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Why my SO is a &[email protected]*^%#!


Re: Why my SO is a &[email protected]*^%#!

  • Oh hell no, @megpants209! Food policing is just nope, nope, nope. 

    I'm sorry he's being a dick @madwhitlove. Family vacations can be tough. If he needs some down time, make sure you do what you want to do! Have fun! 
  • Is reverse food policing a thing, I can't keep up with how much Im being told to eat.  @megpants209, tell him to stuff it and be happy you can eat!
  • Oh that's just policing too, @cass06_07. I'm pretty sure it's equally annoying one way or the other. 
  • @madwhitlove sometimes Disney brings out your inner child, sometimes it brings out your inner toddler...hope he settles down after naptime!  Sorry he's being a jerk, that is a holiday downer.

    Tangential question: Where are you going for dinner? One of the on-site Disney restaurants?  So many places I love there :)
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  • @megpants209- aw sounds like he wanted to survive the night!! Wise choice. ;)
  • @cass06_07 I get reverse food shamed all the time. On one hand I get it, he’s scared about how much weight I’ve lost (largely from puking and ulcerative colitis) but pointing out how little I’m eating is not helpful, especially when too much food just gets puked anyways
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    I'm really getting fed up with mine, so I feel ya. Been working, and I STILL have to come home and do everything. Why can't he wash a dish? He cooks, that's about it. Every now and then he'll straighten the house. But does he do the dishes? No. Does he do any other major chores that it would actually help me if he did? No. I get tired of being told by other people "Just ask". Yeah, as though I haven't tried that. I ask if he can do the dishes and he flat out says no, and I'm sick and freaking tired of it. I've even tried letting them sit and build up, but the smell got so bad I puked when I gave up and did them myself. Anyone want a free SO? 

    ETA: I get reverse food shamed all the time, too. To be fair to my SO, I have a history of eating disorders (binge eating disorder, then OSFED/atypical anorexia, then bulimia, then recover), but that doesn't make it okay. In fact, noticing what/how much I'm eating and pressuring me to eat more has made it worse. 
  • @themisfitbenji the ''ask him" advice is infuriating because it really doesn't solve the problem! I don't want to have to manage my partner, who's also an adult. 
    My DH likes to think he does his fair share of cleaning. But really what he does is help me when I'm cleaning. It's definitely better than nothing but the day he independently decides to do some thorough cleaning, I will throw a party!
  • @becks_726 Couldn’t agree more. If you’re capable of seeing that cleaning needs to be done, your partner is capable too. They shouldn’t have to be asked, they also live there and you’re equally responsible. My H sounds like your H, when I had my cleaning frenzy the other week he helped by vacuuming. I spent at least three hours straight cleaning, he spent about 15-20 min and he’ll probably say we did an equal amount of housework that day. 
  • "ask him" *snort* I've given up on that because every time I ask he says he'll do it and then never does it because he "hasn't gotten around to it yet but I'm gonna do it" until I lose my patience/sanity and finally do it myself.
  • @febmum we went to Ohana. It was the best meal we've had so far. I made yesterday all about him and we did whatever we wanted together. It made things easier. 
  • H thought it was cute to start calling my belly, which mind you only started to pop this week, so it's not *that* big yet, a beach ball.  After he finally woke me up from my nap.. I nearly bit his head off when he said it AGAIN.

    I might have told him Ill stop feeding it if I hear it again... not my proudest moment :#
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