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  • @elcd458 I've also been debating any Christmas-y stuff with 12/31 due date. DS was born nearly a month early, so I'm mentally preparing that nearly anytime after Thanksgiving/early December could be fair game, but it could've been a fluke, and this LO maybe won't arrive until January. I do have 1 slightly holiday-ish sleeper and probably won't get anymore unless she arrives well before Christmas. 

    I have not picked a coming home outfit yet, but I do have several possibilities. Will post a photo when I'm near that stuff. I will say definitely bring a backup! With DS I had a nice coming home outfit chosen, and he peed on it before we were supposed to leave. Ended up using a backup onesie lol  AFM, it could be fairly cold here so probably maternity leggings, top and fleece with Ugg-type boots. Maybe a winter coat if necessary.

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  • @aheqoefamily I LOVE that little sweater!!! 
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  • @aheqoefamily That's adorable! I love the little bear booties!!!
  • jekasijekasi member
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    aheqoefamily  where are the little bear booties from? I think we are going with the name Theodore now so I have been buying allllll the teddy bear themed things.
  • @jekasi we got them from H&M 
  • @weaver15 those booties!!!!  <3
  • @weaver15 STOP IT. that's so cute!
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  • @anewadventure @Skcobb the boots are from target 
  • Are you guys packing one size or two for baby’s coming home outfit?
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  • @moonlady-2 all 3 of my kids have been different. My first nb was big, my 2nd nb fit him for a few weeks, and my 3rd nb was huge. He needed preemie for the first month. This one is measuring really big and I have GD this time so I'm assuming he will be big. 

    I would at least take a NB outfit. 
  • @moonlady-2 I was told to bring two outsfits. One for NB and one for 0-3. 
  • My DD was born at 8lb8oz and comfortably fit in newborn for a few weeks. This baby is looking to be a nine pounder so I think I'll be safe and bring a 0-3 as well. 
  • I'm bringing one NB and one 0-3 but I hope the 0-3 fits him because I like it better. We don't have much NB clothes because babies in both of our families have run large, so of course this guy is measuring behind now. 
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  • Not sure as well if I should bring or even buy NB clothes. DD was 9lbs and 20.5” and did fit in NB for a week or two. Ultrasound tech said this baby is measuring tall and big so maybe I skip the NB and have the 0-3 size fit big for a bit. These little details are what keeps me up at night!  :|
  • @moonlady-2, I'm bringing preemie and newborn. DD was 5.5 lbs when she came home and this guy is measuring small too. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 Hah! Good point. I was thinking "maybe he'll be long enough to pull off 0-3 months" or something, not chunk-wise.  Or "maybe this 0-3 outfit runs small".  But I will totally accept being "cray" at this point. :) That seems like a fair assessment.
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  • Im bringing a NB & a 0-3 - I'm hoping he fits into NB for at least a week so I can get some use out of the few NB outfits we have 
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  • Am I the only one having a hard time narrowing it down to two out fits? I legit have like 10 in my bag and just unpacked them and laid them all out to go over them again. WTH. Lol
  • Amber_WavesAmber_Waves member
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    @ShyTonia yeah, I just packed baby's hospital bag today and put in a couple newborn outfits and a couple 0-3 outfits. We want to have a photo session in the hospital & figure the baby may soil what they wear for that & need another outfit for coming home. Baby clothes take up no space, so I don't even care!
  • Ok awesome @Amber_Waves your comment is enough to justify my thinking! Lol thank you haha. 

  • I mostly just picked out the few things that I bought or made (we mostly have cousin hand-me-downs). If the kid fits in NB size, I'm pretty sure we'll have him/her in the dark gray outdoorsy footy onesie on the far right.
  • y'all these are adorable! I haven't been able to find anything I really like to bring DS home in.  Plus with how I'm measuring I have to have two outfit options in case he's on the bigger side like they suspect.

    I also had to go check my hospital bag to see what I actually packed to bring him home in.  :D:D:D
  • I'll take a Pic when I'm hope later, but I think I landed on a white long-sleeved onesie that has gold hearts on it and black leggings.

    But what is more special is my mom found part of the outfit that I came home from the hospital in.. Its a full body fleece zip up that goes over the outfit and then goes into a sack. So I'm gonna bring that too 

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  • I totally see why you ladies are having a tough time choosing. So much cute stuff. <3 
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  • @ShyTonia the pink with rainbows is especially cute!!
  • @Amber_Waves I love that dark gray outdoorsy sleeper you might use! Where did you find it? So cute!
  • @lavashiner I have the blue one for my boy!
  • @cait5413 That outfit is so precious!
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