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  • @jessafishy thank you it means a lot to me to be able to connect with you all  <3 I just don't know what thread I should post my question on here. Or do I just start a new one to ask my question? I guess it doesn't even matter since I have lizard brain right now and I feel I can't even think. 
  • @prizzyB I would think your situation would validate starting a new thread. You clearly need some support and reassurance. <3
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  • Beautiful @canonmom413!
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  • @canonmom413 Congratulations! Adorable little squishy!
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  • @jessafishy and @bluejeanbabi05 thank you girls!  I go back in 4 weeks for the yucky stuff ( Pap smear, breast exam etc)   I got blood drawn today. I also got a referral for my whole set pregnancy scans ( since my insurance requires referrals ).  I think I'm set. Now to tell the world! 

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  • @prizzyB my last pregnancy this happened to me. Turns out my baby was 5 weeks behind my last cycle. So when I went in for my 9 week ultrasound my baby wasn't seen. I went back 2 weeks later and there she was at 6 weeks instead of 11. I also have a 34 day cycle.  Good luck! Hopefully you just ovulated differently than you thought!
  • @prizzyB was it a vaginal ultrasound you had this time, or abdominal?

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  • Had a very crude ultrasound done yesterday by my midwife after some weird cervical pressure/pain to make sure baby was still doing alright. I didn't get much information (she described herself as an intermediate beginner and didn't even know how to zoom ha!) but we did get to see the little bean moving around and saw it's heartbeat! We go back on Tuesday for a more comprehensive ultrasound. 
  • @prizzyB Hoping everything is okay and that you were just a little bit early! Sending positive vibes your way. :) 
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  • @JenJoPolzen aww cute lil bean. I know how you feel too. My doc found a Fibroid near my cervix and is monitoring it. It's also small. I hope everything goes well!
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  • We had our first ultrasound on March 13th, I am excited to announce we have a strong heart beat of 175bpm! We are also measuring a week ahead.. 4 more weeks and hello second trimester. Here is our nugget 
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