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Weekly Randoms ~ 11/27


Re: Weekly Randoms ~ 11/27

  • I’m actually really nervous about when they’re going to get me in for a glucose test. My next OB apt is Friday, the 8th, and then we’re leaving Texas on the 3rd of January but won’t actually be moved into our next home until the 20th. So they HAVE to get me in for that test in the next couple of weeks. And then I need to call the OB in our next state as soon as we have our new address so I can get my next apt set up there because I don’t think I’ll have another apt here unless they get me in on the day after New Years. Too many holidays and too much going on, I’m so stressed!  :#
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  • I can't believe the August BMB is up already. I feel like we are chugging along and this second half is going to fly by!
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