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GTKY: How did you meet your SO?

How did you meet each other? 

How long have you known each other/dated/married? 
Me: 33 DH:41
Married: 7/16/2016
DD Born: 04/09/2018
Baby #2 EDD: 03/23/2021


Re: GTKY: How did you meet your SO?

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  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    We're both musicians (as a hobby) and we met on the 4th of July when we played at the same venue. We struck up a conversation after we both played and made a music related bet, which I lost, and when he texted me to tell me he won he asked if we could go out on a date. This was all the way back in 2008!  We got married in 2013 and had our DD in Jan of 2016.  
  • We met at work, and he was technically one of my superiors. We started dating in early 2004 and were married in September of 2006.
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  • My H and I met online dating on POF in 2013. He had actually messaged me a few weeks before I even responded because I already had a few dates set up with other guys. Needless to say none of the other guys panned out so one night I was at a friend's wedding (literally the only single person there) and I messaged him during a slow song! We ended up talking over the phone for almost two weeks before meeting in person because we both had vacations planned that prevented us from scheduling a date. I know this is super cliché but I knew the first day we met he was the one. Went on to date for 3 years and 3 days before getting married 7/16/16.  :)
    Me: 33 DH:41
    Married: 7/16/2016
    DD Born: 04/09/2018
    Baby #2 EDD: 03/23/2021

  • We met in 2001 at work, a video game store in the mall. It was a part time job for me (I worked my real job 8-5 and worked this job 6-10 pm.) I actually hated him at first but we grew on each other. We officially started dating around 2002 and got married in 2010

  • DH and I met in a bookstore. I was working there and he ended up buying a membership just so he could talk to me a little bit more. We ended up dating long distance for two years, then I moved in with him for a couple of years and then we got married 6 years ago! So we've been together for 10 years!
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  • @JJMNO1616 POF marriages represent!

    I met my husband there too.  He was too shy to message me, so when I reached out, he got disappointed that it took us so long to arrange a date (I had a strict one dude at a time rule to minimize drama, and was dumping the most recent dude).  We finally went out, and since we are both uber nerds, we fell into uber nerd love.

    We dated about two years, got married in 2012, and then two years after that had our daughter. We are coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I was planning on a romantic tour of CA wine country or the OR coast, but that's out the window now :/.
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  • We met in 2011. I went on vacation to California and met him there. We dated long distance for two years flying back and forth monthly. Then he moved to me and we had our first child.  We got married this past June and going strong with baby number 2!  To think I almost didn't go to California too! Thank God I did! 
  • @ngolimento My H had a one girl at a time rule! Hence why I feel in love on our first date! lol I thought that was so mature and it made me way less anxious early on. I also immediately stopped seeing anyone else. So we were basically monogamous from day 1 which is nice. 
    Me: 33 DH:41
    Married: 7/16/2016
    DD Born: 04/09/2018
    Baby #2 EDD: 03/23/2021

  • @kmalls we met at the bowling alley too. It was a church event though. We had an instant connection ended up talking all night. 
  • Me and DH meet on on our first date we went bowling.  Afterwards when we went to dinner we were watching game 1 of the NBA finals and I asked him what his favorite teams were.  He told me mostly Boston Teams.  Once he said he liked the Patriots I said "you are lucky this date has gone so well, or else I would have left just now" as an avid Colts fan it feels like I'm living in sin lol. That was June 10, 2008, we have been married since October 1, 2011.  


