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  • DH has taken on the job of motn diapers but I’m getting so annoyed being in charge of feeding and also waking him up to change them. We need a better system because waking him up is hard! He will talk so I think he’s up and then be out again, ugh. Tonight I would get a baby calm and the other twin would get upset. This happens often but I couldn’t calm both at the same time. DH couldn’t calm either so it was me calming them and handing him a calm baby, then soothing the other. Would love to sleep now from 6-7 which is when DS1 usually wakes! 
  • millpemillpe member
    We got 4 hours!!! Who knew four hours of sleep could feel so amazing?! Now fx he goes back down after he eats. 
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  • well im up for the day at 5 am... dd1 is cutting molars and refusing to go back to sleep and baby can't breathe well so she keeps waking up. Fingers crossed we can all nap todah
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    @lindsayleigh1989 my two year old woke up wailing at 4:45 this morning. Thankfully my H is on toddler duty so he went in, rocked him for a while, and he climbed down and decided he was up for the day. I am thinking we may have molars coming in too. 

    The baby did well last night! He did four hours, then 2.5, then 3.5. I got to sleep like 7ish hours total, and feel like a new person haha. I tried gas drops last night and really think that helped. 
  • We got 4 hours last night too! Granted, this was after a 6 hour fuss-fest until midnight, but she slept until 4:10! She woke me up grunting in her sleep and let out soooo many toots after I bicycled her legs. I think she would have slept even longer if she wasn’t so gassy. 
  • I was doing feedings in bed but LO decided he doesn’t like them anymore so we are back to the glider. I just hate having to get out of my nice warm bed. 
    @And846 my H gives me anxiety about drinking. I tell him one is fine and with 1-2 hrs in between there’s no issue. He gets super uncomfortable and wants me to dump the two following feedings. Not happening, especially the second one.
    LO has another 5 hr stretch last night between feedings then another 3-4. Hopefully it sticks but i wake up so engorged and having to pump before or after nursing.
  • It's only 6am and I'm already exhausted. DS was a captain crankypants last night. And he needed to feed every hour or 90 minutes from 5pm to about 2am. Up for the day at 4:30 when DH had to get up for work because the dogs couldn't let us sleep. He was way too fussy to nurse, we tried, but it didn't happen so bottles all night, and I don't produce much, so he ran through my very small stash. Looks like it will be a formula day here and he hates that. Also praying I can take a nap for once, even my bones are tired today!
  • @lindsayleigh1989 I personally would ask my pedi at the other childs appointment but I am on a level where I know she would be happy to answer. If I was unsure I wouldn't ask, but you can always mention it in a way that they could offer a quick look too. Maybe Just ask, " Do you have any openings I could get DD2 in soon? This is going on.."  
  • @wildtot here’s the CDC stance on alcohol and breastfeeding, maybe that will convince him?
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    @comealongponds great link about drinking and BF. I guess i need to be more confidant in my decision. It was the right one. 1 drink and 2 hours.

    I LOVE the I’m reading several babes are sleeping 4+ hour stretches now. And I’m in the same boat as a few with rough nights. LO was up from 11-2 and just all over fussy. Up again at 5 (i woke her to feed) and then back down at 6. I got up at 7:30 to pump and then she was up at 9. I need a nap already. 

  • @comealongponds I’ve tried. He’s just not comfortable with it. 
  • @wildtot what if you got those breastmilk alcohol test strips? I used those when I went to a bachelorette weekend so I knew when I could save the milk and when I had to dump it. 
  • @zande2016 Forgot about those! I had some with DS but they expired. I’m not a huge drinker anyways.
  • Uuugh relating to you all, we did not have a chance to rough night as he went 4 hours for the first stretch but then after that he was up at 345am and did not go down again until 630 and he was cluster feeding during those times. DH was up with me and we gave him the bottle at 6am because I just with the aggressiveness of the little vampire babe and my boobs were running on empty.
    Thankful DH let me sleep after that so I got a good 3 hours - I woke up to get breakfast before my window of opportunity closed and my mom had the monitor and was checking on us. I'll for sure miss that when she leaves.
  • @kissableviv random question but how are you eating?I remember with my first he clustered like a madman and I asked the pedi when he was a month old why was he constantly hungry, was my supply bad etc.? She asked me how are you eating? In all honesty I was so exhausted from being a new mom I realized I was skipping meals and when I didnt skip I really wasn't eating enough to account for the calories I was burning plus what DS was taking from me. I started eating better and actually eating enough and the clusterfeeding really started to taper off. If your eating plenty I would ask your pedi why your LO is constantly wanting to eat if you're sure hes full.
  • @kbernal2021 I think that may be something to look at although I feel like I'm eating well. My mom cooks all the meals so I don't skip but I'm wondering if I'm eating enough considering I'm BFing? I eat we'll just like I would normally but maybe I should up the calories. When I feed aroun 2 or 3am I always have a mini Perfect Bar (pb flavor) not sure you know those. But I sometimes skip morning snacks as I still feel full from breakfast plus it's hot and I'm not really moving around that much. I will try to eat more , thankfully at least what I eat is really good stuff that helps with BFing. Also made some mother's tea and will chill it in the fridge and drink through the day.

