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  • @chopchop25 aw I’m sorry you found out before you wanted to. You could do a little surprise just for H, so you both go into Saturday knowing. Maybe wrap up a present with a pink/blue balloons or m&ms in the box or something, and then explain what happened with the email and say you wanted to be honest with him. I’m sure your reveal will still be fun, watching everyone else be surprised!
    (you could also not do anything and stick with your plan, but if I were you I’d be bursting!)
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  • Aw @DunkinDecaf I SUPER love that idea, thank you so much! I think he would love something private first and I do hate feeling like I’m lying to him. Although if we do that, we will both be lying and have to act fake surprised on Saturday, and I’d hate to force him to lie (he is too good...I always feel bad when I corrupt him.) Can’t win either way! That said, I think I’m not bursting yet because I am still processing (it’s the opposite of what I really thought it was!)
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  • @chopchop25 no need to lie! It was a legitimate mistake! You can just wait to tell everyone you knew until after the reveal. Anyway. There’s no wrong answer. All the options are just different kinds of fun. I think I’m going to have my kids attack H with glitter of one color or another when he comes home from work once we find out.
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  • chopchop25chopchop25 member
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    @dunkindecaf A glitter reveal sounds AMAZING!
    @mamabearcj I am itching to tell you guys, but I want to tell H first! That said, anyone keeping an eye on the poll will notice a new vote! (Though I’m definetly not keeping tabs on it)
  • I liked that DH and I found out alone together (although you already know). It was nice to have an intimate moment together and for a few days be the only two who knew. It made the reveal for our families fun because we could focus on their reaction.
  • @chopchop25 that’s great that your results came back normal, but sorry your surprise was ruined! Now fingers crossed I get my results back soon too, since we had blood draws on the same day last week!!
  • Hope you do, too @pumpkinpancake! I wonder if our labs were sent similar distances away...I was curious if living in Oregon would delay lead time on the outbound side (who knows, maybe there are labs here, but I wasn’t counting on it!)
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @chopchop25 I had something similar happen!  The u/s tech and doctor at my NT/NIPT appointment asked me if I wanted to know and of course I wanted to know but DH wanted to find out with me.  I panicked and told them I didn't know what to do since DH wasn't with me so they hinted.  I didn't know if I should tell DH bc I didn't want to disappoint him but at the same time I felt like I was lying!  By the end of that day I told him that they hinted to me and asked him if he wanted to know what they thought the baby was.  It ended up working out and DH was happy.  I know he hates to wait so I think he was happy I got the hint from the doctor.   
  • @chopchop25 who knows where these labs all have to go to get processed... just out of curiosity as a fellow Portlander, what OB do you go to (if you don’t mind sharing)?
  • Yay! @pumpkinpancake
    I am all excited to find out the sex of all your babies. Not that it impacts me at all. 
  • Sorry if this question was already answered... I had the Quad Blood Test done 2 1/2 weeks ago and have not received any results an it’s driving me nuts... should I assume no news is good news or do they typically wait for the anatomy scan to share everything? My anatomy scan is in 3 days so I guess either way I’ll know this week.
  • drurosedrurose member
    I was told that for most testing they would only call if there were a problem and otherwise they would inform me of results at my next appointment. So perhaps that's what's going on?
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