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  • @hillbillywife yeah I am worried about having another bad experience, but also worried about being informed and aware and not just have decisions made for me like last time. I know I might not be able to avoid pitocon due to my medical issue, but my son didn’t tolerate the Pitocin/epidural (more likely the pitocon) so well and was born not breathing/in distress, so I’m scared of that happening again. I just want the decision to be based on my particular circumstances and risks rather than a guideline. 
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  • @zande2016 gotcha that makes a lot of sense. I’m sure that you’ll figure out a perfect fit for you!

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  • @emsnedds I completely know what you are talking about.  I've been wanting to go for a walk around the neighborhood so badly but I can barely stand or walk and can really only lounge in my pregnancy pillow in bed - every other surface in the house makes it worse.  I can tell DD is hurt/confused by why mommy won't play with her, but DD and DH are having an amazing close time so I'm trying not to be sad about it.  I did try the icepack to the crotch suggestion and found some temporary relief!  I used a frozen hurricaine pouch because A) no one's drinking it any time soon around here and B) it was the right shape for maximum relief

    Had a second TW yesterday - freaking mother's day and my DH and SIL - yet again I had to be the one to figure out reservations and restaurants and make plans - for not my freaking mother.  Also TW shout out to MIL who waited until yesterday after weeks of "I don't care - wherever" to decide she wants to go to $50+ a plate surf/turf/OYSTER bar - SURPRISE can't get Sat night reservations for 6+kid this close to before 9 pm. After hours of group texting SIL stepped up and called a couple places and made a reservation. That whole thing plus DD just being mean all night to me - like literally grabbed my hand and pulled me to a corner of a different room then whenever i tried to leave the corner she'd push me back and say "no mommy. go mommy" put me in the biggest funk and DH hid for his life. If she's well enough to be a tiny terrorist she's well enough for freaking daycare today.  >:)
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  • emsnedemsned member
    @zande2016 thanks! And I’m sorry you are stressed!  I agree with @hillbillywife that pregnant women should not be given more stressful decisions at this point. I was thinking about writing my birth plan the other day and I just cannot even consider the different decisions I may have to make on the big day.  It sounds like you will be well taken care of no matter what though, so good luck and hopefully you can feel reassured that everyone wants to help you  <3
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