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  • @kaymaroo -Wow, I'm glad your other coworkers had your back. That would have made me so upset! 
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    @JJMNO1616I feel rage-y for you. I would be upset if I found out my co-workers were talking about me behind my back too, even if they meant no harm. Still just completely insensitive. And men are just so oblivious sometimes. Just think before you speak dude!

    I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store the other day. She's always been friendly enough but she's the quintessential cat lady. I would say she's probably about 60 and lives alone approximately 8-10 cats. When she saw my DD she made a comment about how big she's getting and asked me if I could remember what life was like before having her. I said, "Well life certainly changed for sure. And it's about to change even more pretty soon...we're expecting another one in April!" Her response, "Well that's a little soon, don't you think?" :neutral:
    After a stunned silence I finally found words and said  "It was a bit of a surprise, but we're excited and think that it was meant to be this way." Neighbor: "Not like you could do much about it now anyway." :neutral:
    No words.

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  • @kaymaroo We had a talk about how joking that something I'm eating could give our baby a serious incurable disease is not funny. I thought that was obvious!

    Also, that is awful! Thank goodness for your other co-workers shutting him down!
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  • @ngolimento Exactly! Pregnant or not, I am still a person with feelings and opinions that have nothing to do with my uterus.

    @JJMNO1616 I don't know if he feels guilty or is just afraid, but he's been really extra nice to me since. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson.
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  • @jacklynnmike I got hit on by a random stranger during my last pregnancy at 9 months pregnant. I didn't know this was a thing that some men are in to!?

    My secretary told me that she knew I was having a girl during my last pregnancy since my hips were "spreading out." She said this time (we don't know the sex) she can't really tell yet because I'm "still a little spread out" from my last. WTH lady, it's never okay to comment on someone's body like that, even if they are pregnant. 
  • @mountainsmama dear lord, why in the world would someone think it's ok to say that? Never in a million years would someone say that to a woman if she weren't pregnant; why does pregnancy make them think they have a free pass?
  • @mountainsmama Nope, nope nope...just shaking my head. That is NEVER an okay thing to say to a woman, pregnant or not?! How did you respond?

    Also, during my last pregnancy on my other BMB, we discovered all kinds of weird pregnancy related fetishes that my naive self had no idea existed! One girl found an ad from a guy on Craigslist willing to pay a lot of money (can't remember exactly how much now) to drink breast milk "from the tap". :neutral:

  • A guy who I consider an acquaintance said to me, “Again?! You guys should get Netflix or something. Not that I blame him though. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you either.”

    I laughed it off but I wish I hadn’t. So fucking gross. 
  • @julzy Eww. Just eww!

  • @julzy Clearly he doesn't know the term "Netflix and chill" lol I guess it makes sense he wouldn't know though given his creepiness. 
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