the 1st :smiley:
  • @dukie001 Good luck with #2! Reading more about FETs it seems like the number of monitoring visits is so different. I guess they just figure they let it go for 15 days and check lining then. Though I worry that if I'm not responding fast enough that doesn't give enough time to make up for it by increasing dose. I'll ask about it! 

    I've been reading (too much) more about the day 6 and 7 embryos and it seems like they have super low chances of implantation and live birth. Part of me wants to request to transfer both due to my age and failures so far... but I can't support twins with my cervix apparently. So frustrating to not know what to do and without any good advice from the clinic itself! 
  • @SwtAnana yay for getting the go ahead! You are definitely going to be kicking off the pack :)
    @rmmgr try not to drive yourself crazy with the internet. You should talk to your doctor and get a straight answer, that's not fair that you have gotten so much conflicting information and have to resort to googling the answers! If they think it's a good idea to transfer 2 it might be worth discussing. 

    I have been temping all week because I wanted to confirm ovulation. My monitoring appointments from this past weekend (when my cycle got cancelled) indicated I was about to ovulate (20mm follie and LH surge), so I am happy to report that I have definitely ovulated and now just in another kind of TWW! Once my period gets here I can get started. It should be here right around the new year, so thinking my transfer date would tentatively be mid January. As long as my body doesn't crap out again!! 
  • @dukie001 Welcome to the group! 

    @SwtAnana Wow, we are almost transfer twins! The second is my birthday - hopefully it is your lucky day. :) 

    @rmmgr Do you know the grades of your embryos - the number before the two letters as far as how developed they are? Are they PGS tested? 
  • @leilee101 I know! I'm terrible with the internet since I get so little information from my clinic. When I go in for my baseline I'm going to ask (again) about the 2 embryo option and realistic success rates

    @allycoghlin we have a 6AB and 7AB. They did not recommend PGS testing - I think because we've had so few embryos at all that they don't want to risk damaging them. Though if this doesn't work and we change clinics we'll have to explore that more since nothing seems to stick around long. I guess the AB regardless of day is why they're saying they're "good" quality... I wish they hadn't even told me the days  ;) 
  • rmmgr said:
    I've been reading (too much) more about the day 6 and 7 embryos and it seems like they have super low chances of implantation and live birth. 
    @rmmgr That's weird that more mature embryos have lower chances. I would assume they are stronger, but again I don't really know much. Anyways, don't psych yourself out with the internet, this area is so delicate and so personal. What doesn't work for some can work for you. 
  • So...I'm so frustrated. I was supposed to get Lupron delivered today, it was send overnight air. I was waiting all day at home and the package hasn't arrived. I called UPS and they told me that they messed up and didn't put my package on the plane, instead, it went on the truck  :/ They can't even guarantee its delivery tomorrow. I called the pharmacy and all they told me is that if I see that medication was frozen at some point to give them a call since it is a temperature-sensitive medication. OMG, how in the world would I know if it was frozen at any point... I still have some Lupron left over from the last cycle, so it would hold me over. But now I worry that what if my new batch would lose its efficacy because of the wrong storage temperature :'(
  • @rmmgr I don't know much about day 6 or 7 embryos but I imagine those babies are strong.  It's tough to make the decision on if you should do 1 or 2 but you'll make the right decision for you. I hope your office is being straight-forward with you, they want good statistics so they should be working on maximizing your chances....you mention cervix issues.  If it's not too much to pry, how do you know that you have cervix issues?

    @leilee101 woohoo for ovulation! now you just gotta hurry up and wait for your period lol.  it's exciting to know that your transfer is on its way 

    @dukie001 I'm so sorry about your Lupron ....that would drive me nuts. And how the hell are you supposed to know if it's been frozen?? What a weird thing for them to say to you.  I think that as long as they avoid extreme temps that your medication will be stable....they'll be doing bloodwork anyway so they should be able to catch if your new batch is a little funky (But I'm sure it'll be just fine!)

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    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

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  • Anyone having problems with depression or crying while on estrace? I’m on 3 a day orally plus one at night. I’ve been feeling really blue lately (not dangerously sad, just regular sad) but not sure if I’m letting the holiday stress get to me or if it’s mostly the meds.
  • *one vaginally at night 
  • @laurajon2015 I have heard alot of women complain of that side effect - it makes sense, fluctuation in hormones  is highly correlated with mood swings. Holiday stress most definitely does not help! Be kind to yourself, and if you find that you are increasingly getting sad to the point where you are having intrusive thoughts, crying or sleeping most of the day, or feeling especially hopeless - make sure to tell your doctor. 

