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  • I missed the call yesterday regarding my lab results and it was only like 5 days so it makes me a little nervous. Now am having an anxiety attack waiting for them to return my call. uuughhhhhh I hate waiting. 

    DS 12/15/13

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  • @Laumb11 You have more strength than me! I would have definitely been calling multiple times by now :)
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  • I won't be doing any genetic testing including the blood marker test or Materni21. Last time my blood markers showed a few things that were confirmed incorrect at our anatomy scan. I'll just wait for the scan at 20 weeks to see if anything needs to be tested further. 

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  • @Laumb11 early doesn’t mean anything bad! Sometimes lab people are just speedy! I got my results for the genetic testing in half the time they said it would take with my last pregnancy.
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  • @DunkinDecaf - I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that mine is speedy too....
  • So glad everything is ok @laumb11!
  • @Laumb11 hooray for happy news!!! Glad all is well!
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  • @Laumb11 Did you find out the sex?!
  • @laumb11 glad everything is good!! I'm hoping that my testing on the 21st is all done by the 28th when I go to see my OB.
  • I am going to call my insurance company and ask but I thought I would ask here too- I'm currently in a high deductible plan and I know that my insurance won't cover the genetic testing, but I'm wondering if it will still be applied to my deductible.  I opted to do the genetic testing, but now I'm not sure if it's worth it.  Neither of us have any risk factors and I never did it with DD.  Buuutttt.. If it will be applied to my deductible that we will reach this year anyway then I wouldn't mind just doing it. 
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  • If your insurance doesn't cover it, it typically doesn't count toward your deductible. Ask your Dr if there's any companies they recommend that help with the cost. I'm going through Sequenom and it's no cost to me and I have a high deductible plan (CDHP) plan.
  • Welp. Just had a my blood drawn because we decided to do the NIPT.

    Wish us luck!
  • I forgot to update last Friday that we decided to do the genetic testing. My OB’s office uses Counsyl. Now comes the wait for results!
  • @stithof yes! A girl! Just waiting till next weeks scan to tell fam 

    DS 12/15/13

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  • @knottieamusements Do you mind sharing which company you got the NIPT from? I did Sequenom and am curious how long it takes to get the results, since some people have said they have gotten them sooner than originally projected.
  • I believe it is the Panorama test through Natera. 
  • @stithof I was told the Sequenom should only take a week. Im getting it done on the 21st and was told I should have the results for my appt on the 28th.
  • My ob told me to call the providers to confirm coverage. Harmony told me it would be $645 out of pocket and Sequenom (MaternIT21) said it would be zero. So I guess I’ll go with the latter?

    During my first pregnancy we did harmony and they told me it would be covered and then I got a bill for 2k and I had to yell at people until it went away.

    Im AMA this pregnancy so I’m definitely doing it. Plus I want to know sex so I know if I can toss or keep all the clothes from Dd!
  • For those that are not AMA, I'm curious what providers are saying  to you regarding NIPT vs. NT-scan and blood work. I'm very close to the cut off for AMA and my provider said that NIPT wasn't accurate for me because I wasn't 35 yet....based on my research I don't believe that. Anyone not AMA and having NIPT?
  • I'm 27 and was given the option. I need to go in about a med I'm taking, so it's easier just to do the test now than try and get in again in a week.
  • Um I had NIPT when I was 31. I don’t think it’s accuracy has anything to do with age.
  • @ruthiep5555 I don’t think accuracy has anything to do with age. I’m 26 and was offered the test but just told I was already pretty low risk so it’s no big deal if I don’t want it.

    Something else my OB reminded me was that you always have to option to take the test later. She said if anything concerning shows up down the road, we can always opt for testing then.
  • I have the NT scan and blood work scheduled for Wednesday. NIPT was only covered through my insurance with prior authorization, and I wouldn't meet any of the criteria for that. Going through the agent person, it would be $200. Since the NT is covered, we decided to go that route again. 
  • @kiwi2628 thanks for educating me! Maybe when I was 31 I was old enough for it to be relevant. Or my doctor is getting kickbacks lol. Wouldn’t be surprised.
  • @HoosOnFirst honestly, it's still very accurate no matter the age (I'm 30 and doing it, and would do it if I had gotten KU at 25 too!) 
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  • @kiwi2628

    Do you mean the analysis itself, or the acceptance testing of the analysis?  I can understand that the population that was examined is smaller, resulting in less data about the accuracy of the test for that population, but that is different from the test actually being less accurate for that population.

    Also - regardless of the answer to the previous question, does this mean that NIPT is a worse option for younger women than the older method of screening?
  • @knottieamusements My OB did say that the old test (99% sure she was referring to the quad screen) has a much higher false positive rate than the NIPT tests. That it was created before ultrasounds were commonly used. Any true positive that the quad screen would pick up would also be evident on an ultrasound nowadays. And I would imagine that’s irrelevant of age. 
  • @kiwi2628 Very well stated! You explained it perfectly.
  • @kiwi2628 - That makes sense now, thank you. 

    The takeaway for me is that, regardless of age, if you get a positive result from NIPT, then, if you may consider terminating the pregnancy, you should have a diagnostic test, such as an amniocentesis, done first - which was also true under the old testing regime. 
  • I read online a month or two ago that Anthem now does the testing regardless of risk status. That they consider it routine for everyone? Anybody know or have experience?
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  • FYI to those of you who used Counsyl (I did too), the cash price is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the rate when it goes through insurance, and they also have a great financial aid program where you type in your income and expected medical expenses for the year and if it’s over a certain ratio you get it for free (even with a decent income)! I did a ton of research weighing my options whether it was worth t for the cost and realized it was way more affordable than I originally thought. I’m patiently waiting for my results. 
  • @chopchop25 Check this thread out!
  • @knottieamusements YAY! So happy for you. 
  • Awesome news @knottieamusements. I took mine yesterday, they told me up to 2 weeks for the results. Hoping they will come before Easter so we can share the sex with family.
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