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What My Pregnant Self is Eating - July


Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating - July

  • Everything. But it needs to be nothing because I’m already up 20lbs from pre-pregnancy, which is like 26lbs overall. Last time I only gained 23lbs last time...
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  • So much ice cream! I don’t even usually like ice cream!
  • I wouldn't say that I'm eating much of it, but I have taken up a liking for chocolate ice cream (and basically all sweets) during this pregnancy as well, @rc-cola! Not an ice cream fan sans bun in the oven.
  • Burgers, but only homemade on the grill. It’s all I ever want for dinner.
  • A Jurassic Chomp blizzard from DQ!
  • Not much to be honest. I've only gained 7lbs so far. I'm overweight so that's about half of the weight I'm supposed to gain this pregnancy so thankfully I'm on track.

    I did crave a turtle sundae a few weeks ago. For the most part I'm hungry, but when I finally eat I feel so full quickly .
  • For the most part I'm hungry, but when I finally eat I feel so full quickly .
    This.  Exactly this.  
  • I'm also not much of an ice cream eater non-baby, but have been wanting it.
  • Carrots, apples, bananas, spinach, watermelon, and grilled mushrooms.
  • Salads! But mostly I'm still pretty apathetic about food :( I was hoping this pregnancy would be different, but nope. It's so hard to cook and find something I want to eat! 
  • Watermelon! I ate two last week. I can't wait to go home for lunch so I can cut my new one and chow down! 

    Also ice cream, last week was rainbow sherbet, this week is coconut. 

    Now I'm hungry.
  • chyviechyvie member
    @pumpkinpancake it's not that I don't like ice cream it's that I don't crave it. It's not something I need to buy and have in freezer at all times! 
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  • I was getting my appetite back and then this heat wave hit. I'm just not hungry and definitely nothing heavy.

    @pumpkinpancake I'm with you! I love ice cream...pregnant or not. 
  • @babyptobe I love watermelon in general, but the ones I've bought this summer so far haven’t been good except the first one. I bought another today hoping it will be different. Crossing fingers...
  • Ugh, everything. I'm definitely a stress eater and I've been pretty stressed out lately with life stuff. Luckily (I guess) the heartburn has kicked in which keeps me from over eating. Ice cream has been key as well as all the snack foods (chips/crackers) kindly provided for free at my office...
  • @pumpkinpancake +1 to the berries! Hoping to go pick marionberries at Sauvie Island on Wed!
  • @chopchop25 we were there picking blueberries yesterday!  Columbia farms u-pick has marionberries for picking now too! 
  • Ugh I want watermelon so bad! The last two I bought have sucked. The first one wasn’t ripe at all, even after letting it sit a few days before cutting into it and the one I cut into today was over ripe. I knew it would be, I missed peak yumminess while i was out of town for my Grandmothers funeral.
  • @cdepperschmidt  My experience with Watermelon shopping has been the same lately. I've had to trash every melon I've gotten from Trader Joe's, but the ones I've bought from the other stores have all been delicious!
  • OMG - now I'm salivating for Woody's in Atlanta, @SawyerRichardson

  • It’s in the 90s with 100% humidity. So all the summery things I can think of. But then I can’t decide what I want, so I end up making everything. For instance, tonight I couldn’t decide between Greek or Italian so I made both
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  • Just ate about half of a Hawaiian pizza followed by fresh ice cream from a local farm. I feel disgusting and so full, but OMG so worth it!
  • I got to have my favorite pizza tonight. We are in my college town and there's a place that makes amazing thin crust style pizza. It will forever be my favorite.

    And I really want ice cream.
  • midwestmom12midwestmom12 member
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    Ugh I miss eating! Had a horrible stomach bug last week and now this baby is sitting so high I take two bites of anything and want to throw up!
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