    @dukie001 that's so annoying!! I would call your clinic and ask their opinion.. you might be able to just use your leftover to hold you over until it arrives. 
  • @LauraJon2015 I'm not on estrase, but I have crazy mood swings, not really depressed but very easily upset and aggravated. As @leilee101 said, it's the hormones.... 

    I almost lost it today on the UPS lady on the phone and later the delivery guy. So I've been waiting for my Lupron package all day today again, checked the website and it says that the package was delivered and left by the side door...WHAT?!? First of all, we don't even have a side door...I checked my back doors and front door and everything around and didn't find the package. To tell the long story short they delivered it to a wrong address   :| I either don't have any luck and it not my month or it's just the Christmas season and the mail is generally messed up. 
  • I’ll be going Jan 2019 FET for my 2nd transfer tentatively Jan 14th
    I was distraught yesterday when I got the news that the blood work care our negative 8 days post transfer (12/13) of 5AB frozen embryo. This was our first transfer and doctor said due to my lining and fluid I have a 60% chance instead of 75% for success this cycle. Nurse called me yesterday with sad results of beta being negative 0 beta. She said to stop the estrogen patches (I had 6 on my stomach) and stop progesterone with sesame oil nightly injections. I should get my period in a few days and on cycle day 3 come in for monitoring and start estrogen patches again. Tentatively Jan 14th for next transfer. I’m high risk due to preterm labor so they would only transfer 1 - but mentioned if this didn’t work we can discuss transferring 2. Which at this devastating result I want to transfer 2. It’s so grueling the medications and toll on your body and mind. I’m hoping it works on the second cycle. We didn’t do the chromosome testing so nurse said most of the time if it doesn’t work it’s a chromosome abnormality. My lining was a stretch at 6.4 day before transfer but estrogen levels were double the normal and same for progesterone. 
    Who else has a transfer date for Jan? This is a very difficult journey. Everyone in my family knows and expected a positive result so I texted them yesterday as we are hosting Christmas and I don’t want anyone bringing it to me. I hate hormones and going through this. 
  • @dukie001 that is so frustrating! I had an issue with getting Gonal F in the mail and it is very stressful worrying if it’s going to mess up your whole cycle. Thanks for sharing - it makes me feel a lot more normal  :)

    @leilee101 thank you! I will definitely talk to my doctor if it gets worse.

    @italianmommy8 That’s incredibly difficult. I hope your family gives you lots of support.
  • @italianmommy8 sorry to hear about the failed transfer, I hope 2019 brings us all good news! I have had 2 cycles cancelled over the last couple months due to thin lining (6.1 and 4) and fluid in lining. They doctors left it up to me but we only have one embie left so I want to make sure we transfer under perfect conditions. 

    I dont know how to do the spreadsheet but that’s been great to keep track of who is transferring when. Does anyone know how do that? 
  • @italianmommy8 I’m so sorry for the negative beta. I agree with you that I wouldn’t want to transfer in less than perfect conditions ....I hope this cycle is more cooperative and works well for you. I have a good feeling that this will be your cycle!

    AFM, I had my day 7 bloodwork and U/S....my layer is plumping up nicely but my estrogen level was only 100. On my last FET, I was at 128 at this point (which they were happy with) and still ended up having to have my transfer pushed back 3 days and I had to start vaginal estrace when my day 11 lab work showed an estrogen level of 130. I expresssed my concern about this happening again which would be bad since I work on call that weekend and can’t easily find a replacement like I could for a call day during the week. I’m so happy my nurse took this seriously because she went to speak to the doctor and they decided that it’s probably best to add 1/2 tab of estrace vaginally until Thursday in case history repeats itself. I’m happy with this plan...I feel like my concerns were heard. I hope I hit that magic 200 level on Thursday so that things stay on track

    @leilee101 I like the idea of a spreadsheet to help us keep track of things! I don’t know how to do it though  :confused:
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    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

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  • Here you go ladies! 
    January FET
    People think we become mothers when we give birth but the truth is we become mothers the moment we start calling our babies to us in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. Some paths are short and some are so long that you can easily forget where you were headed.

