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  • Thank you.. I'm super excited to meet him!
  • Hi mommies! I Just got my growth scan again yesterday,  and my little Connie wouldn't cooperate but I got this super cute picture of her on her side,  snuggled up with hands under her head, and knees by her chest! 

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  • I haven't been able to post in a while! We did the 3D ultrasound though! So fun to see! Didn't do it with DD, so we decided to do it with DS. Worth the images! 
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  • Went to get my 4d abs hd live photos of my Connie, although she wasn't cooperating AT ALL.  Was transverse and mostly 99% of the time facing my back side. Stubborn kid! I get to come back in a week for free for another session :) but we managed some pictures. 

  • someone was pretty upset that we had to wake him for some pictures, worth the grumpy faces! 
  • @joberiley2017 welcome to this board! Cute pics! 
    Just as a heads up, your full name appears on your U/s pics. Maybe you d like to edit them to remove it. 
    Just thought youd like to know :) 
  • On the left is my current pregnancy at 28 weeks with a girl and on the right is her sister at around the same time 28 weeks in 2015. They have different lips!
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    Hey ladies, gonna be due for a 36 week growth scan in a couple weeks but this is my most recent ultrasound. Going back in on September 5th. Will hopefully be able to post some  better quality pics by then.
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  • Sweet baby face. 
  • Awwwwwwnnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • He's totally got daddy's lips and nose. FTM 32w6d

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  • Got my 36 week growth scan today.
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