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  • wildtotwildtot member
    edited May 2018
    Selfishly created because i got many and it’s not even 7 am yet.
    1. Allergy season making my son suffer and i have to battle with the booger sucker.
    2. Me because I briefly forgot to tell DH happy birthday this morning.
    3. DH for blaming me for his laundry not being dried all the way. 
    4. Me forgetting to ask for my breast pump prescription, again. 
    5. DH for making me feel bad for wanting to spend $350 on a mommy and me session plus new born pictures (that’s the total price for both). He said to keep looking for a better deal. 

    Eta #6 i forgot my glasses at home. I hate today.
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  • @wildtot um after his spending sprees he thinks he can tell you how to spend money?! 

    My TW is pregnancy insomnia and sciatic pain ugh I miss sleeping restfully. Also DD for being up before 6am.... come on kid mom needs to sleep. 
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  • wildtotwildtot member
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    @lindsayleigh1989 seriously! I’m starting to become an emotional wreck this morning because of the stress i feel from him. It’s his birthday and now i feel like i have to be extra nice and considerate and i don’t want to. I just want to plan something special for myself for once and pay all my freaking bills without having to worry. Gah now I’m crazy hormonal crying in the work restroom.

    eta oh and you believe that now he’s looking at some motorcycle! Trying to reason a monthly payment by trading off the dogs training! I said hell no!
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @carsonraynee yeah i think so too! And I’d be supporting a local community member which is nice. I might just do it. I’ll have money left over from my bonus to cover it. Ugh sorry your dealing with the man cold! Hope it’s a quick one.
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @lindsayleigh1989 i wish DS would also stay past 6 but nope he’s like clockwork each morning. Hope your sciatica pain gets better! It’s the worst when chasing after a toddler.
  • @wildtot I would also do it, but I'm spiteful, lol. That sounds like a reasonable price and he just spent what, a grand on a smoker?
  • Also, my DS is almost 3. DH started asking him to dress and undress himself, with some direction. He takes FOR.EV.ER to get dressed. LIke, "Take your pants off" results in a rolling around, throwing the underpants, refusing to take the pants off, rinse repeat with all pieces of clothes. Is this because he's too young for this? Or just being an a-hole? I do provide direction in most cases, but sometimes will be doing something else when I ask him to take off his pants or shirt.
  • me...i'm the TW...  DD puked again at 6 pm after some rough play with daddy then spiked a fever of 101 last night... so guess it wasn't the junk food at grandma's...
    Trying to work with sick kid on my shoulder watching trolls, got stupid escalations by 9 am for employees doing stupid crap because obviously if i'm not up everyone's butts it turns into anarchy and between pregnancy and that big project pulling me in I haven't been on top of it all. my bad being human...

    @wildtot your whole list makes me sympathy ragey. DH needs a slap back.
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @SmashJam i don’t think they are too young but I’m no expert lol. I tell DS to pull up his pants and he only does the front so i think it’s just a learning process. DS will gladly get naked tho haha. Im hoping it will make potty training easier. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @gingerbride26 hope your DD feels better soon! I feel you on stupid work escalations too early in the morning.
  • @wildtot I think you should do it! That’s a great price for two sessions! Don’t feel bad a bit! 

    @SmashJam my DD turned 3 in early April. She’s been dressing herself since like 2.5. I’m pretty sure my 6 year old was dressing himself at 3 too. Granted. There’s usually at least one part of getting ready that’s a huge pain. It’s good practice though and I don’t think he’s too young to start. Maybe have him start with just pants or just his shirt or something so it doesn’t take Alll morning to get him out the door.

    @gingerbride26  oh no! I hope she feels better! Sometimes it’s easier to blame something else lol. My MIl never wants to listen to the instructions I give her about the kids. She jokes about it with other people actually. Rubs me the wrong way. 

  • Thanks, @wildtot - should be a law no escalations before coffee! Also if you are going to complain, have your facts straight and be clear!
    @SmashJam I do not have the patience for that... DD is 20 days shy of 2, she'll help put her arms in shirts and lift feet for shoes/socks but can't imagine trying to get her to do more any time soon.  She's pretty good about putting clothes in the laundry basket at bath time though.
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  • @wildtot do it! That’s an awesome price! Also, he’s spending money on things that are basically just for him and you want to spend it on something for your family. I say he can shove it. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 I hope your pain goes away and you get some restful sleep soon! It’s such a bummer when you can’t get enough sleep.

