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  • @ssag I'm so sorry! The waiting is so maddening. I'll be thinking of you! 

    I just heard from my doctor and she'll be able to do the termination at the hospital, so I'll be having that done tomorrow morning. I don't know the right word to use for how I'm feeling, but I'm relieved to have a resolution. 

    I'll keep tabs on any progress you update. <3
  • Wow, tomorrow.
    I’m grateful that you have a resolution in sight even though that must feel daunting? 
    Please let me know how it goes? I hope it’s seamless, painless, quick, easy. I hope you are surrounded by support. 
    I may be exploring that route in a few weeks myself and no idea what to expect.
    I will definitely have you in my thoughts tomorrow.
  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow @arcastro

    Also sending good thoughts to you @ssag
  • @ssag Very happy for you guys that the amnio was negative for trisomy 13, but gosh I really feel for you that you are put back into limbo and now have to go through this too. That is just so very hard. It is unfair. Sending love <3
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  • I'll be thinking of you tomorrow @arcastro. I know it's not really something that will be over once the procedure is done, but hopefully you will be able to rest and start healing afterwards.  <3

    @ssag I'm so sorry you're going through limbo again! That's so incredibly unfair! I hope you get your results as soon as possible, and that everything is fine. 
  • @arcastro will be thinking of you tomorrow, and sending thoughts of strength and support.

    @ssag so sorry to hear that you are in waiting again for further results.  Hoping for a positive and speedy outcome.
  • @arcastro and @ssag thinking of you both ❤️

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  • @arcastro praying for peace and strength for you and your SO during this time. 

    @ssag glad to hear the trisomy 13 was negative! I hope you don't have to wait as long as they initially said to hear the rest of the results!
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  • @arcastro- I am so sorry.  I hope tomorrow goes quickly and smoothly for you, and that your mind and body can start healing soon.  
  • I'll be thinking of you today @arcastro ;
  • Thinking of you @arcastro <3 
  • Thinking about you @arcastro ❤️❤️
  • I’m so sorry @arcastro. Thinking of you today.
  • @arcastro thinking of you today and hoping all goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Please take care of yourself during this tough time. <3

    @ssag I can’t beleive you were in the clear only to have another issue come up. I’m so sorry and really hope you get results soon and all ends up being ok! 
  • Sending you all my love today @arcastro ; <3

    @ssag I'm sorry for more troubling news and dreadful waiting  <3
  • @arcastro thinking of you today! 
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    @arcastro thinking of you and sending you healing vibes
    @ssag that really stinks. The waiting is so hard.

    I just got a call from my OB that my blood work from the second round of testing (I had last week during week 15) came back with slightly elevated risk for Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome). I'm obviously freaking out. I think we are going to opt to do amnio, but we will have to do that in a bigger hospital (*TW* the hospital where I had to get my D&C for my MMC in February - talk about negative associations with a place *end TW*) so the whole thing is stressing me out. I know a 1 in 77 chance is still not that high, and there are plenty of false positives but I could use some good vibes and if anyone has positive stories I would love to hear them!
  • I’m sorry @eggsandwich2019! I know it’s impossible to not worry with those odds, and I would too, but your chances of everything being fine are still good!

    I don’t have any experience or positive stories, but maybe it helps to visualize 77 pregnant women all in a room together? Only one of them will have a baby with Down’s syndrome, and 77 is a lot of people. Chances are that overwhelmingly that person is not you. I hope you’re able to get your amnio ASAP! Big hugs ❤️
  • @eggsandwich2019 I totally understand feeling freaked out and worried! I’m sending you all the positive vibes for normal test results!

     If it helps that is still only a little over a 1% chance which is really quite a small chance. Also very few pregnancies that are actually Down syndrome make it past the first trimester. So the fact you are this far along is very promising.

    I know until you get a definitive answer none of this may not be much comfort but I’d say the odds are still way in your favor. 
  • @arcastro - thinking of you today. Many prayers for healing headed your way. 

    @ssag - the being in limbo game is miserable. I’m so sorry you’re going through something else now. Hugs. 