    How I feel all of the time.
    My 7 Year Journey ***Tw in spoiler***
    IVF #1 - September 2018; Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide & Lupron/HCG combo trigger; PGS; ICSI
    Back on Levothyroxine
    FET #1 - October 2018; cancelled, all PGS aneuploid
    FET #1 - November 30th, transferred anyway
    Wondfo BFP 5dp5dt, CB Digi 6dpt, 
    1st Beta on 7dpt 93
    2nd Beta on 10dpt 510!

    TTC #1 since 2011. Tried for 5 years before we knew there was a one year rule.
    Diag w/MS 2016; w/PCOS & IF 2017
    New RE 2018; PCOS diagnosis taken away, IF due to ovary adhesions, but prev. RE insists PCOS IF

    IUI #1 July 2017 w/100mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #2 October 2017 w/50mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #3 February 2018 w/5mg Femara+trigger; low P
    BFP February; mc March; Subclinical hypothyroid started Levothyroxine 
    IUI #4 March 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Medicated cycle & TI April 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Tried several cycles on our own; all BFN
  • Hi Everyone, I just added myself to the Jan FET sheet. We are doing our second FET after a failed transfer in November with a PGS-tested 3AA embryo. It was a devastating negative since we were told it was very likely to work. We’re not sure why it didn’t, but the doc is adding a scratch biopsy and antihistamine protocol this time. 

    The only bummer is that that I was supposed to get my period and start my birth control by now but of course I’m 3 days late with a negative HPT so we’re likely going to have to push what was going to be a 1/22 transfer back a week to 1/29. Oh well! Trying to keep my chin up but any push back is hard after over 3.5 years of waiting  
    TTC History in Spolier:
    Me: 32, DH: 33
    Diagnosis: Me: Unexplained. Him: 1% morphology pre-washed.
    IUI  - CANCELLED Jan IUI - 100 mg Clomid Days 3-7. Cancelled after Estrace stunted follicle growth. BFN 
    IUI #1 - Feb/March, 2017 IUI - IUI+7 days Clomid+HCG trigger shot. March 1st IUI. 3/15 BFN
    IUI # 2 - August, 2017 IUI -  7 days Clomid + HCG trigger shot. IUI on August 12. 8/26 BFN 
    *TW* November 1st, BFP. Ended in MC @ 6 w 3 days. 11/20/17. **Natural Cycle with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. 
    IUI #3 Feb 24 2018, IUI + 7 days Clomid + HCG Trigger Shot. Feb 24 IUI. 3/12 BFN
    *TW* 5/10/18 BFP/MC. Natural Cycle. 1st Beta 232, 2nd 850. No Fetal pole seen on U/S, 5/30/18. Medicated MC on 6/23. 
    IVF #1, Stims begin on August 17th. ER, 8/28/18. 32 Eggs Retrieved, 18 mature, 18 Fertilized. 12 Day 5. 6 Blasts Tested Normal with CCS. 
    FET 1, 11/6/19. 1 Embryo Transferred. NEG BETA 11/15
    FET 2, 1/29. 1 Embryo to Transfer. +HPT 2/5. Beta 2/7 = 137, 2nd HCG = 317. MC at 6w4d. No fetal pole seen on U/S

  • @italianmommy8 and @manders85-2 Welcome to the group! But really sorry for your failed transfers, it is devastating. Let the new year bring us all babies!!!
    @cuzycupcake thanks for the spreadsheet :)
    @LauraJon2015 I feel you :) I think everything that can jeopardize our cycles makes us overly protective and paranoid. When I found out that my Lupron was delivered to a wrong address, half of my neighborhood was looking for it LOL  :D
    @SwtAnana Yey for good layer! And it's really good that your doctor is working with you to find the best solution to bring your levels to a norm.

