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  • @SmashJam yes! See an LC before discharge. They will make it a point to get you one if that is the reason you won’t leave yet. I’m still battling a torn nip and the recovery is slow. I don’t want you do be in my spot.
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  • Catching up while i pump because this kid nurses 5 mins and back to sleep. I’m super full and can get him to wake when i need him!! 
    @zande2016 i still think our H are related. So sorry your going through all that BS with him. I hope to day goes well and you can catch some zz later on. 
    Yes to getting a bit mad when LO won’t go back to sleep no matter what I do. And of course H doesn’t get up to help with rocking him. I swear the min this kid hears me move i. The bed he wakes! The min i think i can pump because he didn’t wake to nurse he wakes but then how to sleep when i try to nurse again. 
    I debate on the diaper change once he’s down. Was it a fart or poop? Proceed to smelling butt.

    I woke H up for a diaper change last night and he’s all attitude. Idk why because i wasn’t even mean about it. You’d think he’s sleep deprived to be so upset but he’s not. He can’t swaddle to save his life and won’t step in to help unless i ask. He wakes this morning like nothing happened and he was the greatest husband overnight. 
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  • You guys might see me on the news! My husband, sleeping beauty who slept ELEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT yesterday, who I have never once woken up for a motn diaper change or feeding, had the nerve to call me a jerk for waking him up at 7 am this morning because he fell asleep last night on the couch and I took the kids downstairs for breakfast.

    I laid into him big time as he went upstairs to go back to sleep (you know. He has to get his 8 hours). Also keep in mind he has only really been back to work for 2 days this week whereas I have been handling both children, cooking, cleaning, and working my job since sunday (I only took a week and half off work)... oh yeah, and recovering from a csection. Seriously, screw you, husband.

  • @wildtot I think you're onto something with your bootcamp idea :)

  • @wildtot tasers on nipples... mental image was so funny, it was so worth spitting some of my coffee out for.  :D
  • LO does her longest stretch of the night right when she goes down for bed. Last night 2 hours into it I hear her taking a massive poop, I tried to be quick about the change so she would stay in a dreaming state and it didnt work. She went back down fine but was up for a feeding just 2 hours later when she normally goes about 6 hours that first stretch followed by 4. She seemed perfectly content staying in that dirty diaper lol
  • @cseley321 ughhhg your H makes my asshole H seem like a saint. 

    @wildtot I honestly think my H just pretends he can’t hear the baby crying. I’m sorry but howwwww can you not hear that. He texted me just a little bit ago to apologize and said he’d “do my best to be your partner in crime at night.” No don’t do your best, just freaking do it!!! 
  • @kbernal2021 +1 to LO being fine in a dirty @cseley321 said , sometimes I hear something and I am not sure it's a poop but if he is swaddled I tend to be hesitant and I feel bad to leave.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing totally just stole that meme and texted it to my H 
  • @noideawhatshesdoing +1 to hubby being amazing. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do when he goes back to work next week. I’m so scared to be alone with both kids for 8 hours lol

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  • @kmac103 my husband had to go back to work last week. Thankfully my mom came by a couple says and DH worked from home a couple times this week. I'm not ready to fly solo, and I just have the 1 kid! I'm not really a baby person, so I'm sure to an outsider I look like a scene out of a sitcom.  :D Bratty preteens and sulky teenagers I can manage like an ace, baby on the other hand, how on earth does anyone manage more than 1?!
  • @noideawhatshesdoing omg you sound like me before my DS was born!! My mother has 9 of us and the last 4 are all one year apart. She had 4 under 4 at once and I was the only responsible older child but I was at college lol I don’t know how the heck she did it. To this day, I am in awe of her superpowers lol

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • I'm actually ready to fly solo. Having someone who cleans the house and cooks is great but the only child in me now needs space. Even with lo being a nightmare today (see randoms) I would stress less if I didn't have anyone around...lesson learned that 5 weeks is probably the absolute max I should allow anyone to help me out! Thankfully my DH is also amazing (he actually came to my rescue today) - really makes me grateful I never had kids with my ex, things would have been so different.
  • Add me to the club of glaring at my sleeping husband at night. He’s been better at monitoring diapers at night after I told him it’s too much for me to to and be In charge of Feeding.

    Also interesting point about making sure to eat. I feel weird about it but I eat at least one granola bar at night, sometimes 3! I’m just so hungry but it feels counterintuitive to eat at night since I don’t normally. Also trying to drink more water. DS1 is two (in a few days! Ah) and if I bring a water cup or even bottle around with me he will make a mess of it so I’m not good at drinking through the day.