    @eggsandwich2019 - that is certainly stressful. I’ll be praying for you. Please keep us posted. 
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  • Thanks for your support, ladies. You're right, @allthingsgo and @grebretso the odds are definitely in my favor. In my heart I actually feel like everything is fine, but maybe I'm deluding myself? I guess I should just try to remain calm. I think the fact that I spontaneously conceived triplets (which is like less than a 1 in 9,000 chance) and then lost them after I saw the hb on the ultrasound (also a low percentage chance that that would happen) has made me super paranoid. I guess that's PGAL brain for you.  
  • @eggsandwich2019 have you had your anatomy scan yet?  Maybe wait on doing an amino until you get your scan done.  That way you can decide if you still want to go the amnio route!  
    I had a false positive on my first pregnancy where my chances were 1 in 50 we had more testing done and found that nothing was wrong. I have a healthy baby boy  :)
  • @eggsandwich2019 I completely understand that! You feel like you were the exception last  time so why not again? (I had two MCs in row, after seeing HBs, which is on the rare side too, though not as rare as natural triplets, so I know somewhat what that is like). But I truly believe in mother’s intuition and that you feeling like everything is ok is a great sign! 

    You could also look at it as you were the exception last time so chances of you being the exception again (meaning you are the 1%) are much lower. 
  • @lifeofboggs no, I haven't had the AS yet - I'm scheduled for 10/2, but I would get a level 2 ultrasound in both cases if I choose to do amnio or if I choose to do a cell-free DNA test (aka more blood work), which my doctor said would take the place of the AS (either way they do this stuff at the larger hospital -waiting for them to call me to make an appointment). As I am absorbing the information I am panicking a bit less, and perhaps you are right and I should just do the cell-free DNA test before plunging into amnio. Thanks for sharing your story, it is so helpful. 
    @allthingsgo you're right, and that's what I keep telling myself! I appreciate your commiseration. 
  • @ssag @arcastro @eggsandwich2019 I’m thinking of all of you and sending lots of light and love.  
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  • I haven't been checking in on this thread regularly, but I wanted to pop in and say that I'm thinking of you, @arcastro, and I'm hoping that the waiting and worrying can pass soon, @ssag and @eggsandwich2019. This thread makes me so proud of and thankful for this board. Support like y'all have shared with these ladies is so empowering. <3
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    I'm sorry this comment comes late.

    @arcastro I'm sending all my best thoughts your way. I hope you are able to take the time to heal and the time to mourn. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

    @ssag How unfair that you are back in limbo again! The stress and anxiety must be terrible. I hope the time passes quickly, and I hope that good news comes your way again.

    @eggsandwich2019 That sounds really scary. 1/77 sound like good odds, but no one wants to be calculating their odds at all. It's a terrifying thing to have to worry about, whether it's 1 in 77 or 1 in 2. I hope good news comes your way soon.
  • @arcastro you’ve been on my mind a lot too. Glad you’re physically ok. What is the recovery time expected like? Are you taking some time off work to rest and recover?
    i hope you’re able to start moving past this soon and looking forward.
  • @arcastro thanks for your kind words. I haven't decided yet, but my appointment is scheduled for Friday 9/21 and I think based on how the ultrasound goes we will decide from there. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, and appreciate all of the support <3 
  • Glad to hear that @eggsandwich2019! What happy news. 
  • @eggsandwich2019 I'm so glad to hear that, congrats!

    @ssag any news? 
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    @arcastro- Thanks for giving an update. I remember that feeling after my loss a few years back. I hope you have your rainbow soon to fill that space. For what it's worth, I conceived my now two year old only after my first cycle after my D&C. I spent that second pregnancy very anxious absolutely, so that fear is really well founded that it will be emotionally fretting but therapy during that pregnancy helped.  I know there's a light on the other end for you, I just know it.  You'll be part of this group even from afar ...  wishing you all the best.
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    @arcastro thanks for sharing your update before you sign off from the group. I know I’ll be thinking about you as I’m sure many others on this board will be. 
    I’m sure your docs and team will be prepared with all the testing to reassure your worries on your next pregnancy. I agree with @sjnsjnsjn that therapy would be helpful to manage that mental load. I’m actually looking for someone now to help me navigate the next few months and process what has happened.
    Im sorry you’ve gone through this. You will stay on my mind and will be hoping for the best for you and your family. If you ever want to reach out, I’d be happy to hear from you. 
    Good luck and hope you’re healing.
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