  • @SwtAnana Re: cervical issues - about 10 years ago I had early stage cervical cancer and had part of my cervix removed so it's thinner than usual. They don't want to risk twins - and neither do I! I'm going to ask again (and again) to get more transparent statistics at my baseline appointment on 12/30. Even the embryologist and RE said different things about the chances previously so it's just been frustrating. 
    I'm glad to hear your clinic listened to you on the med adjustment - I hope you hit the right numbers soon! 
    @italianmommy8 Sorry to hear about the disappointing results - I'm in the same boat wishing to get both (and only remaining) embryos in at once - it's so frustrating to go through the meds, hormonal changes, and cost just for a negative result. Plus the holidays - if I hear one more thing about a damn "Christmas Baby" I'll have to smack someone! ;-) Good luck with this transfer - one or two I hope it's good news!
    @dukie001 OMG the mailing of meds has always been mindboggling to me- as if we all need more anxiety with IVF - that's so stressful! Maybe the Lupron journey will make it even more successful ;-) 
    @manders85-2 your history sounds similar to mine - every single day something gets pushed back still feels worse even with years of waiting. Hopefully an extra week means great luck this time! 
  • @suzycupcake thank you!! 
    @manders85-2 welcome! I remember you from NOV FET, so sorry it didn’t work out. I ended up getting cancelled in both Nov AND Dec so I totally feel you on having to wait again, and again. We are going on 3 years TTC as well and I can’t believe we just had another Christmas without a baby. I hear you @rmmgr about the damn Christmas baby rage 😂
    @SwtAnana good luck at monitoring tomorrow, I hope everything is looking perfect in there ❤️
  • Ultrasound and bloodwork looked good this morning so I’m cleared for FET on New Year’s Eve.... not technically in January but close enough, right? Starting progesterone in oil tonight for the first time... let the fun begin  :D
  • Hi everyone! I’m jumping in to this group. This is my first FET cycle. We did ER with PGS testing in November, then a mock cycle with ERA testing in December. I am currently on estrace while waiting on results. They are hoping that my ERA results will be in this week or early next week. My FET is tentatively scheduled for the second week of January. I’m excited, hopeful, and nervous! FX for all of us this month!
  • @LauraJon2015 Good luck - your butt is going to be sooo happy with PIO! 
    @vetgirl2011 Welcome and good luck! Hopefully after all the prep you'll get good news  :)
  • I have been spotting for the past couple days... hoping full flow AF will be here at any moment! This will be my first cycle using stims so I have no idea what to expect, FX tomorrow will be CD1
  • @rmmgr Ahhhh I see.  I had cervical issues that required a cerclage even though I had no risk factors....very scary time

    @LauraJon2015 How did the PIO go?!

    @vetgirl2011 fingers crossed that you get those results soon!

    @leilee101 Hope that spotting turns into a full on cycle so that you can get things started...waiting is the worst

    I had my last monitoring appointment today and I was a nervous wreck praying that my estrogen level was good.  My lining looks great at 8.3mm and is comparable to my last FET.  My estrogen came back at 244 which is better than the 200 that is their minimum requirement but is still on the low end of what they'd like so they're keeping me on the vaginal estrace plus oral estrace twice a day.  I'm soooooooo happy I pushed for them to reevaluate my meds and to put me on vaginal estrace.  If they're unhappy with a 244, I know for a fact that my numbers would not have been high enough and I would have been pushed back if I didn't have the vaginal dose. So basically I am a GOOOOO for a transfer on January 2nd...so excited.  I start PIO tomorrow morning....I'm making my husband give me the shot 

    I've been reading up on successful FETs hoping to just remain positive and zen...it's tough but that's the only thing I can control right now
    Trigger warning in signature...
    Me: 33  DH: 37
    Together since 2010, Married August 2014
    TTC: Off and on since April 2015
    Diagnosis: Severe MFI
    1/15/2017: FET #1, successful. Baby boy delivered via c-section 9/30/17  <3
    1/2/2018: FET #2: BFN  :'(

    BabyFetus Ticker

  • @leilee101 YAY for baseline tomorrow! I really hope you can move forward with a transfer this cycle. My last FET attempt was cancelled at lining check and the disappointment is SO hard. 

    I had my final check yesterday before my transfer on the 3rd. Lining at 12.7 mm. I'm using both PIO and prometrium which I'll start on Sat morning. I'm also opting to do acupuncture before and after transfer. My clinic has an acupuncturist that comes on site. I figure it's a nice way to relax and calm my nerves. 

    What is everyone else doing - if anything - to prepare for transfer? 
  • Hi ladies! I am part of the December FET group, but I’m switching to this group since I was so behind everyone else there.  My transfer is scheduled for 12/31 so literally the last day of 2018!  I had a chemical pregnancy from my first FET back in November which was very disappointing.  I’m convinced that the fact that i got cellulitis from the pio shots affected the CP.  And I guess my RE agrees since this time we are trying a natural cycle.  Like all of us, I really want this to work this time!

    its good to “talk” about this, secrecy is one of the hardest parts of ivf.  Good luck to all of us, sorry for the megillah!
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