    My TW is myself. I have SO MUCH to do at work and I keep pushing it all off to the next day. I really need to get my shit together and get things done considering I’m going on leave in approximately 11 weeks.  :#
  • hillbillywifehillbillywife member
    edited May 2018
    I feel like I never have a good TW but today, oh today, I do! 

    Im in the waiting room at my OB’s office and I just saw on the board that the doctor I’m seeing today is 20 min behind schedule. Ugh. I just tried to race here to be on time (because tmi- I had to poop right before we walked out the door and you don’t wanna not go if you’re feeling it) now I’m gonna have to sit here with my DD for forever. 

    Also so on my way here I almost got hit head on going 70 miles an hour because apparently the crazies are out today and someone decided driving in my lane was nbd. 

  • @wildtot your DH snakes me raged for you! $350 is a good deal for both- he should have no say after all of his spending! 

    @SmashJam My DS is about the same age, I’d say it’s still 50/50 whether he can get completely dressed by himself though it all depends on his mood.. Some days he’ll mess around and be a fool, other times he’ll get overwhelmed and I’ll have to talk him down or help, then there’s magical days that he’s just on it and does it all with hardly any help. If we’re going somewhere I’ll usually save myself the hassle and get him dressed myself, but it’s good to practice when I’ve got the patience. 

    TW so far today is this damn cold I can’t shake. Going on a week now and I still have a cough and a headache from all the coughing
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @hillbillywife ugh hate those rushed poops lol but glad you didn’t get hit! 
  • DH and I both, but more DH lol.

    Last night I spent an hour on our clunky useless desktop PC trying to do 2 things and the wifi signal kept dropping because the whole thing is so archaic that the wireless card is a piece of junk. But of course, we need this pc for gaming! I fully support it because it's also part of his job but for the love of God I don't understand how this guy barely buys anything, even clothes, and wants to live with shit that's 10 years old. So that escalated because he said yeah it's been doing that for a while, I guess I could get it diagnosed...I got mad because if that's the case then why hasn't that happened yet??
    It all went downhill because I was already irritated and i started listing all the things he's left behind (a med bill he needs to fight, a tax bill that's wrong that he needs to fight, a motorcycle license he STILL needs to get even though he's been driving our Vespa with a temp permit for MONTHS)...

    He is so helpful with things around the house and so supportive but I'm so damn tired of being his secretary. I told him I wouldn't mind doing it but with the baby there's just no way. I tried to help him because I know it's difficult for him to stay on top of things and I know he really wants to improve but at some point I need to see progress! He'll go 100 miles per hour for like a week then it's back to the same shit.

    Case in point this am he was up and showered 2 hours before work getting all the things done, a complete 180...chances are it will last 2 weeks at best. Did I mention he wanted to do his 16 hour motorcycle class the weekend before baby is due? *Facepalm*. So we both said goodbye in a foul mood this am and all I want to do now is take the day off and watch silly tv all day. Meh!
  • @ashbub714 totally doing the same at work. Worst employee award right here

    @wildtot it is a great price and with all his frivolous expenses you deserve it!

    @hillbillywife never skip a good poop day! Hope you are seen soon at the doctor's.

    Man colds are the worst and kids should know better and sleep past 6am lol.

    @gingerbride26 that's a handful to handle before coffee, brutal! I really want coffee now but feeling some heartburn coming up mostly because I was ragey when DH left so I'm gonna have to wait...
  • @wildtot Just do it! That's a great price. Your H needs a good swift kick in the nads, "Happy Birthday, honey!".  He has NO room to tell you how to spend money since he is on this "me, me, me" spending spree. Oh my H wants a motorcycle...I told him that when he finishes school and is a bit established in a new job, then start looking. Until then, don't even look at bikes because I will totally veto it. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 FX to your pain going away sooner than later! 

    My TW is a lot today. However, I will start with the earthquake that woke me up this morning out of a dead, most cozy sleep. I thought it was a freight train going by (we live next to a 2 track railroad), however this jolted me. It only lasted  few seconds. The dogs whimpered a bit then went back to sleep. Reading the news this morning, it was just a 4.5 in the San Bernardino mountains. Now I feel pretty groggy and "off" in a way. 

