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  • Currently wondering if it's too early (930 am) to eat one of the mini cupcakes that someone put out in the kitchen. Just had 2 breakfast burritos.
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  • I started my day with two Oreos... So I think a mini cupcake is just fine. ;)
  • @sliztee @sammierose464 If I don't take it now, all these animals in here will eat them fast. I've got to grab the snacks while I can.
  • @sliztee I really like the way you think.
  • @hannaht8516 whenever I bring baked goods to my office, I always wait till at least like 10-11:00 to put them out so that people don’t have that dilemma! I say go for it now though, before they’re all gone!! 
  • I have been craving Laffy Taffy like crazy the past couple days. I never buy them because I hate the banana ones and feel like the bag is full of bananas. I broke down and bought some today. So who wants my left over banana Laffy Taffy??
  • McDonalds apple pie and vanilla Blue Bell ice cream.
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  • I just ate a pack of graham crackers, I couldn’t stop. 
  • @SawyerRichardson the banana ones are the best!?! 
  • @mamabearcj Ew! They are all yours then!
  • jynjer91 said:
    I want some good tacos al pastor. The kind that’s actually grilled on a vertical spit. With lots of pineapple, onions, cilantro, and lime. And really hot green sauce. Side of cucumbers. But nobody in CO makes them right!! 
    Exactly my husband's craving!! LOL  We're down in Houston so we did get some this weekend.  They were good but definitely not my craving - all DH!!
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  • TW* Please don’t read if you are grossed out by meat!
    Steak. Pink, juicy, salty ribeye. I ate it with my hands and it was so amazing. Yes we’re at home. I don’t usually eat with my hands in public. 
  • Lol @jynjer91 I love you ate it with your hands! I have picked up a steak bone to chew the hard to get meat off (at home as well)!
    Holy hungry today!!! Eating every hour and a half and pretty good quantities too! Haven't had it like this before. Will be interesting to see if it continues this week! 

  • @rabtaido1214 IKR? Give me all the fruit (especially if it’s blueberry coffee cake lol) but the thought of a raw carrot?  :s I would make a very shitty rabbit. 
  • Speghetti and home made meatballs and some garlic bread and milk! 
  • I had cheerios this morning then DH and I went out and got McDonalds along the way.. I love the hashbrowns 
  • I have definitely been hitting the del taco drive thru more often. In the beginning I was going to subway everyday.
  • chyviechyvie member
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    I have ate about 10 timbits or munchkins (donut holes) in this mornings staff meeting. 
    Me 33 DH 41
    TTC since 2016
    Due: October 12, 2018
    Location: Ontario, Canada

  • Started binge watching The Sopranos and talking about all the food at work so going out to lunch today for pasta and cannolis!  <3<3<3
  • @knottieamusements I am eating ice cream slightly more frequently, and I am not eating pickles, but am eating sauerkraut on salads at a much greater frequency than normal. But together? blegh. sounds disgusting.

    I vote we are not failing!
  • I've eaten less pickles since becoming pregnant!! I love pickles I just haven't had the itch for them in a while.. beside chocolate milk which is just a want not need i haven't really craved anything either... DH surprises me with chocolate milk and other candies frequently enough to where I don't feel like I need to have any in this moment.
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