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Weekly Randoms ~ 11/27

Hey Hey Hey! Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend! 

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Re: Weekly Randoms ~ 11/27

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  • I've been craving coffee all day, and finally gave in and made myself a cup at 8:30pm. Reeeeeeally hoping I'm not up all night because of it. Last time I craved it I threw it all up, but that was months ago. It totally hit the spot tonight.
  • @justkeeptrying I had a chai latte yesterday at 3p because so was having a serious craving  and the baby kicked until 10p.. .We aren't doing that again.
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  • Ughh my parents were visiting, and they just left our place to head to Florida for 3 months. I'm crying. For so many crazy reasons. Knowing the next time I see them I wI'll be about to give birth. And I get so lonely when they leave from visiting as well. 
  • @becausescience, our entire flipping house was painted the ugliest tan color you ever did see, and we just repainted it all in the loveliest soft gray a few months ago.  I'm so happy with it.  I really feel like it changed everything, AND I have been enjoying changing the decor to go with it, little by little.
    ***March '18 October Siggy Challenge: Halloween Costume Fails***

  • Today I went to a local shop to get maternity pants because I hate the ones I have.... being tall and maternity clothes just don't mix. Anyway,  my son found a superman onsie for "his baby" ❤
    I have the opposite problem!  Everything in normal lengths is way too long once I stop wearing heels, but I am slightly too tall for short/petite sizes.  I had to have every single item altered, even my maternity yoga pants!
    ***March '18 October Siggy Challenge: Halloween Costume Fails***

  • Posting here even though it’s a question because it’s random af and has nothing to do with pregnancy. 

    Does anyone here bullet journal? I asked for a nice journal for Christmas from my husband and I’m so excited to use it for my planner/meal planning. I’ve been obsessed with the bullet journal side of Pinterest lately. Anyone else? Does anyone have tips/tricks?
  • @ShawnnaO I don’t bullet journal, but I keep a beautiful planner/calendar from papyrus which is my whole life. I love it and use it way more than my phone calendar.  I prefer to use the week view and just write in the tasks and events, and check them off as they are done. I do my meal planning in there as well. DH used to make fun of my book keeping but it really is what keeps me organized! I find that having it be pretty helps too. The book is high quality and I use multicolored pens to quickly see different categories.
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  • @shawnnao I’ve been meaning to start a bullet journal, but I’ve been slacking on getting around to it and just using my current planner. Rachel Wilkerson Miller has written a ton of Buzzfeed articles about it though, and she just had a book come out (or maybe it’s coming out?) about bullet journaling!
  • @ShawnnaO I also don't bullet journal but I do love my Erin Condren planner! It's really helped me get my ADHD under control. 
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  • +1 for Erin Condren! I can't wait to start using my 2018 planner! I don't use them unless they're pretty (I guess I'm shallow), so for me it's worth splurging a little for one of hers.
  • True Life: I just sneezed at work and peed my pants. Disclaimer: Thank God for panty liners.

    Oh the joys of pregnancy!

  • I see I just randomly posted about Erin Condren - I meant to add I was on Pinterest the other day and saw several pins about converting the Erin Condren notebook into a bullet journal, which many people seem to be into. 
    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • @crossfitbabybump I have a terrible cold- coughing really hard and sneezing- I have been wearing a pad just to be safe because it would be super embarrassing otherwise. 
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  • @gh515 fingers crossed for you.  that would be the worst!
  • I'm debating if I should call  my ENT. I got my tonsils out a couple years ago b/c I kept getting tonsillitis and strep.  I have some serious drainage going on causing sore throat and when I looked in my throat this morning it was all red and white. I am not running fever but I do feel run down. I usually get pretty high fever when I get strep.  I don't want to take antibiotics (or any meds) unnecessarily, especially if it's just virus. It's not really that big a deal but I"m over here stressing about it. I don't want to take more leave off work either. It's bad enough I have to take leave again tomorrow because the stupid lab lost my glucose orders and they had to be resent. 

    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • @muggle621 I would recommend seeing a doctor! A couple weeks ago my throat was really sore, so I ended up getting a rapid strep test. That came back negative for strep but they sent it off to the lab anyway and it came back the next day as positive. If it is strep, you definitely want those meds asap! Hopefully it's something else though, and you can get some rest and kick it easily. I hope you feel better!
  • @Mass-girl-at-heart That is so hard. :cry: I've only gone through putting one animal down as an adult, but it is so difficult to know when is the right time. Just try to remember that sometimes the best way you can help your pet is by having mercy and putting them out of their misery. It's so hard on us though because they're part of the family! Sending good vibes your way and hoping you can be at peace with whatever your vet visit brings tomorrow.
  • @Mass-girl-at-heart my heart hurts for you. Know that no matter what, you’re doing the right thing. Sending peaceful vibes <3
  • @gh515 Ughhh, yucky. I hope you avoid it! 

    @Mass-girl-at-heart So many hugs  <3
  • @Mass-girl-at-heart hoping the best for your cat! Sending hugs your way. Know that wtv you choose, your doing it from a place of love for your pet.
  • @Mass-girl-at-heart: I'm so sorry you have to make such a tough decision. Thinking of you today.

    On our way to baby #2!
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    EDD March 12, 2018

  • @gh515 Lysol is your friend. Hope you don't catch it. 

    @Mass-girl-at-heart I'm so sorry - it's always hard to make these choices for our fur babies. Hugs. 
    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • Has anyone heard from @LiveNLove44 lately? It seems like she's been MIA, so I hope everything is okay!
  • @crossfitbabybump, my best friends were over last week and I had a coughing fit and full out peed my pants. No panty liner was going to hold that. I RAN to the bathroom and texted my DH asking him to bring me a change of underwear. Luckily it was my best friends, and we all had a good laugh about it afterwards. But I was SO unbelievably embarrassed in the moment.
  • @stlbuckeye132... good point... no..i haven't.  hopefully she'll find her way back to us soon.  Does anybody remember the last time @LiveNLove44 posted? did she gave anything going on?
  • @justkeeptrying - oh my gosh!! Glad you guys could laugh about it! Even if it wasn't friends or family, what do people expect from us? There's a tiny human playing on our bladders like they're in a bounce house. lol
  • @bb3vj3n she was last active on Nov. 20th. Is she American? Maybe just busy from the holidays?
  • Is it volleyball season tournament time for @LiveNLove44?

    @Mass-girl-at-heart I’m so sorry... hopefully the vet tells you it’s something treatable. 

    My cat has been MIA since before Thanksgiving and I can’t find her. We’ve checked the shelter, and she’s microchipped and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but at this point it’s been a week and I’m terrified we will never find her. :cry:
  • @mdfarmchick oh no!  Hopefully you’ll find her soon. Does your local shelter post lost pets on their Facebook page?  Someone may have taken her in. I really hope you find her!
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart my local shelter has a lost and found pets webpage that I check daily. And I signed up for NextDoor so I could see if anyone posted there. MH posted on our community page but the only response was “a cat” over a mile away. I’ve even been checking Craigslist and local vets in case someone turns her in. :disappointed:
  • ShawnnaOShawnnaO
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    @bb3vj3n she was last active on Nov. 20th. Is she American? Maybe just busy from the holidays?

    EDIT: oh okay, cool Bump. Totally wanted this posted twice. 

    @mdfarmchick if I remember right from when I was in highschool, volleyball tourney season is December/January. But every school/state is different so you could be right! 
  • @Mass-girl-at-heart ; <3 <3  <3 thinking of you and your furry love
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