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Home from the Hospital Outfits (Mom and Baby/Babies)

This was mentioned in the hospital bag thread, but I thought it would be fun to share what outfits we'll be bringing our babies home in and what we'll be wearing home ourselves (for me, comfort is key!).


Re: Home from the Hospital Outfits (Mom and Baby/Babies)

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  • @kyrwyn I love the hat!!! I'm a big fan of the monster trend in baby clothes lately. My cousin gave me a bunch of hand me downs and I got some adorable monster onesies and hoodies!

  • @skcobb That's so cute! I love the little bear feet!
  • @leilagphillips I wanted to use the same outfit we brought DD home in, but we've moved 2x since she was born so I have no idea where it is now  :s
  • @leilagphillips I know, right?! It gets me every time. I actually got the outfit before I knew if we were having a boy or a girl, because wickedly-adorable monsters are sex-and-gender-neutral in my book. :) 
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    @kyrwyn All of the hand me downs we have been given so far are technically boy clothes, but I definitely plan to dress our girl in the monster and dinosaur outfits and various "boy" colors. I might get her some cute headbands just to help avoid confusion for some outfits though.  

    ETA: clarity

  • For the going-home outfits, what size(s) are you bringing? Newborn or 0-3 months?
  • @hellothere47 i brought 1 of each when I had DD. I was so sure I'd need the 0-3 month outfit, but DD was a peanut and barely fit in NB clothes, so I was glad I had both
  • @hellothere47 I think the outfit we have is NB and with twins, they will most likely not be that big, but maybe I'll bring alternates in 0-3 just in case...
  • Well, I feel unprepared?! DD was 8lbs and she wore a newborn size outfit/clothes for about 3 weeks. DS was 11.2 lbs so the newborn outfit I had all picked out and washed wouldn't even pretend to fit around him, my mom had to do some shopping on our behalf so we had clothes for him to come home in. This time around I have a little "baby's first Christmas" jammy in newborn size that I'm planning on using (EDD 12/27) - but the tags are still on it in case this one is trending large too, or in case my mom (who bought it) jinxed me and this baby doesn't come until January!

    AFM: i wore yoga pants, nursing bra and a zip up hoodie home with both babies. Comfort FTW.
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  • @ngarciabyu - we have those pajamas for LO too! I love them!

    @oncape100615 11.2 lbs??? I am so sorry! DD was a peanut and I still could barely walk there at the end - you are a champ!
  • Living in SoCal means not knowing if December will be chilly or hot, so I'll be packing the same outfit DD1 came home in (she was born in May), as well as something warm (to be decided). Both will be NB size. For me, I'll be packing my maternity leggings, a loose sweater and a nursing bra. 

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  • @leilagphillips, for twins you might even go with a backup preemie set. DD wasn't a preemie and was only 5 lbs 11 oz. My sister had to go buy us some outfits because the NB stuff I bought was way way too big. She wasn't into NB clothes until she was about 6 weeks. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't considered that!
  • @kln62689 Those are both so cute! Really the only reason I'm thinking of what to wear for myself ahead of time is because I want to pack that outfit in my hospital bag in advance. 
  • @kln62689 I love love LOVE both outfits! Where did you get the "Making Spririts Bright" ones?
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  • @britmanering73 let's see if this works...:

    Both outfits came from there. She delivered my order at least a week earlier than she quoted in her shop too :) 
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  • @whiska I absolutely love your polar bear sweater! Where did you get it from? I need one!  :)
  • @whiska I second the polar bear love. That sweater is adorable!
  • I am loving these outfits!
    @britmanering73 those are hilarious! And look so uncomfortable for a newborn!

    Last time, (DD was born in August) I wore a comfy maxi dress home. This time, I think I will probably wear yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a cozy sweater (depending upon what the temp is...we just got a cool front and the high today is still supposed to be in the low 80s--ugh)

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  • ktcakes87  I might have to copy I love those PJs! This sweet girl is our (2nd) rainbow, too!! Am I seeing correctly that that is Carters?

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  • @flowerpower5838 yes it’s Carter’s! It’s on sale for $8 right now too! 
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  • As an end-of-December mom, I can't decide if I want to take the gamble on a Christmas themed outfit (for either of us!) or just do something generic. I feel like any time on or before the 25th I could do Christmas, but if she's born on like the 28th or something... meh
  • @elcd458 I’m having the same debate. We are due 12/26 and I think I’m going to get one Christmas outfit and another not-Christmas outfit and decide depending on when she makes her appearance. 
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  • @elcd458 and @kaylawing Depending upon how much you love Christmas, technically the Christmas season lasts til Epiphany on Jan 6 (12 days of Christmas and all that), so as long as baby arrives before Jan 6, you're not out of Christmastime! 

    Married May 2014
    DD born August 2016
    Baby #2 due December 2017
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