    Is everyone eating snacks MOTN? Should I have more than a 100 calorie bar?

  • And846And846 member
    Oh wow, i didn’t even think of my own nutrition and clusters. I don’t eat MOTN but drink a bottle of water. Last few days i have missed lunch cause I’m napping but i do have pretty decent sized dinners. Most likely not getting the extra calories here.
  • I didn’t even think of eating at night! I haven’t been eating well at all and I’m not getting enough water.  :/ I really need to try to get my nutrition on track.
  • I'm not eating MOTN when feeding and often skip the snacks because I'm so busy I lose track of time. But I eat good for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I think my stomach shrunk during pregnancy since I couldn't hardly eat so now I really dont feel hungry often even when I'm nursing. So I'm eating as much as my body will allow, and drinking lots of water. I have an oversupply though so not too worried in terms of if there is enough, the nutrition aspect of it helps with the quality of the milk. Like its more satisfying to baby when you've eaten plenty is how the pedi explained it to me and I think it helped with DS. If you're getting plenty I maybe would ask your pedi about it, especially if a pacifier isnt holding your LO off.
  • I keep a protein bar next to my bed for MOTN snack, but only eat it if I feel hungry. If I don’t feel hungry I don’t worry about it. I need to get better about breakfast and lunch, I mostly just snack and graze until dinner because I’m too busy to prepare myself food. My H handles dinner so I always eat a good dinner. 
  • I keep a box of multigrain Cheerios by the glider in the nursery and eat fistfuls of dry cereal in the MOTN. Or I eat two mini muffins (homemade banana dark choc chip). But sometimes I don’t. I also didn’t think of the quality of milk since I have an over supply I thought it was enough. I don’t eat breakfast bc I am usually sleeping then. But today that backfired bc I didn’t get to eat lunch til 4pm. Definitely something to work on
  • Ok it seems like I'm eating pretty well then, I'm never skipping meals and I'm definitely pretty balanced with protein/carbs/fats. I think part of it may also be that my LO is really trying to pack on the weight since he is small. This cluster feeding things was tapering off but started again a couple of days ago, we'll see what happens today. So far he is at his third meal since 7am so he is eating every 2.5 hours today. No cluster feeding cues in sight ATM.
  • @kissableviv that's what's crazy that your LO can eat like that.. DD was also small at birth and gaining weight amazing but shes chilled way out on the cluster feeding unless we are going through a growth spurt. Maybe that's why your LO picked it back up a few days ago?
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
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    @kbernal2021 pedi warned me that there is a spurt between week 3 and 4. Hitting 4 today:) supply wise I feel like I'm ok because I still pump a total of 4 oz in 15 min(2.5 and 1.5 per side). And the LC did see that baby was transferring almost 3 oz after nursing and based on his weight he needs 2.5/3 per feed.  Maybe it was comfort nursing... let's see how it goes this week! We have our 1 month appointment on Wednesday.
  • That’s interesting regarding food consumption and milk quality. I definitely didn’t eat enough when DS was tiny. I was overwhelmed and really lost my appetite for a while, but I remember him cluster feeding like crazy. I’m eating more normally this time and I don’t think this LO has clusterfed once yet- though she’s 3 weeks so there’s plenty of time! I don’t snack at night but I drink lots of water and eat breakfast right when I get up, which I’ve never done before. 
  • 3:30 am, baby ate and burped and changed and swaddled and rocked....he’s wide awake. Lesson learned, do not eat entire solid chocolate bear right before bed....pretty sure baby got too much caffeine. Oops 
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    Oh no @zande2016! Now we also sacrifice chocolate?? Come on little ones!

