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September TWW

Thought I would start this one too - Good luck to those in the TWW this month!
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Re: September TWW

  • I think I may be 4dpo. If I'm right, we had good timing. It's my first TWW since our loss. Hoping to make it 12dpo before testing, but I'm not very confident in my will power.
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  • I am new here (but following TTCAL board for few weeks now), so here is a little introduction:
    DPO 3, I am 31, no living babies yet, I had a missed MC and DnC in June (due date in Jan) due to a X monosomy. As everyone else here I am trying to currently understand what is happening with my body and TTC at the same time, which is driving me crazy, since I am a scientist and I hate not knowing and not being in control.
    Ever since DnC I have very regular cycles, however I have no idea what is my 'normal', since I was on BC for 10yrs before my 1st pregnancy and I got KU first cycle after that. The only worrisome sign is that my two AFs after DnC were extremely light (mostly spotting and 1 day of very light flow), so obviously I am paranoid about having uterine adhesions now. My OBGYN is nice enough to schedule me for US at DC12 next cycle to have a look at endometrial thickness, but she told me not to be worried yet, because the first few AFs might be weird.
    As to random rants, I decided to stay indoors today, since CA is covered with a thick smoke from all the wildfires and I am bored to death, because my DH is on a work trip (but we managed to BD on good times right before he left). On a good side, I finally have time for myself and my balcony mini-garden and catching up on all the trashy TV shows, that I am to ashamed to watch in front of DH :)
    Happy Labour Day Everyone!

  • I *think* I go here now. According to FF, I'm 3 dpo but I don't know if I believe it or not. Technically I'm not supposed to be trying again until next cycle, but we kind of ended up ntnp.

    I don't know if I should trust FF because I slept later than normal for the past 3 days because of the holiday weekend, so I temped from 30 mins to 1.5 hours later than my normal time each day. It put the open circles for the later times, but still gave me solid CH for Friday. Would you guys trust the CH even though there are 3 open circles after supposed O day? 
  • @aga31 welcome! I wouldn't worry too much yet abiutbyour light AFs. My first one was bad but I had quite a few really light ones. My body eventually evened out. 

    @pumpkinpancake we're toy tracking things other than your BBT? It's possible it's also going by your CM if you have been entering it. I have never had a problem taking my temp later. I am still very consistent no matter what time I wake up, as long as I take it right away. I do know others do have issues taking it later. Maybe wait until you get a few more days or regular times temps?
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  • Guess I'm jumping over here. I had IUI this morning.  

  • @Mack2342 Everythingt crossed for a success!!!!
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    @MooFish2364 I was also tracking CM for a few days when I noticed it, but I tested FF by removing those to see if it took away my CH, but is left them anyway. I actually feel somewhat more confident that it is right and I may have o'ed, because I had two temps still higher yesterday and today (waking up at my normal alarm time). 

    I'm just hoping this means AF will be coming soon (first one after loss), so we can get on with the TTC show! 
  • @Mack2342 FX! 
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  • I am considering testing on Friday morning, I'm only going to be 9dpo. I have never tested that early and I know likelihood of a bfp at that point is really low. DH is leaving for a work trip that morning and won't be back till next Monday, when I would be 12dpo. I don't want to test while he is gone but don't want to wait till Monday either, haha. I have cheepies from the dollar store so not really out money if I test several times. Would you test?
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  • @robyn2201 I guess it depends on how you handle BFNs just in case. I am jaded about all of this TTCAL nonsense since it's been so long, so I never test until AF is like a year late. Lol. I can totally understand not wanting to wait until DH gets back. You could always test while he's gone that way if you get a BFP you can plan a fun announcement. 
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  • Thanks ladies.  

    @robyn2201 the crazy brain creeps up for me around 9 or 10 DPO.  It's always disappointing but since my losses I can't help it.  So yes I would test 
  • Positive OPK this am so I'm back over here.  
    @robyn2201 I get a bit POAS crazy around DPO 9 too
    @Mack2348 good luck!
    @MooFish2364 I wish I had your self control to wait to POAS!!!!!!

    let the waiting begin...
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  • TW** live children mentioned. I got my bfp with Dd2 when he was gone and waiting to tell him till he got home drove me crazy. Ya it was fun to plan a special announcement but overall I didn't like it. 
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  • aga31aga31
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    @robyn2201 if you can deal with disappointment of bfn than go for it!
    @MooFish2364 I am the same way, I will test only if AF is late for at least a week. Beside I have such strong pms symptoms, which I know I did not have at all when I got bfp, that no POAS is needed. But I do go to the bathroom like every hour to check if there is spotting. I think my coworkers think by now that I have either really bad bladder or digestive issues :)
  • @aga31 I'm a few days late to the party, but thought I would mention the my AF was super light the first 2-3 cycles post MC. 

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    ***TW Living child and loss mentioned***

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  • I go here now. First cycle post-loss. I'm 2DPO according to FF, though I'm thinking I could be 3DPO. I didn't temp, so I'm just basing that off of OPK and CM. It sucks to have to go through the TWW again. I thought I was done with it forever.

