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  • Took our LO a few days to start pooping regular after her first meconium poop, and she only had one major one of those. 
  • I have a really specific question.  I’m thinking about calling a LC but I thought I’d see if anyone here had advice or experience too.

    DD has been consistently only taking one breast per feeding.  At first I would try to get her to take the second but if she did (with major convincing) she would always spit up a huge amount.  So I decided that she was good with one side and stopped even offering the second.  She always seems content after one anyways, and eats every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 at night.  

    I’m going back to work in a few weeks.  So my question is: should I pump both sides at work? I’ve essentially trained my boobs to provide a full feeding each every 4-6 hours.  Am I going to mess up our rhythm by double pumping three times a day at work?
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  • @tarheelgirl8 I dont know much about pumping so someone else may have better advice for you. I would try pumping from one side and seeing how much you get, if your not getting very much you may need to pump both sides while at work to have enough to feed baby when your gone. If you decide to do both it will increase your supply so you may also need to pump at home from whatever side your LO isnt eating from to avoid engorgement. Baby drains the breast better than a pump so if you find you need to get ahead on your stash it may not be a bad idea to pump both sides at work
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    @tarheelgirl8 I think I’d still pump on both sides because the pump isn’t as efficient as the baby and i’d Be concerned it would affect your supply to only pump one side. But it’s a good question for a LC to be sure
  • @wildtot that’s happening here too and my babies have developed super strong grip already now too! I remember there being a time later when bfing ds1 and he would pinch while nursing, I didn’t miss that! @tarheelgirl8  I would pump both sides in order to protect supply when away from lo. Babies are more effective at removing milk than a pump is and it will prevent clogs from building up when you’re away as well as help you build a stash hopefully. 
  • @tarheelgirl8 I feed my DD from one side only for the same reasons you mentioned - oversupply. When I went back to work I sent 4 4 oz bottles for her and I pumped both side 3 times a day. At first I was pumping around 25 oz per day in those 3 sessions (more than I needed for the next day) so I froze some and kept to 3 sessions instead of 4. Over time my supply decreased where I pumped exactly what she needed and I had a nice freezer stash for when I started to cut back pumping. Still ask a LC - in general you should pump as often as baby takes a bottle, but you can see I didn't.
  • @tarheelgirl8 I also just feed from one side per session due to oversupply, but pump from both sides when I pump (which is usually once a day — MH gives a bottle for the MOTN feeding and I pump during it to relieve engorgement). It’s working well for me. 
  • Thanks everyone!  I was leaning towards pumping both just because it seems like a waste not to!  I’m glad to hear others have done the same.  
  • Lots of hiccups today, including after this latest feeding. I came across @kissableviv’s comment from a few weeks ago from the pedi about them being a good thing to indicate a full belly, so that was awesome to read! 

    We were concerned it meant more air trapped, though we’ve been getting a burp after most feedings. Is it recommended to keep baby sitting up and/or try to burp them again during hiccups? Or is that not necessary?
  • @summermama18 I think it depends on the baby. My LO spits up during most hiccup fits so I hold her upright and rub her back which usually gets some air out too. 
  • @summermama18 i leave him be when he hiccups unless he seems uncomfortable, in which case I offer the boob. If he doesn’t want it, I just burp/rub his back, rock him, and wait for it to subside. It’s not usually bothersome 
  • @summermama18 My LO gets hiccups all the time and doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by them, so I just leave him alone and they go away on their own.
  • @summermama18 My LO gets hiccups more than once a day and at first it stressed me out (“is she getting herself worked up?”) but pediatrician said it’s totally normal. She usually stops after 5-10 minutes. I just hold her or sometimes feed her if she is sticking out her tongue a lot. Hard to believe it, but she can eat while hiccuping!  
  • So I’m gonna try bottles this week! Have any of y’all tried the bottles and nipples that come with the Spectra 2 breast pump? Should I invest in bottles that are more “boob-like”?? I did it all wrong with my son so I want to do better this time around to avoid nipple confusion!

    Kylie M.

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  • @kmac103 Any bottle with a zero or 1 flow nipple is a good place to start. I'm not sure what flow Spectra bottles are but a good way to test is to put some water in the bottle and tip it upside down. It shouldn't flow or only let out a drop infrequently in order to mimic the flow of the breast. I like Breastflow bottles by First Years but every baby is different in their bottle preference.
  • Thank you @TalesOfASocialIntrovert!! Guess I’ll see how they work!!

