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What My Pregnant Self is Eating - July


Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating - July

  • I admit to eating ice cream for dinner on average twice a week, and ice cream for dessert on average twice a week. Not many pickles though.
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  • @mamabearcj - I averaged once a week at 5Guys during 1st Trimester for the French Fries.  Potatoes in any form are the closest I have come to a craving, and that was mostly in 1st Tri.  
  • Now I want 5Guys. Nothing like fries in a paper bag dripping with grease!
  • @quiltandknit do it! I celebrated passing mine on Tuesday with a brownie! 

    @sliztee yum! I'm going over to my SILs tomorrow for pancakes and bacon, and I’m so excited to eat them with no work or clean up! 
  • @mamabearcj have you tried the burger King hash brown bites?? I only like potatoes as French fries but I love how crunchy the burger King hash browns are! 

  • @SweetSweetTooth I haven't!! I'm not the biggest bk and unless it's their oreo shakes but I'll have to go try them!
  • @pumpkinpancake that sounds so yummy!!!
    I just had beans, toast, and scrambled eggs with maple syrup!
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    @nikimelon I don't go a day without eating bread either. I don't know how people do it!
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  • That's my dream meal, @cagncoo12

    I want macaroni and cheese SO BADLY now.
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    DH came home with cannolis for me last night  <3
  • @kfrob that is a good man!
  • This past week I have eaten just about everything...a heath bar flurry with chocolate ice cream (amazing), chicken wings, these southwest chicken flatbreads DH and I make...yum! But the one that took the cake was breakfast on Sunday. DH mentioned pancakes and I didn’t even know I had a craving for them. Well we went to the local pancake house and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much! 2 scrambled eggs, 3 slices of thick bacon and 3 fairly large pancakes...it was SO good! I need to just stop eating like this, but I have just been so hungry this past week!
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  • MIL made an amazing homemade granola and trail mix loaded with M&Ms and gave it to us so I'm going to eat all of that now 
  • @nikimelon it was not more exciting, but I had to laugh at the branding as well.

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  • good luck @bntfroggie! I had the ClucoCrush and it made me laugh
  • @bntfroggie No shame. I also splurged after my glucose test and while I waited for the results. 
  • @dash83 that looks awesome! I wish they had it in my area!
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