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  • @LiveNLove44 hoping all is ok.  Thinking of you.
  • I'm at the lab right now and this poor little boy is having a serious tantrum/ meltdown over having his blood drawn. It may be the single largest public meltdown I've ever seen. 3 nurses and his mom are holding him down at this point.... poor kiddo. wish there was something you could say or do to help them understand that it's not going to hurt
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  • @mdfarmchick ah, how stressful with your cat! I hope she finds her way back to you soon. I always see lost pet posts on Facebook, but imagine you've already pushed through social media to no luck. Fingers crossed for you. <3 
  • @bb3vj3n omg that reminds me of when I had to get a penicillin shot when I was 2. (Yep, I remember it, VERY clearly.) I’d gotten strep 3 times in a year and was too little to have my tonsils removed. My mom said all of a sudden I realized there were too many people in the room and flipped out. Took 3 nurses and my mom to hold me down and she just kept saying “It’s ok baby” in my ear. My brother (who was 4) thought they were killing me. I still cry sometimes when I get shots or my blood drawn. I hope he isn’t too traumatized!
  • @ksmwalters what a horrible memory. this kid was older than that...i would say about 5-6. but he was very very upset. 
  • @bb3vj3n my son did that at his 8 yr old well check. It took me and 2 nurses to hold him down and another to give the shot. He tried to kick one and was crying. My poor daughter was 3 and still talks about it.
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  • @megpeg awww...poor kiddos. 

    here i am wishing these results would post FASTER. I know i know.... these labs are processing and posting so many results for so many people and my results are not any more important than those of anyone else.... but in so freaking impatient! I just want to know if I passed this glucose test or not!!!
  • @DDRRT1982 me too! I did see someone post that their board wasn’t very active. Excited to check December’s. 
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  • Are Girl Scouts still wrapping gifts?  I just wrapped birthday presents and it’s shameful.  Even at 35 years old and 15 years into motherhood I still suck at wrapping gifts.  My google search came up short.
  • @ShawnnaO I will feed anyone Girl Scout cookies to wrap my gifts for Christmas.  I don’t really care if the job is bad.  I just don’t want to personally be disappointed by shitty attempt and feel like a total wrapping failure.
  •  my husband bought an entire BOX of boxes of girl guide cookies. bless that man 
  • Does anyone else watch Vlogmas? I watch Zoella’s vlogmas every year on YouTube and t starts tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED. 
  • I"m really starting to have doubts about breastfeeding. I know Fed is Best but I'd like to attempt to BF if I can. However the more I read about it the more I don't want to! Mastitis, the baby being underfed, latching issues, nipple pan, engorgement, milk pimples on your nips that have to be squeezed....I'm getting serious anxiety over here. I was adopted therefore not breastfed and I turned out fine. I just don't know what to do. 
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  • Thanks @DDRRT1982 , I do have a good support system. 
     I initially thought about doing a combo but in my research I've been seeing pumping too early can cause an oversupply which can lead to many of the issues I hear about. Doing formula plus BF can cause issues with supply also leading to those issues. 
    I guess I need to see a lactation consultant. They have them where I am giving birth but they come around right after the baby is born and follow up with you. I may see if I can take a class and ask all about all the stuff I'm reading. 
    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • @muggle621 Do you know if the hospital where you're delivering offers a BF class? Mine does, and it's on my list of classes to take. I think I'm sort of glad I haven't started researching that yet based on your post. Milk pimples? I have enough normal pimples, I don't need milk ones too!
  • @scoogy19: YGPM!

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  • @muggle621 I actually plan on pumping way earlier this time bc it was hard for me to produce enough, I had to supliment with formula and honestly I wish I had added formula into the mix earlier! I was so obsessed with making breastfeeding work and was scared a bottle would make my supply go down even more but at the end of the day it's a learning curve and you have to do what's best for you and your baby, so I think whatever you decide to do will be just fine,  esp since you are so open to both!
  • @muggle621 I am also nervous about the entire BF process. My mom tried to breastfeed me but ultimately have up after 2-3 weeks of under supply and extreme pain.  I'm going to try... but i also feel so uneducated about the whole process.  it might be cheesy - but i signed up for a breastfeeding course (its just one day) to learn more and I'm really looking forward to it.  Maybe you could find something similar offered in your area?

    at the end of the day, I'm not putting any pressure on myself to nurse. if I'm successful - AWESOME.... but if I'm not, I'm ready to accept that also. 

    I don't believe breast fed is best...i believe fed is best. As long as baby is getting enough milk or formula to grow and be healthy - that should be all that matters. 
  • @kalawa, YES!!!! Sometimes I look at my cat and I'm like "what is she thinking right now?" LOL! And then I'm like "I'm sad...because I want to know about my cat's thoughts" lol
  • Why do people say that TB app autocorrects their words? Isnt it your device "keyboard" that makes those choices?
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  • I've been  MIA for so long! I was soo sick all of last week into this week and just didn't get on the computer. FINALLY feeling better and DH has off work today so we are planning to get our Christmas tree and just relax at home! I briefly scanned through the posts from this week and last... hope everyone is doing well and had a nice holiday last week! Any STM+ doing a fun countdown to Christmas with their littles?! I made a countdown last night with fun (mostly free) things to do each day until Christmas with my 1 year old and I'm so excited!
  • @kalawa YES!!! My dog sleeps SO HARD, sometimes I can't even wake him up right away. Sometimes he whines and I'm afraid he is having night terrors. I also wish I knew what happens in his little mind! 
    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • @kalawa My husband and I talk about dog dreams oddly often since our puppy runs in place and makes the funniest sounds every single night as he sleeps. We hypothesize he fantasizes about running through fields of laundry and biting on clothes at will.
  • @ksmwalters I agree with you that it is annoying. It’s a cheap way for the boss feel like you’re having a party even though it really is not one. Hopefully a lot of you give a negative response to that.
  • @ksmwalters: Could you opt out of participating? That sounds terrible.

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  • @stlbuckeye132 ; That'll be so fun! I am a huge football girl.. My dad is a football coach and played at Oklahoma in the 70's winning 2 National Championships, so it's in my blood! Oklahoma is playing in the Big 12 Championship this weekend. Beat the Frogs (again!). We obviously have to take care of business, but if you could do me a solid and go ahead and root for Wisconsin to win, I'd appreciate it! :D
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