    AFM, DH was late last night so I saved the bottle for motn. Thinking it would be faster...nope. with all the burping in between we've been up almost 90 min. But LO slept 10pm -230am. Now, if only I could go to sleep earlier than 1130pm...I would feel so much better!
  • Apparently LO now doesn’t like to nurse while swaddled. I already swaddle with his arms out, now he wants his legs free. It’s making nights harder since he wakes the minute i try to swaddle him back to bed. 
  • @wildtot oof. Nursing while swaddled has been our saving grace at night. Fx you find a good solution! 
  • I tried the swaddle and feed...didn’t work. I always feel like i may disturb her when u go to swaddle and she’s sleepy.

    However, last night was our best sleep night. LO went down easily after a feed abd i set my alarm for 3 that time she showed no signs of wanting to eat and was sleeping soundly. She is already past her birth weight so i let her sleep another hour. At that point she was ready to eat. She ate and was back down easy and should be up and moment for the morning feed. Pleeeeease lets make this a new normal! 
  • So far tonight: a 2 hour stretch followed by a whooping 1 hour stretch. Has anyone else felt angry at your baby when they cry and you look st the time and realize it’s only been an hour? I’m waiting for this baby to start sleeping more than a couple hours at a time. Asking my husband to help just backfired because he’s impossible to wake up and sucks at swaddling and basically the experience was just an exercise in frustration. 
  • @zande2016 I've totally done that. Either when the stretch was so short it was ridiculous, or when he would fuss after being awake over 1.5 hours between nursing, changing, and stuff. Like...I love you but GO TO SLEEP!
  • DD apparently doesn’t know how to sleep at night anymore. I had a few mini break downs last night. Sleep deprivation is real right now and hubby goes back to work in 3 days. He goes immediately onto overnight shifts so I won’t have any help during the day because he will be sleeping. I am about to be in big trouble.

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  • We are up ( again) like clockwork every two hours. Yawn
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    Hugs @zande2016. It's so hard to watch others sleep right now and I'm not even to 24 hours! DH has been asleep for about 8 hours now off and on, lol. I got 4 of that, then 1.5 hours, but he didn't sleep when the baby slept like I did earlier and he's paying for it. 

    The hospital is discharging us today and I'm hoping the LC comes to see us. This nurse right now is really anti nipple shield and wants me to try to get a good latch without it, but my nips are tore up and its just getting worse with all these no sheila attempts. She leaves before the next fed and I'm going back to the shield, maybe pumping every other feed to give my nips a break. Also, these medela gel soothies are so great. I gotta scan through the breastfeeding thread and see what other tips people have.
  • @zande2016 that is so unfair especially considering you have an important appointment for DS and need to be functioning!
    @cseley321 yup, that was me diaper change!
    @noideawhatshesdoing I have the same book! For real...
    @elizabethrn87 ugh we got 5 hours tonight but I'm dumb and went to bed at 1130 so only got 2.5 hrs of sleep. He's nursed, burped and changed but his big eyes are open - he let me put him in the bassinet but I'm dreading he wants to nurse again and I'm so tired!
    @SmashJam hope you get to work with an LC soon, it's so important early on!

    Ok, wish me luck...while I wrote this I sang him one of my made up, repetitive songs and he *seems* asleep...

  • @SmashJam I hope you get to see the LC! Torn up nipples is no fun,. 

    Guys I’m so mad. I know lack of sleep isn’t helping but I’m really angry. I finally got the baby to sleep at 5:30 and asked my husband to wake me at 6:30. He comes in and 6:57 and says get up, I’m leaving in a few minutes. He said he let me sleep a little extra. Ummmm no. I asked you to wake me up at 6:30 for a reason. Now I have to go from deep sleep to immediately tending to the needs of two kids without the chance to wake up, drink coffee, pee, change my underwear,  go to the bathroom...this is the crap that makes me feel like I’m not a human being. Of course immediately the baby started crying (because apparently he does not sleep anymore), and within 2 minutes of being awake, I had to sit on the couch nursing a baby, my husband left, and I have a needy toddler and a dog whining for things and I’m stuck here nursing and I haven’t peed or gotten any water or taken my morning pills or gotten any coffee or brushed my teeth...nope just stuck here nursing. He just will never understand it. UGH. 
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