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  • Ladies, I hate thinking about it, but our little babies are going to be turning one soon. Has anyone started planning a birthday party?
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  • @laraeq I feel like a horrible parent but I don't think LO will have much of a party this year. We are moving at the very end of August. Sept. 8 is LOs bday and I feel like we will be living out of boxes. We also are buying all new furniture and not all of it will be in by the time we move. I just don't feel comfortable planning anything knowing that there is still so much that is up in the air with our living situation. 

    Im sure we will do a little something with immediate family members. It's just not the 1st bday party I envisioned for lo. I feel sad about it. 
  • I'm not sure what we're doing either. LO b day is the 8th also. None of the grandparents will be around except my husbands semi-estranged mom. She's about 3hrs away. I have no idea if I should invite her? She's fairly awkward to be around...Tempted to celebrate when we go to Cali later in the month with my sis in law and her hubby...
    Basically I have no idea but clearly it won't be a big bash.
  • That sounds perfect! And I agree, #1 is for the parents!
  • @drabong88 LMAO OMG that freaking perfect and hilarious. It really does sum up the first year lol. I can't stop chuckling.
  • Hahaha!! That pic is so great!
  • I'm trying to come up with a theme too. There will be alcohol at ours too. Reminded me of this: 
  • So, Ellie is walking!! Crazy little girl. 
  • Hahaha!! That's perfect! 
    And walking?!  :o
  • You guys mind if I vent? This may be a long one. We fired our nanny today for basically neglecting our son while he was in her care. A little back story, I think I mentioned a little while ago that my mom, who was watching our son, had a stroke in May. After that she was going to unable to watch our son (but is doing very well otherwise).

    Anyways we were in a bind for childcare and no daycares in town had any openings for the next 2-4 years. So we were kind of forced to go with a nanny even though it we cannot really afford it. We found someone highly recommend off of care.com that also works as a police officer trainee in a nearby city in addition to babysitting. We did the background check and the whole deal and everything checked out fine so we hired her.

    She started 2 weeks ago and from the beginning something was off. She showed up late everyday, causing me to miss the ferry I have to take to get to work. She never really updated us on our son's day like what they did, what he ate, etc. When we would press her for info I felt like we were interrogating her. I started getting an uneasy feeling and bought us some wireless security cameras. Putting them in the house seemed like an invasion of her privacy so we had them on the outside but because of how well they pick up sound, you can hear some of what is going on in the house, like crying, which we began hearing a lot.

    My son is a pretty happy kid for the most part and doesn't cry much ever really but everytime I checked the cameras at work, I could hear him crying. He would flip out when she came over screaming and crying. Last night we noticed that none of his toys had been touched since we cleaned them up Sunday night. We also knew from the camera that she had not taken him out of the house once yesterday and I really started getting suspicious. I asked my husband to move one of the cameras into the living room.

    Today she came over late again and immediately after I left for work she put him in his crib and left him there while she took a nap on our couch. He had just woken up for the morning so that made no sense. Also, I left breakfast for him, which she did not give him. He cried for about 1.5/2 hours then finally gave up and went to sleep. When he woke up, he started crying and instead of going to get him, she closed the door to the back half of the house where his bedroom is, to deaden the sound of the crying. A half an hour later, she got up, made him a bottle and then left him in his crib to cry again while she napped and watched, wait for it, The Babysitters Club movie! I watched this all unfold this morning at work. She never once held, played with or cuddled my kid. She left him in his bedroom for 5 hours straight. That was enough that I left work to rescue my kid and to fire her on the spot. My husband and I are beyond livid. He said it was a good thing I was the one to let her go because he would have made her cry. Now on to find another nanny. Fingers crossed we can find one who actually likes kids this time!
  • Omg @Laraeq that's is absolutely terrible it broke my heart to read that. I'm so glad you followed your instinct and put those camaras in place!
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  • @Laraeq oh my goodness!! That's awful! So so sorry you had that experience but I'm glad you found out and fired her. Wow. That's terrible. I hope you guys find a perfect fit for your family. 
  • @Laraeq that is absolutely horrible. That is the kind of story you read about and never think is going to happen to you. I'm so sorry this happened to you and your LO. Hope you guys find someone good and soon.
  • Omg my heart is breaking for your little one. Poor little guy. I hope you find the Mary Poppins of the nannies in your area.

