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Freaking out: Yogi ginger tea

I was pretty nauseous today and picked up some Yogi ginger tea on the way home. I drank a cup and THEN decided to check out the ingredients. It contains licorice and it's supposedly UNSAFE during pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage!! Oh god pls let my baby be safe! I'm so mad at myself right now!
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Re: Freaking out: Yogi ginger tea

  • Don't worry. You could drink a cup of about any commercial herbal tea and be fine. There are just a few tea ingredients that you wouldn't want to drink pots of on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure I've drunk some teas with licorice root in them this pregnancy. But with any herbal tea I limit consumption to one cup a day and try not to drink the same flavor(s) every day, so I'm not getting a lot of any one ingredient.
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    I think you and your bundle are good. Most things that are listed with possibilities have to consume a large amount before they would be at risk for the possible issues listed.

    FWIW I took 2 antibiotic pills that I hade left from a chest cold in an attempt to heal the chest cold I have now. Then I read the warnings and it said that the antibiotic is a class D drug and causes skeletal issues.... I freaked out and my RE said that it was fine because it wasn't consistent use.

    Try not to worry too much mama.....
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