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  • @allthingsgo , I don't think mine will ever look like deflated tea bags, is it bad if a girl can dream?  I was trying to think of a comparison.. maybe mine will look like deflated whoopie cushions one day... just saying o:)
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  • Mine look like sad, deflated triangles. I’m getting a boob job at some point once my body is my own again. 

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    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
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  • @cass06_07 haha! You go for your dreams girl! 

    @kayjay44 I’d also love to get a boob job one day. That is my dream lol
  • @hannahbananas11 yes, my feet are hurting more too! I hosted my sister's baby shower last week and I could barely walk that night and the next day. Just because I was on my feet more than usual. Wtf.
  • I have a scratchy/burn-y throat. Have a slight ragweed allergy that I don’t take anything for. However, I spent a good 5 hrs outside yesterday and I think that’s the cause bc allergies are horrible here now. ALSO, I have horrid acid reflux now! As soon as I get one issue under control the other pops up. Alternating hot water and honey with tums  B)   feelin FAB!!! 

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    4.18 diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility
    5.18 Clomid 50 mg & Levothyroxine 25 MCG
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  • Does anyone here even have that mythical 2nd tri energy? I can easily sleep 12 hours a night and I get exhausted doing the most menial tasks. I'm starting to realize 2nd tri energy is about as real as the pregnancy glow. 
  • @grebretso. If by more energy you you mean more insomnia then sign me up. Otherwise I call BS
  • @grebretso I only got it the first time. I’ve been tired ever since. 

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • @grebretso I seem to have lots of energy at 3 AM... But that's it. :|
  • @sjnsjnsjn that website looks great, definitely will give it a try! 

    @grebretso still waiting for the mythical energy here too. Today is Day 4 with no morning sickness though, so I'm optimistic that things are turning a corner.  Also, I have two neck pimples for the first time in forever, so I guess those technically count as glowing :D
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  • @grebretso, I think I'm at 75% of my pre-pregnancy energy and on this hypothetical meter I dipped to 25% at the worst of the 1st trimester. I feel up for a lot more but recovery is difficult. And my sleep is oscillating between great and fucking terrible. By no means am I revving to go but it's manageable. 
  • Yeah I mean I have more energy now than I did in the first trimester, but I basically felt bedridden during that whole trimester, so that’s not saying much. I’m still nowhere close to my prepregnancy energy levels. I’m sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night, barely managing to go to work, and exhausted all of the time. 

    I spoke to a friend this weekend who said she had more energy during the second trimester than she has when she’s not pregnant, and I sort of wanted to kill her. 
  • I think my constant sleepiness might be a Unisom side effect still actually. I’ve been taking it for a week now. It really does help with the nausea though, and I’d rather be tired than puking, so I gusss I’ll just power through. I’ll take it for another week and see if the nausea comes back if I stop at that point. 
  • I never got that 2nd trimester energy kick with DD and I feel even more tired this time around. But, this time around I do have little moments of not feeling quite so tired, unlike the first tri, and can actually get stuff done around the house. 
  • @grebretso it’s definitely a unisom side effect, I’ve been on dicelctin this whole pregnancy and I’ve been wiped, I’m still not used to it. My last pregnancy (morning sickness free) after the first trimester my energy levels were pretty much normal 
  • @grebretso I actually never put it together but I think you're right, when I was taking Unisom every night I was ALWAYS exhausted. Like couldn't get by without having to sneak in a short nap most days. But it did really help with the puking so still worth it. I still have terrible insomnia so I'm not all morning sunshine but I do feel WAY better now that I'm not on it in that I'm not as sluggish.
  • I also have more energy than the first tri but that's not saying much. Yesterday I legit took a nap on my office floor I was so tired. I hope we all get an energy boost/mythical glow sometime soon! 
  • Confession: I hate being pregnant. Seriously. I get so many bad symptoms, and like none of the good ones. I want my glow!
    The past week has brought in fatigue so extreme I took a 2 hour nap yesterday. I never nap! In addition, I still have slight morning sickness (mostly gagging at smells and sights, I have a weak stomach this pregnancy), extreme cramping (my pregnancy cramps can be as bad as my period ones), ligament pain, calf cramps, back pain, migraines, and somehow less energy than the first trimester. Oh, and my dreams are getting crazy again. 
  • @themisfitbenji I’m with you on the aches and pains. Last night I was tossing and turning because of RLP. I’ve had it for a few weeks but never as bad as last night, it was actually painful! Ugh.
  • I know what you mean! A few nights ago, it woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. I had it with my first, but never this bad. It's been horrible this pregnancy. I wonder if it has to do with me being more active. You'd think that would help, though. 
  • I also hate being pregnant. Aside from kicks it all stinks.This one has been worse too. Gestational diabetes was the last straw. H is getting the ol snipperoo as soon as my crotch heals.
  • @madreofdragons - DH is getting snipped when I'm 6w pp - I'm making him make the appointment when we get home from the hospital  :D

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • When I was pregnant with DD, all nausea stopped magically right at 12 weeks, and the rest was honestly smooth sailing. I had lots of energy. Even though I did have GD, it was easily managed. This time I’m still feeling like shit just about all day every day. I almost feel worse these past few days than I did at all during the first tri and even if I do have some energy to get something done around the house, it feels like I’m paying for it for days. 
  • Im back at work after a week of vacation and oh haiiii there nausea, where you been at?  Of course it would come back when I returned to work. Must be sitting still too long?
  • I'm getting noticeable braxton hicks already... Great....

    KBJ-SEJ married 8.18.2012
    BMJ born 5.27.2014
    MMC 7.2.2015 @ 5w5d
    SMEJ born 6.5.2016
    BFP 6.8.2018 EDD 02.18.2019

  • Omg this gas!!
  • I made cauliflower “rice” last night. It was biblical. I was super tired so I was laughing my ass off. 
  • @madreofdragons how is cauliflower rice? I’ve never had it but am curious. I do not normally like cauliflower though. 
  • Well, it isn’t rice @allthingsgo. As long as you accept that you’re okay. Lol. I can’t eat rice at all right now so I have to do what I can. I loaded it with bacon and pork so it was tolerable. Fart city though. 
  • @madreofdragons haha! Yeah veggie farts can be deadly! I figured if I did try it I’d do fried ‘rice’ or something. 
  • 2 hour naps, yup still got it... gonna be a tossy turny night tonight!
  • I finally have normalish energy again, but that wasn't until 18 weeks, still requires 9 hrs of sleep, and came with heartburn!  
  • @kayjay44 I got BH after my GTT and it was brutal. Hopefully they subside for you!
  • I'm getting bloody noses about once or twice per week now. Anyone else enjoying this fun symptom?
  • @hannahbananas11 YES! About 3x a week or so. The ridiculous heat and no rain for who knows how long hasn't helping either. The air is so dry I can't stand it!
  • @hannahbananas11 I haven't had the nosebleeds (probably because the humidity has been insane here lately). I have had super congestion for the last month or so though. Nasal strips have been a lifesaver while sleeping.
  • @sonicearplugs That sounds super annoying to deal with. I'll deal with a short nosebleed any day over all-day congestion.
    I've had bad allergies lately, which causes runny nose for me. That's probably a contributing factor for the nosebleeds.
  • Oh yikes, @grebretso! My gums have been slightly more sensitive, but not bleeding yet. I've been delaying scheduling my dental appointment, but it's been 7 months since my last appt so I probably should...
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