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  • We started in the same training class at a new job. We were friends for 6 months and decided to start dating. Dated 3.5 years and have been married for 9 years.
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  • We met through a mutual friend. We've been together for almost 5 years and we're coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary.  
  • We met working at a summer camp. He was waterfront director, I was a wrangler (horse barn staff). We dated for 2 years (1 year he was teaching 4th grade in Ponapei) and have been married for 3.5 years. 
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  • The long dating periods are such a change-over from when our parents were meeting, dating, and getting married.

    My parents met in October, were engaged by March, and married the following October. A whirlwind courtship if there ever was one but they're still together today 35 years later. Now, they've had their share of struggles, but they make it work. So vastly different than my experience of picking out the characteristics of my ideal man on

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  • My DH Paul and met because we are in a club called clubhouse and there are some deaf members and some not deaf with some other problems.  I have known him for a while but just friends.  He has a job as a chef at a reatataunt and I work at a company packing up boxes of things to send to doctors I make sure the right things are in there and I check the list and I pack them so they don't touch and I make sure they go to the right doctor.  Paul and my club came on a tour because my boss hires people like me because I am hard working.  We started going on dates and then for married.  He is so nice and handsome and works very hard.  I love Paul DH very much.  
  • Wow, so many couples met online! Add me to the list because DH and I met through Plenty of Fish!
  • My SO and I met May 26th 2009 at a trailer park. We were introduced through a mutual vest friend of mine. Things happened so fast. I moved in with him a month later with my daughter. Two months after that we were expecting our second child and we got married December 11th 2010. 

  • We were set up by mutual friends to essentially have a one night stand because my friend wanted me to get over an ex and her boyfriends friend was in town for a week (he lived 5 hours away).. well we ended up seeing each other every day that week and then he invited me to come visit him to which I said no because I did not want a long distance relationship! We talked on the phone for the next two weeks for hours so I gave in and went to see him and we have been together ever since

    we have been together almost 10 years and celebrated our 6th anniversary this past July and we have baby #2 on the way!
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  • Makes me happy to see all these internet meetings! I met my SO online (Facebook, haha.) .I'm a big car enthusiast (mainly VW/Audi) and he was friends with a few people in our local car group. We talked for a few months before we actually met. I live in Illinois, he is from Pennsylvania. We met up at a big car event in Maryland. Things moved pretty fast, and he ended up moving to IL a few weeks later. Fast forward 3 years, and we got married in 2014. We're going on 6 years together now, and our first child on the way! 
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    We met Sept 2012 after talking on okcupid (same day!). In just a few weeks I told him I loved him. He was finishing a PhD program and I was living a wild lifestyle ;)

    Planning to stay happily unmarried!

    he has wanted kids his whole life and I needed to get to the right place in life for it and at the start of this year I got baby fever. We are so grateful to have conceived the first month of ttc and I am five weeks/ftm. Totally on cloud 9.
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    And his parents (now in-laws) were both my teachers! 
    11/10/13 - we tied the knot <3
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  • I'm so excited to see so many other high school sweethearts! DH and I met in high school and started dating our freshman year. We dated for 6 years, engaged for 1 year, and married for 5 years. So 12 years total. 
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    We met while  playing flip cup at a frat party....very classy!! Lol
  • We were set up on a date by a mutual friend. We talked opera and music for two hours and I was hooked. We got married on our 6th dating anniversary, and celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this summer - so together for 13 years. Our DD was born in April 2014.

    RIP Dr. Irving Fishman - 10/1/19-7/25/10 - thank you for holding on for me.
    You made my wedding day complete.


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  • We met when we were both working as waiters at a TGI Friday's.
  • We met on We lived in the same neighborhood basically within walking distance of each other but are both introverts, were working full time and not into trying to meet people at the bar scene at that stage of life. Living within walking distance and meeting online definitely seems like a sign of the times.