    Question - How do you ladies feel about drinking during the TWW? I used to be all about "drink till it's pink" but after my loss, I feel like I need to be super cautious. I have a football game and concert coming up and am just wondering what I should do.
  • @GeekBeagle I will have a drink until pink.  I just don't over do it. ****TW*** I had way too many drinks before I knew I was pregnant with DS and he is perfectly fine. So I say enjoy football game and concert with a drink or two whatever's you are comfortable with.  I think sometimes we need a little relaxation after all we have been through
  • GeekBeagle I'm not a big drinker, but definitely in the "drink til it's pink" category. I've had 4 losses, and no matter how careful I am and how many rules I try to stick to, I still lose my babies. Yet alcoholics, crackheads, smokers, morbidly obese women, etc. manage to have babies all the time. So... drink til it's pink!!!!! Plus, implantation can't happen until like 7 dpo or something like that, so definitely no worries until that point.

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    Possibly giving up because I just can't even anymore...

    BFP 1/16/2019  
    HCG blood qualitative test - between 5 and 25... FML...

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  • @dpjenner Excellent point! Maybe the less I care, the better my odds will be? I mean it seems to work for everyone else, so why not?
  • @GeekBeagle I would have a glass of wine from time to time, but only if it's a really good one. That's only because i decided to be 200% healthy for my pregnancy. I took embryology class (very long time ago, but it counts!) and I remember you actually don't share the blood with an embryo for a while, even after implantation occurs, the baby has a good stuff from yolk. So drink (with moderation) until it's pink!
  • I totally agree with drink until pink I mean I'm not talking excessively but to live your life so rigidly I think could impact your fertility just as much
    DS born 04/22/15, Pregnant again 03/01/17 however loss due to PPROM at 20+6 weeks now TTC rainbow
  • I stopped drinking 6 months before my BFP and still had a loss. After my loss I decided that I was going to drink until pink. But now since I've been diagnosed with endo I've decided to cut out the booze. It (along with many other things) can cause a lot of inflammation for someone with endo and that's what can contribute to fertility issues. 
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  • Just had my FET done this morning, so joining you ladies on the TWW. Good luck evetyone

  • @Crystal321 FX your baby sticks! is it your first transfer? My sister has been doing IVF for 3 years and she never succeeded (a lot of autoimmune issues), but she is adopting now and cannot be more happy!
  • Well, 9dpo and a bfn. Not really surprised though as it's so early.  
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  • @robyn2201 FX it's too early 
  • @Crystal321 FX!!! 
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  • @robyn2201 FX it's just too early!

    @Crystal321 good luck that it's a sticky one! 

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  • cseley321cseley321
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    @aga31 Thanks! I have had one successful IVF and 1 FET that resulted in a loss. This will be my second FET.

    And best of luck to your sister on the adoption!

  • @Crystal321 it sounds that it's just a matter of time for you now to get another healthy baby!
    I am super excited for my sister and it also helps our relationship a lot, bacuse the ttc topic was a tabu for us, but now that she has a new hope, she is less stressed about it. Not that an adoption process is easy!
    Anyway when I first told her about my loss, she just commented "at least you can get pregnant". I hang up the phone on her, I just couldn't take anymore of awful things people have said like; you will get another one, it happens all the time. Seriously, if you are an adult thinking person you should know how painful it is.She called me back a day after and apologized, my mom told her entire story , including the fact that there was a strong heartbeat on 2 first US. Only then she realized that "my baby died". Anyway, we talk on regular basis now and it is very important for me to have her full support.
  • @GeekBeagle drink 'till it's pink rule won today! i had an entire can of beer today at a happy hour at work :) since i haven't been drinking frequently I got a bit tipsy ( from one beer at the age of 31, lol! ) and made myself and my coworkers laugh to tears :) totally worth it!
  • @aga31 ugh, yeah the comments people had for me were just brutal after my first loss. I just stopped talking to people about it because it was too hurtful. Sadly people usually think their words are helpful and just do not understand.

  • @aga31 glad you enjoyed yourself!  I get tipsy after one too lol.  
  • I think I'm out this cycle. 10dpo with spotting and strong cramps. I was going to test again either tomorrow or Monday but I'm not going to now. :(
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  • @robyn2201 sorry it didn't work this month, FX for next one!
  • @robyn2201 sorry to hear that :(

  • Sorry @robyn2201:/
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    Married: Oct 2012
    TTC #1: August-ish 2016
    MC: 04.01.2017 @ 9.5 wks 
    BFP 11.26.2017 - EDD 08.04.2018

  • @robyn2201 I'm out too this month, though I wasn't especially hopeful as it was my first TWW after my mc. 

    AF came yesterday at only 8 dpo according to FF, so I don't know if I'd rather that FF be wrong and I maybe didn't ovulate, or I have an only 8 day LP. :confused:

    I know mc can mess with your cycles, but have any of you guys had short LP after, and had them get more normal later on? 
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