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  • @hillbillywife we're twins today - I had to rush poop before we went to the ped which didn't end well, rush to get there, didn't see a dr until a solid 50 min after our appointment. DD was literally laying on the waiting room floor crying for 30+ min, then clung to DH (thank GOD he came with me) through the nurse check and fell asleep between nurse and dr coming in....ped is 5 min from house and we were gone for 2 HOURS. At least she's neg for strep and ear infection but poor thing is just miserable and lethargic as hell :(

    @kissableviv ok IT and gamer nerd here... I would never recommend a wifi card for gaming - too inconsistent and slow.  A solid desktop could last for 10 years (i've been rocking the same desktop since 2010, just replaced the motherboard and processor last year but was still running fine), but depends on if it's a custom built rig or a standard off-the-shelf model from Best Buy.  Probably time to replace some components or replace...def consider going LAN instead of WAN.  Best Buy geek squad isn't bad (depends on store though) they will do a peek inside for $100 but then you'd have to buy any upgraded components... if it's not a custom built PC I'd replace instead of exploring upgrading.
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  • @gingerbride26 awe! Poor thing! You trip ended up being a lot more exciting than mine! I just sat there for a long time but DD was pretty good (may or may not have given her my phone to play with though lol) I hope your daughter feels better!

    @wildtot thanks me too! My DD said “ wow that was FUN!” Um yeah no that was terrifying. 

    @kissableviv it ended up not being too bad thank goodness!

  • @gingerbride26 he is a mega nerd and of course this is custom built and I agree it's pretty solid, the issue is that our router is downstairs so we can't do LAN, the wifi card is bad but it was working fine enough for him apparently - I think some updates screwed something up. Anyways if he wants to get someone to look at it so be it but he's gonna pay for it (like the $250 motorcycle license class, I ain't paying for it). I hate how bulky it is and I would be totally ok with spending 2k on a nice gaming laptop (I know, I'm crazy) just to have a sleeker setup.
  • @kissableviv sounds like my DH! The only things he’ll buy for himself are for his card “collection”(addiction)- including clothes-so I do all the shopping or he’d look like a ragamuffin 24/7. If I worked I’d be more annoyed with basically being his secretary. He’s terrible with managing his time when it comes to anything more than day to day tasks. Solidarity!

  • @acunamatada he surprisingly got stuff for black Friday at J crew but it was because his best friend told him they had a sale. Otherwise he lives in jeans and Blizzard shirts he gets from work and has a handful of nice collar shirts and slacks but that's all! I must say I like him being frugal, he takes it from his mom, it allows him to be in a good financial position for his age so I don't complain. He takes good care of stuff but he seriously won't throw it away until it's literally falling apart!
  • @acunamatada @kissableviv haha! My husband mostly wears T-shirt’s that he gets from the tool guys (snap-on, mac etc) it’s getting to the point where even HE thinks he should maybe have some clothes that he didn’t get for free lol what is with them?!

  • @acunamatada @kissableviv My H is the same way. So frugal, sometimes it is great but sometimes, it's like please, please stop using that thing that has been patched up so many times that even it is embarrassed to be seen anymore. I don't throw his things away, but I do start to hide his rattier shirts at the back/bottom of the dresser and keep the newer stuff at the top because usually he'll just grab from the pile and go. But if I didn't shop for him, he'd never have clothes from this decade.
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
    edited May 2018
    I'm so glad I'm not alone! Cheers ladies! Haha!
  • @acunamatada @kissableviv @noideawhatshesdoing my DH buys himself shirts, but they're band shirts. He's pretty active in the local music scene (has been in lots of bands, books shows, was running an indie venue for awhile) so all of his shirts are local band shirts. The problem is he's mostly into punk and metal so the band names and imagery are scary/violent/etc. lots of reapers and creepy faces lol and his only options for pants are jeans, or pants that are way too dressy. He refuses to wear khakis because he worked at Wal-Mart during college and associates khakis with the uniform. I never know what to have him wear for events that require a little more than jeans but aren't quite a wedding or funeral. So frustrating 
  • zg49zg49 member
    edited May 2018
    @kissableviv It's surprising that he isn't more apt to upgrade his gaming PC! My DH who games as a hobby is constantly upgrading his machine so it's at "peak performance". But everything else? He wears the same 4 pants rotated each week and the same 8 shirts. Oh and he's never paid a bill in his life. Men can be giant children in some aspects!

