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  • @mwmiller4 thanks, but I’m out AF showed up today. Two more months for femara to work and then a year of slim chances oh natural. Sigh. 
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  • On 5dpo and my temps are looking just like they did the last time I had a pos test. I’m trying not to get too excited and to stay calm...because I know that can easily mean nothing at all. Just waiting, waiting, waiting. 

    Id normally test at 8dpo on Sunday, but I’d really like to wait until this time next week.

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  • @thshaw good luck holding out.   I usually wait until 10 DPO and even that’s too early 
  • @thshaw good luck on the wait!

    CD: 34.....and a BFN this morning so now I'm confused.

    I'm not sure if anyone has had this but this is my second cycle post MC in September. I usually have a longer cycle around 30/31 days but now it looks like this is a bit off. I also O'd on Cycle day 21.

    Please let me know your experiences if possible, now I'm just looking forward to AF and a normal cycle.
  • @c1kc1kpol1cn1k I had a d&c on March 1. That month I didn't O until cd27 (usually 15 to 17) and only had a 10day LP giving me a 37 day cycle. After that, O was back to normal and LP got 1 day longer each month until I was back to 13. It felt like an eternity. Things take some time to get back to consistent and will likely be different the before the MC. You'll have a "new" normal.
  • thank you @prpl11butterfly for the quick feedback. Looks like I will just need time :)
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