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • I’ve seen the Haakaa referred to a few times in here. Target shows 2 options. Are y’all using the one with suction or without? Does it even matter ? 
  • I’ve been using the medela bottle. Anyone know what to do about cluster feeding late at night? LO will stay up feeding on and off from 11 pm until 1 am. I try to feed him a lot earlier but iis not working. 
  • @natalie_1989 Do you mean the suction base? If so, mine does not have the base. The bottom is flat so it can still stand on its own on a flat surface. The base seems like it might just get in the way while BF.

    Side note - the suction of the Haaka to your breast is what draws out milk and keeps it attached. Suction (or lack of) on the base will have no bearing on how it functions to draw out milk.
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert thank you! Yes, I guess it is the base and not the pump itself. I was so confused. Thanks! 
  • @kmac103 I have the spectra pump, but got adapters to use regular wide-neck bottles - I am using the Dr Brown’s bottles with the premie nipples per advice is the lactation consultant, but I’m sure many others would work, too. The wide neck bottles are just more common, so figured it would be easier. 
  • @adventuresawait1 Spectra already uses wide necked bottles. That adapter looks to be so you can use Medela small bottles with Spectra. I attached Avent bottles directly to my Spectra pump. 

    @kmac103 I only ever used those for storage, not feeding. No help, sorry!
  • Currently my boobs are fit to burst, but LO is napping for one of the first times today.
    This is me internally debating whether to wake her to nurse, pump, or wait it out, because she will probably wake the very moment I get mid-pump. 
  • @natalie_1989 You could hand express just to relieve some pressure. That way when LO wakes, you'll still be ready to nurse.
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert I swear the info y’all provide is invaluable! Idk why I didn’t think of that! I ended up pumping and having to wake her up an hour later since she was still asleep and needed to eat! But next time that’s what I’ll do for sure because this was a fluke that she slept so long! 
  • Do you save the milk you hand express? It feels like a dumb question, but every time I read “hand express” I picture myself squirting milk into my bathroom sink... do you catch it with a bottle? I really need to invest in a haakaa  
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  • @AlwaysMrsS I personally haven’t had to hand express separate from using it as a means to entice LO to wake up with a few drops either in mouth or near face. And even that was only a couple of times which is why I personally forget about that option. 

    Having said that, when LO lost too much birth weight my pediatrician gave us a cooler of formula samples to supplement with and in there were plastic bottles without nipples that mentioned being specifically for hand expressed milk. If I ever am to relieve pressure going forward by hand expression I would probably track those down to use because I want every drop to be saved for LO! That’s just me though, not sure what the other women do, but I have heard about the Haaka and also considered that since it sounds like a lot are using it in those instances and enjoy it. 
  • @AlwaysMrsS When I hand express, it's usually at the end of pumping so I just express into the flange that's attached to the bottle I pumped into. Occasionally, I'll hand express into a wide mouthed bottle which are the same ones we use for feeding LO. I've also heard of people using wide mouthed mason jars which would give a larger area to aim for :wink: I also save anything I express, even small amounts. Sometimes it's only a few drops at the end of pumping. The only time I don't save the milk is if I'm in the shower and just relieving some pressure or find a duct I didn't empty.
  • I mostly feel the need to hand express in the middle of the night, when I don’t have a bottle on hand and don’t want to go downstairs to get one or take it to the fridge if I did. I have hand expressed in the shower. I usually just pump the side that is engorged in the morning
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  • Whelp, I either have mastitis or a clogged duct. Everything hurts deep into my bones, and I have chills. I’ve tried compressions, pumping, feeding, massaging, showering, 800 mg of ibuprofen, etc with little to no relief.
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  • If you have the chills I would call and get in to see your dr ASAP @AlwaysMrsS. Mastitis gives flu like symptoms, I had a clogged duct and didnt experience any of that, it was very painful but not accompanied with the symptoms you've listed.
  • Thanks @kbernal2021. I hadn’t seen any redness, so I thought it wasn’t mastitis. I’m now on antibiotics 
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  • @AlwaysMrsS that’s rough, taking care of a LO is hard enough. Feel better soon!

  • 1. How are things going?

    Breast feeding was very hard that first week, I was frustrated and in pain. But now my DD is 3.5 weeks old and I think we got a hang of it.

    2. What has been hard?
     I do struggle in understanding when she is full. She will feed until she falls asleep and then at times wake up again and start rooting-rolling her tongue. And I'll feed her a bit more until she falls asleep again. 

    3. What's been going well?

    I think we have a good latch.

    4. Any questions/concerns? 
    Would love to know how long each mom feeds her baby per breast  just trying to understand if I'm doing it too little or too long. She us gaining weight so I feel like its definitely enough time. I try to feed between 10-15 minutes per breast but not sure if that's right.

