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Why my SO is a &[email protected]*^%#!

I swear I love my SO very much. But I need a place to complain about him. And it turns out, this is a preordained Friday thread


Re: Why my SO is a &[email protected]*^%#!

  • I'm coming around on my SO - not everything he does makes me want to stab him. This happens every pregnancy for me and comes and goes.

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  • I’m pretty excited about this because mine has been driving me up the wall (half is hormonal half is not)

    my oh oh so dear hubby has been promising to clean out the office upstairs to start transition to our bedroom to make room for another nursery 4 weeks ago.  I know there is lots of time but really I won’t be able to help him move all ththe furniture up there is he doesn’t get it don asap! Then I’ll hear him complain that it’s soooooo much work for one person *insert eye role*

  • Lol, my DH is at it again to get rid of our animals,  2 of which are cats I've had for 10 years. He makes it a point to tell me I'm snoring and that he has to use ear plugs to sleep. He likes to ask me what I'm doing 5000 times when I'm just trying to take a nap. He would really like to know when I plan on cleaning, including the litter box and bathing the dogs lol. I love him, but LORD he drives me crazy sometimes. 
  • @madwhitlove use the pregnancy excuse to get out of cat litter
  • No H, you don't need another car especially not one that only fits 2 people, we just bought a new car. We don't have a three car garage, therefore we don't need three cars... stop asking!!
    Also, why can't you make me dinner ever?? You can cook meat, therefore you can cook vegetarian meals too. 

  • @danixbanani24 - Thankfully DH knows better. I would straight up murder him. I trained him somewhat well before kids, so luckily he's survived.

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  • @danixbanani24 my husband did that at the beginning of my first pregnancy. I was livid. Told him to F off and I was going to eat whatever made me feel good and I could stomach. This go round he hasn’t said a word and offers to get whatever I want. Safe to say he learned a lesson. 
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  • My husband has zero empathy for the fact that everything makes me vomit (like eating a salmon sandwich in front of me) but other than that unfortunately I’ve been the asshole thanks to damn pregnancy hormones. He cooks, cleans and does the early morning wake ups and everything nice he does just pisses me off more? Ugh hopefully my moods will level out soon 
  • It’s such a minor gripe but... Snoring. So. Much. Snoring. I actually contemplate smothering my husband basically everyday. 
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  • @okayestmom12 I hear you on the snoring. The funny thing is, we know why he snores (slight allergy to the dog) but he still lets the dog sleep with us 
  • @okayestmom12 and @lifeislove87 same with the snoring here too. The thing is he used to never snore but has gained weight since DD and now snores SO LOUD that sometimes I just want to punch him in his sleep. 
  • @disneybaby84 I tried that. It wasn't getting done. 
  • DH uses a CPAP for snoring - it saved our marriage. 

    I almost killed him for night farting last night. Almost. 

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  • @mamabear89071516 my husband plays this stupid computer game every night and it’s so irritating . He has to play it while we are just relaxing on the couch so all I hear is his clicking of the mouse. 

    He snores sometimes but but I feel bad because my pregnancy snoring has already started and I’m sure it’s worse than his sometimes snoring 
  • Dh never snored til i got pregnant? Wtf!!!
  • My car issue is the opposite. We've had our car less than 3yrs but when DH bought it, he needed it more for work and we had no kids.
    We did however have our 80lb dog and knew kids were coming. What did he get?!? A 2 door mini cooper.
    So now I remind him on a regular basis as he climbs into the trunk to load our daughter, that my one requirement for the car was that it worked with car seats and our dog!! So when he complains about the car, it's all over.
    I have also told him that as soon as we find a house to buy, his car is being replaced by the car I want, which is a 3 row SUV. B/C we will have 2 adults, 2 kids and an 88lb dog!! Not to mention all their shit! 
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  • My kids are dicks when my husband is home. Nobody listens anymore and usually easy tasks are impossible. 
  • My husband is a super duper health freak gym rat and I am just.....not.  I don’t eat TERRIBLE but dammit if I want Oreos at night I’m gonna eat them lmao
    Yaaassss! I bought Doritos the other day because my SD is 8 and we eat strict and never have junk food so I thought it’s summer we are going to the pool, it’s a treat! (I also packed veggies and fruit so it’s not like I bought McDonald’s!) he freaked out saying it was full of chemicals etc. I just can’t live so restricted! Hahahah
  • His stomach is bothering him. Fuck you DH. I’ve been sick for about 9 weeks at this point - nausea, vomitting, constipation, diarrhea. Maybe don’t complain to your pregnant wife about your stomach issues. 

    @grebretso - DH only surface cleans. If I don’t clean after he cleans, nothing is really clean. So basically our house is a hot fucking mess right now. He’s also incapable of cleaning while taking care of the kids. He can only do one or the other. Meanwhile, I can clean, cook, work, take care of the kids all at the same time. Men. 

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  • @kayjay44 Same. He’s good at vacuuming (good meaning: he’s the only partner I’ve ever had who actually moves furniture out of the way to vacuum instead of going around it), but he only does the one friggin room. Since I haven’t been cleaning for three months, our place is filthy. And we don’t even have kids! 

    He does cook, but when he does he never wipes down the counter afterwards, so it’ll be full of crusty splatters. Also everything he cooks comes out of a can, jar and/or the freezer. If I want healthy food made from scratch I’ll have to do it myself. Lately he’s been doing most of the cooking so I’m sustaining myself on chili tater tots and bean dip.
  • @hannahbananas11 lol it does look like an episode of hoarders up in here. Except that my kid is just to the age of cleaning up his toys (he’s 18 months - “cleaning” is a loose interpretation of what he does). But it does help to be able to blame it on your kid when people come over. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “omg I’m so sorry, DS is just a hot mess right now” and people make soothing noises and say how precious he is. Whatever lol
  • I asked DH to sweep the floor last night and he acted like sky was falling  :|
  • I'm so tired of coming home from work in the morning to find his leftover midnight snack remnants on the coffee table, the banister used as a hamper and fucking shoes and socks everywhere. He also just leaves food blobs in the sink. Every fucking time. WHY. we have a disposal, it should not be this difficult!

    He has the worst sleep apnea but we can't afford all the sleep studies to get him a CPAP so he keeps the entire house up at night snoring and then complains in the morning to the pregnant lady who worked all night that he's tired. -_-
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