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Vaccinations: Yay or Nay???


Re: Vaccinations: Yay or Nay???

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  • I have already done my research on vaccinations and I don’t plan to vaccinate my child at all. I don’t believe in outsourcing my role as a parent to the government nor the medical industry. I also don’t allow the very people who create vaccinations or benefit from me vaccinating to be my only source of information on the topic of vaccinations. I only want to consider what other women are doing about vaccinations. With that being said, Vaccinations: Yay or Nay?
    So, to bring back your original supposed purpose of your post, you have a lot of women here who say they will you should take our advice, right? Since you only believe internet stranger women? Or is it only the ones who agree with your whacked out illogical views? Which is it, actually?
    izza2kiki75[Deleted User]paytonpedro
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