    Edited to add, my gaming laptop worked great for me! We didn't have the space for two desktops, and the laptop was awesome. It's too old now of course...

  • @zg49 I think it's because he is so frugal! Lol!
    @cseley321 yay for female gamers. I play a little and I wish I had more time to learn more games
  • emsnedemsned member
    @hillbillywife Hey, with pregnancy constipation you should totally go when it’s time to go! I congratulate you on your poo as well as getting to the dr with your kiddo despite the wait being ridiculous.

    I have 2 TWs today. First and foremost, this pregnancy SPD  :'(  It has become unbearable. It feels like my pelvic bone is a wishbone and someone is pulling on each end. Chiro treatments are not helping, so I ordered a support belt today as a last attempt to find some kind of relief.

    And 2nd TW is the hospital. My OB wanted me to get an ultrasound so she can make sure everything is okay despite my SPD, so she asked the hospital to set up an appointment with me. (The rules are weird in Nova Scotia.)  So the last time I had an US, the hospital called me within a few days and had me in for an appointment within a week. But this time it has been 2 weeks with no call, no appointment, no US. So at my OB appointment today my doc had to call them and make sure they got the request and to have them call me for an appointment ASAP, but still no word. I guess I’ll call my OB in a week if I don’t get an appointment again and see what’s going on. 
  • emsnedemsned member
    Oh, and I need to add myself as a TW. All I can think about, all I can talk about, is how much pain my SPD is causing me. I feel so bad for DH because he has to put up with my whining while trying to take care of me. And I feel bad for DD because I can’t dance, run, or hardly walk with her. She’s 2 and so active, and the weather is so nice, but my pelvis is giving out on me. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    @emsnedds sorry to hear about your spd pain.

    I am probably still the TW. I’m not doing anything special for DHs bday and his mom kept asking if we were doing a special dinner or cake or anything like that. Nope. I apologized for forgetting this morning and I said happy birthday but that’s all. Personally I’ve been in a weird emotional mood all day. I told him I’m just too sensitive right now and don’t want to talk about it and ruin his day more. Well he just told me I’ve been bugging him all day. Idk how but I’m guess it’s my mood. There’s no winning. 
    *Trigger Warning* come to think of it three years ago this week i was going through my first MC. Maybe my brain is just in emotional mode subconsciously. 
  • @emsnedds I'm sorry you're in so much pain! So annoying when doctors make it sound like it urgent and then they disappear.

    Another tw is heartburn! Can't believe I've avoided it this long and now it's every other day. Tortilla chips are for sure out for me, as well as potentially beans or something that was in my burrito (it was an Annie's organics veggie burrito). Sad!
  • Turns out I'm the TW too! DH's "man cold" that I was annoyed over ended up being a fever, he's going back and forth between over heating and freezing. I made him soup and sent him to bed early so I feel like less of a jerk now. I might end up paying the neighbor boy to mow the yard if he isn't feeling any better tomorrow 
  • @emsnedds sorry you’re in such pain! I am too, mine is sciatica but I’ve Been getting painful sensations in my public area too and starting to question if I have what you have too. Or maybe both. Maybe the chiro treatments take a while to help...that’s what I’m trying tomorrow and really hoping for some relief.

    aside from my sciatica being a TW, I am as well. I can’t make up my mind about where to give birth! Part of me is like this is dumb just freaking decide!! And part of me can’t commit. I have two good options on the table, and I keep making pro con lists in my head. Gah. The big plus of the possible new group is they won’t recommend induction until 40-41 weeks, whereas the one im at now will follow MFM’s recommendation of 39 weeks, but assured me they would go over risks and NST/ultrasound results with me and support me in declining. I’m just mentally tired from thinking about this. 

  • @emsnedds haha thanks. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! 

    @zande2016 are you just worried about another bad birth experience? Both options seem like they’ll be fine. I can relate with the decision making struggle (though I only have one choice for hospital). It’s kind of unfair to make pregnant women decide so many things lol. 

  • wildtotwildtot member
    @zande2016 hope the chiro helps! I haven’t had my usual major hip burning pain at night since my appointment on Friday. Back and sciatica are a work in progress but i feel the difference for sure! Hope you gets some relief! 
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