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Thoughts on Alana?

What do you all think of Alana? So you think it goes well with Natalie? 
My only worry is people will pronounce it differently. I like it sounding Uh-LAN-a. Do you think people will pronounce uh-lay-na. Thoughts? 

Re: Thoughts on Alana?

  • It's goes fine with Natalie and I don't think it will have significant pronounciation issues.
  • I'd be surprised if people mispronounced it.  I liked the name and almost had it on my list until someone told me it was honey boo boo's name and then I couldn't shake that thought. 
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  • I like it and I think it goes great with Natalie. I think it's pretty easy to pronounce correctly. 
  • I would pronounce it the way you want. Alaina/Elena would be the alternative, so I don't think that will be a big issue. I think it goes well with Natalie
  • It was on my list!  Love it!
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  • I think it is a beautiful name. I have a friend who's name is Alana, she complains quite often about people mispronouncing it. However, she still loves her name :) 
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  • I like it and it goes great with Natalie
  • I like it but I do think it will lead to mispronouncing. Mainly because I know two and they deal with it. One is under 5 and one is my age so early thirties and both run into it 

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    I have friends with a daughter named Alana, pronounced the way you want. I pronounced it correctly right away but my husband was inclined to call her uh-LAY-na. So you might have some pronunciation issues but I don't think it will be an all-the-time thing. It's pretty and goes well with Natalie. My friends call their daughter Lani for short.
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  • That's my name! People sometimes pronounce it A-lay-na but most people get the A-lah-na.  And I just correct em if they mispronounce it.  NBD.  :smile:

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  • I would pronounce it "uh-law-nuh". Nice name! 
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    I would pronounce it uh-lawn-uh 
    Uh-lay-NUh is Alaina to me. 

    I think it's a fine name. 
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