    What are your littles wearing to bed now? We’re in Velcro swaddles (swaddle me ones- they are amazing!) and gowns usually. Had been putting a receiving blanket inside like they did in the nicu but the babies seem to hot I think. 
  • LO has been restless since bedtime (going on 3 hrs). No matter what i do he wakes and crys bloody murder when i put him in his bassinet. H decided to sleep on the couch to avoid it all. It’s literally the first time he has voluntarily slept there and it’s pissing me off. Hope LO stays asleep soon and this is a one off night.
  • I’m starting to think this child is never going to sleep at night. Sometimes he’ll do 3ish hours for his first stretch. Once or twice 4. But it’s all down hill after that. Tonight it took me an hour and a half to get him back down in his bassinet, and he was crying again an hour later. He falls asleep peacefully while breastfeeding and then as soon as I try to transfer him, all hell breaks loose. I’m also so fed up with my husband, I’m just going to stop trying to get help at night. He can’t handle it. Before he lost his temper and got ridiculously frustrated because he couldn’t get the sleep sack zipped. Really? That’s your idea of frustration? Wow. I told him to go sleep on fhe couch because I’m sick of watching him sleep and he refused. Ugh and he’s working tomorrow so no rest or naps in sight for me. 
  • Also, my dog has been scratching himself non stop tonight. I am now paranoid he has fleas or something, so of course suddenly I’m super itchy too. I am about to throw him out of the bedroom because I cannot handle listening to him scratch himself anymore. 
  • @zande2016 oh no! I hope tre rest of the overnight went a little better for you and you were able to get LO down easily for the rest of the night. 
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    im beyond exhausted ive been up with baby most of the night. she wont lay flat just seems uncomfortable but nothing im trying seems to help. she also keeps doing this thing thst makes her sound congested but she does not seem to be if she is upright. ugh so tired and frustrated that i cant soothe her a
    except to hold her
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  • And846 said:
    @zande2016 oh no! I hope tre rest of the overnight went a little better for you and you were able to get LO down easily for the rest of the night. 
    Thanks but nope. I saw every single hour on the clock last night. Sigh. 
  • @lindsayleigh1989 that kind of sounds like reflux. It can make their breathing sound congested. Sorry for your rough night, I’m right there with you. These days, after the first stretch, I’m seriously lucky if I get 2 hours. 
  • @zande2016 and @lindsayleigh1989 solidarity on the rough night!

    We had a good first stretch here but that LO was not happy to be set down and up every hour. Nursing again now and I hoping that he sleeps this morning. Shout out to DH though- I woke him up for the diaper change and then after nursing when he still wouldn't go to sleep DH got up and rocked him so I could get a little sleep. 
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  • @crabcake18 I’m always fighting my toddler for my water bottle even though he has his own! Have you tried those bottles with the bite straw? Keeps little toddlers and their backwash out. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 ugh I hope you got some sleep!

    @zande2016 sounds like my LO. She’ll sleep a good 4 hour stretch then all bets are off. 

    AFM DD just fell asleep, she’s been up and miserable since 5 for no reason that I can figure out. So I’m up for the day, alone with both kids all day. And it’s pouring outside, so no park and everyone I know has plans. Going to be a loooong day. 
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    @zande2016 and @lindsayleigh1989 i hope you ladies both get a couple hours of white time this morning for yourselves and the LOs allow you it. 

    AFM...we turned the AC down last night a bit more to see if it helped LO sleep. Worked like a charm and we got 4.5 hours out of her. However, the alarm company from work called at 2am to let me know that no one at closing secured the store and i was on the phone for a good 35 minutes trying to get someone to go out there and take care of it. I was not Scott to drive 30 minutes in the middle of the night to set an alarm cause someone forgot
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    @acunamatada ugh sameeee story boy will not settle, H is working all day, it’s raining (which means he’s not going to make any money today anyway), and no one is around today. Blahhhh 

    edit: as I was typing that, he fell asleep on me...I think it was the white noise from our super loud dishwasher that did it. Hmmm new middle of the night trick? 
  • Last night was a crap show I’ll leave it at that.
    @lindsayleigh1989 does she have any boogers? I’ve been sucking out some big dryish boogers out of LO but he doesn’t seem sick. He sounds like a tiny pig from his congestion. It takes time to get them out though because of their tiny noses. 
  • @zande2016 my LO was restless yesterday morning and o was running the roomba, it made him fall asleep! Granted it was for 20 minutes...small victories!

    LO cluster feed pretty much 2pm-7pm yesterday BUT he was amazing after that. Went to eat out, he slept during dinner. DH fed him a bottle, he fell asleep right after. Even slept through a diaper change. Slept 10pm to 315am! Fed and fell asleep again by 445. Then woke at 815am. DH is feeding him again and I'm pumping. I'll take this schedule any day!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 That sounds exactly like what DD did. Any time she was flat she screamed bloody murder, turns out it was a pretty severe case of GERD and we went on Zantac. Within a week it was like I had a new baby. DS spits up a ton but doesn't act like it hurts him. Hope you figure out what's bothering your LO.
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