    We've been together for 7.5 years and married almost 6 - dated for 9 months, engaged for 9 months and then married. It didn't even feel fast, though. I knew.
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  • My husband and I are high school sweethearts.  We met on the indoor track team.  I followed him around for a year before he gave in and took me on a date.  We started officially dating in Jan. of 1999, so it'll be 19 years in Jan.  We've been married for 10  years.
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  • Met my husband at the gym, he was a personal trainer. Found out I knew his brother very well. So DH tricked me into a first date, told me we were just going to visit his brother who was in town, but DH showed up with roses.
    That was 11 years ago, married for 2.5.
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    @lindsye when I first told my dad I was trying the whole online dating thing he was like, "WHAT? WHY?? There's NOTHING wrong with you!" ..../side-eye Dad... I had to explain to him that i was a young professional and I didn't know how else to meet someone and not waste time with people I had nothing in common with. His response? "Go to a bar and hang out, you'll meet someone!" I was like, whatever Dad, "I do not want to send the message that a single woman hanging out by herself drinking in a bar sends." lol

    My dad is the same person that was aghast when I told him that my date (now DH) was not picking me up for our first date and that we were meeting each other. "That's unacceptable, what kind of man doesn't go pick up his date?!" I told him, "Dad, we met online. What if he's a freak? I don't want him to know where I live!" Dad, "good point. Please stay safe and call us after the date." lololol

    DS: EDD, December 19th, 2014. Born, December 19th, 2014!
    DD: EDD, July 18th, 2016. Born, July 19th, 2016!
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  • Lol @ladythrice! I know, my parents were really scared too. "You met him online?!?" like somehow all the people online are childmolesters/rapists/freaks just waiting to take a crack at me.

    Honestly I had a great experience with online dating. Reading what someone writes about themselves in two paragraphs (and confirming that they have a basic grasp of grammar/the English language) and seeing what pictures they post of themselves is SUCH a great way to screen people. Like, if I had been able to do this I probably never would have started dating the last couple people I had serious relationships with before my husband. I know there are plenty of horror stories out there but I didn't have any.
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  • I had a wonderful experience with online dating as well! I always recommend it to people.

    DS: EDD, December 19th, 2014. Born, December 19th, 2014!
    DD: EDD, July 18th, 2016. Born, July 19th, 2016!
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    Baby #3: EDD, April 16th, 2016
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  • We went to the same high school but didn't really know each other. He's a year older and we shared one elective class together. We had casual crushes on each other from afar but never spoke. The year I graduated college (so 6 years after that class together) we both ended up at the townie bar the night before thanksgiving which is a tradition in my hometown for 20somethings. We talked/flirted that night and exchanged info but I was getting out of a relationship and he had just started a new one. We talked casually on Facebook for a couple weeks but that was it. By the next thanksgiving eve, I was single and went to the bar on a mission to find him. Unbeknownst to me, he did the same thing. We've been together since. Almost 8 years together, almost 2 years married. 
    Me: 31  DH: 32
    Married: 10/3/15 
    TTC: May 2017
    BFP: 7/20/17
    EDD: 3/29/18
  • I first met my SO when he took over my job in 2015. I was moved to a new Company in my unit, and last year he transitioned into the same Company. I thought he was a complete idiot when I first met him. Turns out he is wildly intelligent and just plays dumb for other people. Thank goodness I ignored my first impression. 

    We have only been together for about a year, but military life is crazy and timelines are not always on our side. 
  • Trivia night - late March '15! Needed a person to fill my table, everyone I lined up fell through. Asked my friends to find someone. One had 2 ideas , I said invite the smart one, we want to win  :D We hit it off, had our first date the next night. I moved in just under a year later, engaged in July '16, married last September. Started TTC before we were even engaged. And we're finally pg. Life is good!
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  • We met while interning together at the National Archives in DC. History nerds FTW!
  • Another high school sweetheart here! Met because a mutual friend would carpool us home. We started dating at the beginning of my senior year, his junior year. Been together 12 years and married for 5.
    Married: May 26, 2012
    Eden: February 8, 2016
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