    I also wonder if she isn't hungry but at times just wants to suck on something. And if I then should introduce a pacifier.

    Also, I'm going to try to introduce the bottle this week. I am reading that my husband should try to give it to her in small quantities so she gets used to it.  And that I should be out of the apartment or at least no where near by.  Wondering what other tips ppl may have.

    Also I notice she us hungry right after she poops, even if I just fed her. Does that sound right? 

    She also hiccups so I wonder if she drinks too fast. Sometimes I notice hiccups when she just poops. 

    5. Any tips/advice/resources you found helpful this week? 

    Honestly, I'm so new at this, I don't have much advice. Would love advice from this group of mommies to see if I can get a good handle on things!

    Thanks all!

  • @lpenny81 to answer some of your questions. I don't time it was creating way too much anxiety. Also it really depends on your supply level. some babies may only need one breast some two.  Babies can get uncomfortable if they need to burp, pass gas or poop so they may stop eating but want more after they do one or more of those things. Hiccups are normal so cause for concern there.

    I personally ended up giving the baby her first two bottles as he was having difficulty. Make sure she is pretty hungry before you do it but i don't think you need to be out of the home for it to be successful. Just know it can take some trial and error. look up pace feeding and watch some videos on it.

    as far as pacifiers I try feeding first if she latches and eats with deep sucks we feed, if she is just doing her shallow ones I know she isn't hungry 
  • Thanks @lindsayleigh1989. I will look for the deep sucks vs. Shallow ones. And the reason why I time her feeds is the app I use. Just so I know what breast I left off and when. But you are right, maybe I'm too caught up with the timing and just go with the flow. I do feel like she latches on longer to sooth as she always falls asleep. And when she doesnt she always seems to want more, until she is asleep. I think it's ok for now since she is so young but will make a point to ask the doctor. 
  • Hi everyone! So late to the game on posting again after having DS.
    1. How are things going? Everything except breastfeeding is going great. 

    2. What has been hard? Breastfeeding, we struggled from the start, after 3 LC visits we were referred to an ENT when he was 4 wks for lip and tongue tie. Sure enough he had both and we just had those revised a week ago and still not much improvement. His latch looks decent, but I'm still having creased/ridged nipples when he unlatches and my nipples still hurt and are bruised. Went back to the LC and she said it can take a couple of weeks. So frustrating and I think he is taking in to much air or something when nursing because he seems way more fussy after nursing than he does with a bottle. I've been pumping and bottle feeding a ton lately because my boobs still can't take it.  He was also born at 38 wks so I'm still holding out some hope as he gets a little bigger in the next couple of weeks it will get better. 

    3. What's been going well? I think everything else is going pretty well, but being a FTM I'm not sure what "going good" really is :)

    4. Any questions/concerns? Anyone have any experience or success stories with revisions? Also, am I crazy thinking we can successfully nurse again in a week of so after giving him so many bottles? We've been doing paced feedings and he still roots for the boob.

    5. Any tips/advice/resources you found helpful this week? I wish, I'm super down about feeding right now. 
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    My suggestions are: find a chiropractor who works on kids/babies, is well versed in ties, and preferably can perform cranial sacral therapy. Take LO once or twice a week until you see improvement. Also find a new LC who is tie savvy, any tie savvy LC would advise you to do body work (chiro) if you didn’t see improvement. Are you doing stretches
    to prevent reattachment? 

    To find local providers who can help you, look on Facebook for a tongue tie group in your area. Also join the national tongue tie support
    group on Facebook. You’ll learn a ton. Good luck! 

    ETA it’s prob not too late to get baby back on the breast. I exclusively pumped for a couple  months with my first before getting him back on and we then nursed until he was 18 months. 
  • zande2016 Thank you! The LC is actually the one that caught the ties and referred me to the ENT for treatment, she is also a licensed CST. We've had three sessions for him so far, 2 pre revisions and 1 post revisions. Yes, we are doing the exercises, she advised me on those as well. She also mentioned he had a high palate and a slight recessed chin so I think that also has something to do with our trouble.

    I will look into those groups.  

    So happy to hear that, right now I am doing a mix of pumping and supplementing with formula. My nipples need a break. I tried breast feeding for most of the day yesterday and today and it's just too painful to do so many sessions. My nipples are bruised. I'm going to keep pumping as much as I can throughout the day and we are supplementing with formula during the night. I'll keep trying every week to see if nursing improves. I hope it does so I can drop the pumping until I go back to work. I know I would love to be able to nurse him once I'm back to work since it would only be a couple times a day at that point. 
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