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  • We met on eharmorny. I was in Canada, he was in the US. We did long distance for 1 year, visiting each other every weekend, then he proposed and I applied to a fiancé visa. My visa was granted in December 2014 and I moved in March 2015. 
  • My DH and I met at Applebee's in 2009. We both worked there (he was a cook and I was a waitress). We moved in together after 6 months. Then got married in 2013. Still going strong 8 years later! : ) 
  • Got to love  MySpace @holly321


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  • DH and I had started attending the same care group at church. At that time I was just figuring myself out and he was getting a divorce. We became good friends over the next three or so years. Then I kind of asked myself out for him. He had mentioned a concert he was going to at a local fair and I said that sounds like so much fun and he asked if I wanted to go also. The weeks leading up to the concert we talked every night via FB messenger, we'd never talked outside of our care group meetings before. We married a year and two weeks later. Has our son 1.5 yrs later, he'll be 3 in November. It's also been a joke for us because the care group was new when we both started going and dissolved shortly after we got together, so we say the care group was just Gods dating service lol. The care group leaders had tried to get us to go out a year before we did because they saw something as did my parents who saw us interacting at church.
    Me: 35 DH: 47

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    BFP: 2/7/19 EDD:10/16/19

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  • @holly321 I love that you met your SO on Myspace. I was obsessed with Myspace for the longest time and it cracks me up now thinking about it. 
    Me: 33 DH:41
    Married: 7/16/2016
    DD Born: 04/09/2018
    Baby #2 EDD: 03/23/2021

  • We are college sweethearts! At 19 we got set up on what was essentially a blind date (I guess we knew what each other looked like but that was it!) We've been together for five years and been married a little over one!  
  • We met at a friend from college's wedding.  He is the friend's brother.  Friend always said we would get along and that we should meet but I had a boyfriend throughout college and afterwards.  Met at the wedding and BOOM.  Broke up with boyfriend and started dating.  Happily ever after (so far;) )
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  • I met my husband in college. He played football and I played softball, and the athletes all hung out together. We were really good friends for two years before we started dating our junior year. We've been together for 11 years and married for 8. 
  • I met my DH through my twin sister and her fiancé, we met at a New Year's Eve party. We started living together almost 4 months after meeting, got engaged 5 months after living together, and got married a month after getting engaged. So we got married 10 months after we met, yes we moved very fast. We'll be married two years this October. 
  • My husbands mother was actually my teacher in high school. He is 4 yrs older then me so I only saw him a handful of times if he visited her. We really didn't didn't meet till after I graduated when I was doing my last high school competition that summer. It was in Disney world so his family used it as a family vacation. That's when we really started talking. It helped out that I knew his siblings really well before hand, I even knew his dog before him! Haha! We jokingly say now that his dog picked me. That following week we started dating, 7/3/10, got engaged 10/12/13 my senior year of college and then married 7/3/14. Baby#1 was 1/16/16 and Baby #2 on the way now. 
  • We met at dollar beer night at Double Dave's pizza through mutual friends. We were friends for about a month before we started dating but all our friends would tease us that we should just date already because our chemistry was so obvious from the start! We've been together since 2010, only will have been married a year this November. 
  • We went to the same high school, but met at a fast food place where we both worked. We went on one date and then went our separate ways. He joined the Marines and I went to college. Then 5-ish years later we were both back home and ran into each other at a local bookstore. We went on a date and that was it! :)
  • We met in college. We had an early morning English class together and I couldn't stand him because he talked on-stop. The next year he walked into a psychology class and sat next to me. I was dating someone else (not a good relationship) so we just talked but he pursued me and eventually it worked! We dated for 7 years (both finished high education degrees) and have been married for 4.
  • We were 8 or 9. My dad was his coach for little league for two years. The one year my mom was also his fourth grade teacher. Flash forward 10 years, we worked together at CVS during his senior year of high school and during my breaks my freshman year of college. He was scared to ask me to his prom, I had kept nudging him. He joined the Marine Corps in 2008 and we parted ways until I saw him during his boot camp leave. We rekindled our crush then and finally over FB we got together. 

    We've been together since February of 2009 and got married in April of 2011. 

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  • SO is one of my close friends cousins.  We'd known each other for years (i don't know exactly, maybe 6 now) but were only friends.  I had an ugly ending to my marriage and dated a little in the 2 years to follow the separation.  SO waited me out and finally expressed interest and the rest is history.  We've been together "officially" about 18 months.
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