    @molosmiles Walking!!! Such a big girl. I think we are getting close over here. 
  • @Laraeq it's horrible that this happened to you and your LO , but good for you for trusting your mommy instincts and putting a stop to it. Cameras were a great idea and your baby's well being trumps her privacy any day! 
  • @Laraeq omg that brought tears to my eyes.  I'm so sorry!  I feel terrible for your little guy and for you! Did the nanny seem remorseful at all? What an asshole.  Is this something you can report? Child neglect? Care.com should definitely be made aware so she can't get rehired there. Good job trusting your instincts!!
  • Thanks guys. This is literally my nightmare but I'm glad that we figured out something was wrong pretty quick. @hejo2016 I don't think she was remorseful because she just kept saying he was napping. I definitely will be letting care.com know. She should not be watching anyone's children ever again. What I don't understand is why she would have applied to our posting if she clearly isn't into kids. Guess we'll never know.
  • @Laraeq I am sick to my stomach reading your story. I am so so sorry that this happened to your family. I can't stop thinking about it! I am a stay at home mom that is going to start substitute teaching this school year and hopefully find a full-time teaching job next year. I am dreading leaving my son with someone else, but I guess you have to trust your instincts. You trusted yours thank goodness! Good for you for being proactive so quickly! 
  • How long was he in her 'care'? That breaks my heart and I'm so sorry you and your son had togo through that. You are the second person I know that caught things on nanny cams. You are trusting this person to watch your child privacy doesn't really  matter! I'm glad you followed your instincts 
  • I do think that negligent nannies/daycares are the exception not the rule but it was unfortunate that we're we're in that small percentage that got a bad one. @molosmiles She was only with us for 5 days, spread across 2 weeks, since we don't need full time care. I'm curious what your friend captured on her nanny cam? I hate being that person who is all paranoid and must have the cameras but in this instance they proved they were worth every cent.
  • BabyBoyH92016BabyBoyH92016 member
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    I had such a cringeworthy moment at the park today. A little girl and her brother were swinging, and their dad was pushing them. I wasn't watching but heard a thud and the little girl was on the ground. While her dad was comforting her he said "You shouldn't try doing what your brother does. He's a BOY and girls can't do that." As he put her back on the swing he proceeded to say "You're a little girl, you are supposed to be cute."

    When we left the park both H and I were in disbelief at what we just witnessed. I don't want to be judgemental because he seemed like a nice dad spending time with his kids, and when his little girl fell he was giving her hugs and rubbing her back, but that's not a good message to be sending to your child. 
  • lilaroslilaros member
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    That kind of stuff drives me crazy. She shouldn't jump off the swing (I'm guessing that is how she fell) because she has a vagina and her brother has a penis? Makes no sense. And the line about being cute, just perpetuates the stereotype that a woman's value is in how she looks. I HATE this kind of stuff. Hopefully that Dad realizes soon that he should be empowering his daughter instead of perpetuating antiquated gender norms.

  • @Laraeq the nanny did not put the baby in the Johnny jump up correctly and she fell and hit her head, hard. She called and the nanny lied about what had just happened. I don't remember all of the details but that was the main gist of it. She went home on her lunch and let her go too.
  • How often does your lo drink milk? I think I'm giving my lo bottles to often. He's getting 6 small ones a day. I'd like to encourage more solids, but I think he's drinking too much milk. Here is a typical schedule of ours. 

    6am wake-up and 5 ounce bottle
    7:30 am breakfast 
    9:00 am 4.5 ounce bottle and nap
    11:00am wake-up 
    11:30am lunch followed by 4.5 ounce bottle
    2:30pm 4.5 ounce bottle and nap
    3:30 wake-up
    4:00pm dinner followed by 4.5 ounce bottle 
    7:00pm 6.5 ounce bottle and bedtime

    Basically he gets a little bottle after every meal and a bottle before he naps or goes to bed for the night. I just realized I'm offering him 29ounces of milk. He'll rarely drink all of it especially after meals. He probably ends up drinking 25 ounces. Although he is interested in food, I don't feel like he eats a lot. It's hard to tell when a good amount ends up on the floor.

    Am i offering him too many bottles in the day? 

  • It doesn't seem like he is getting too much milk. Babies at our LO ages should be getting anywhere from 24-32oz of milk a day. They should eat 3 meals a day with snacks as well. Seems like he is eating fine. Xavier won't take more than a 6oz bottle so we have to offer numerous 4-6 oz bottles a day to make sure he gets enough. He eats food fine but doesn't get the liquids he needs most day. It is very frustrating.
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