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jenkar01jenkar01 member
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Happy 4th of July my fellow bumpies!!! Hope all the littles enjoy their first 4th of July.

Re: July Randoms

  • Good job starting a July randoms!
    We had a fun 4th, kids were up way too late though and I feel like I should prbly bring wine to my daycare person at pick up time  :D
    Add to that that LO 2 bottom teeth are coming thru and she was up 5x last night.  Ugh. Poor kid
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  • Oh the teething is the worse. X has his two bottom teeth but I think he may be cutting more because he has been super cranky lately.
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  • BabyBoyH92016BabyBoyH92016 member
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    We have no bottom teeth yet. Lo has his two front teeth and I just noticed today that the teeth right next to his two front teeth are poking through. It's too early to call but he appears to be doing better with these teeth teething-wise. The front two seemed really painful. We also just discovered a lip-tie which I'm sure made the pain worse. Poor guy. 
  • No teeth over here but definitely teething. Grouchy pants! She's still super happy though. She likes to grab and squeeze my chest while nursing and it's really driving me crazy! It hurts and I'm tired and i pull her hands away but they just keep coming back for more...
  • @molosmiles Mine grabs and squeezes my chest/neck/cheek. It hurts! Yesterday I had to stop feeding him to move his hand. It's a comfort thing. I don't think he realizes how much it hurts. 
  • I just spent 9$ on cotton candy grapes  :o omg. Anyone else have these lately? So yummy!! Thankfully they aren't in season long because my kids mow through them
  • Well those sound good! I haven't seen them around but I used to pay a ridiculous amount for grape flavoured apples ... Now I really want a grapple...
  • Teething can suck it! She's been a mess the past two weeks. Difficult to put to bed and it's even harder keeping her in bed. I'm at wits end. Hoping for a decent night tonight. 
  • Ugh! Teething does suck! Had our first night w only 2 wake ups instead of 5 or 6, hoping she's on a better trend! Hopefully we all get some sleep soon! (5 years??   :D)
  • I tried cotton candy grapes for the first time and they taste just like cotton candy and I thought it was too weird. 

    Ellie still hasn't got the horrible teething stage but I'm not looking forward to it.

  • I feel for all of you!
  • Haha!! Cracking up over the grapes!!
  • We have been having a very hard time with teething over here. My son's bottom two teeth came in a little bit less than a month ago. They didn't bother him at all. Now his top two teeth are coming in and he is miserable. It gets so much worse at night. We've had to give him Tylenol every day for a week just so the poor kid can sleep.

    Also, are cotton candy grapes something most grocery stores have? I want to try them! I have never heard of them until now.
  • Grape flavored apples and cotton candy grapes?!?! Where do I find such items? 
  • Haha! The cotton candy grapes are organic, I get them at Sprouts. Pretty sure Whole Foods has them. I think they only come organic? I've never seen non organic....
  • Glad you guys had a good vacation. It is always stressful taking LO out of their normal routine. 
  • Omg we officially have a little munchkin that can stand up without holding on to anything! She did it for the first time on Saturday when we were up at a family members cottage. It was so cute because we were all outside playing some games when she tried it so she had about 12 people around all clapping for her. I think having all her cousins running around and playing was a motivater. I'm totally not ready for her to be growing up this fast!!!
  • @jellybiehn that's so awesome. ! When LO does new stuff it's so exciting but then sad because it means he is growing up! I mean we are going to all have 1 year olds before too long! 
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  • @jellybiehn that is crazy and awesome. They are all growing up way too fast. Crazy to think that in two months give or take when LO birthdays are, we will throwing first birthday parties. How is that possible?!
  • Headed to MI tomorrow w my youngest and oldest. Fingers crossed LO can sit on the plane for 4hrs... plus the hour drive to my parents. Oh man...
  • Standing! Oh my gosh! Our little ones are getting soooo big.

    @hejo2016 Best of luck! 
  • Yay! I love watching them do new things. Ellie gets so proud of herself. She has taken a couple steps and balances herself quite well. It just happened one day! But the proud look on her face is the best part
  • @hejo2016 How old is your oldest? Are they a help with the little one? 
  • My oldest is 8, so yeah, she can be helpful. She gets car sick, really hoping there's no barfing happening. But otherwise she's usually pretty good with travel!
  • @hejo2016 crossing my fingers for no barfing! My oldest would get carsick if she didn't eat before a drive. Now I always make sure she has breakfast and snacks ready. Maybe some motion sickness medicine or bracelet?
  • No barfing but it was so close at the end! And I couldn't find a damn barf bag, are those not a thing anymore? @molosmiles I think it's food related too. Kept telling her to eat carbs on the plane and she wouldn't.
    LO did pretty good, only slept 20 min of the almost 4hrs, but she was tolerable the rest of the time.
  • I'm glad they did good! Even I can get a little restless on a 4 hour plane ride. 
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  • I'm slightly concerned although I'm sure I'm overreacting. My lo has stopped saying mama, but instead says dada all the time. Is this considered a regression or do babies just work on things one at a time?

    This concern also stems from the fact that Lo does not clap or wave yet. He's always been a very physical baby and has met those milestones early-ish, but now that he's 10months, I'm sorta getting concerned about the other stuff.

    He likes it when I clap, and when I make his hands clap. Sometimes when we are practicing clapping I will just gently touch his arms and he will put them together himself, but will not clap. 
  • @BabyBoyH92016 I think that's pretty common for babies to stop doing one thing to focus on another. Our LO stopped doing the signs she knew but is working on other things now :) 
    I wouldn't be too worried at this point!
  • @BabyBoyH92016 Dylan is just now getting the hang of the waving thing and will only do it occasionally, and I feel like he only says mama when he is crying but says dada all the time lol. It is so nerve wracking being a mom sometimes ! I find myself thinking and worrying about things I never thought I would. 
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  • @BabyBoyH92016 Yeah things are very sporadic around here too. I did get a little wave and a 'bye' when she saw me this morning.... almost right and very cute. But waving comes and goes. She clapped a couple of times but still enjoys it more when I do it. We have been trying the sign language for a few months now and I know she is reacting to the signs I do but still wont sign anything back so who knows....

    I think she is focusing on the fun stuff right now... mobility! She is crazy active, stands up alone now and just motors around the house with her walking zebra push toy... so cute.... horrible at steering! LOL.

    Unfortunately she is also perfecting her tantrums. The past few days she has turned into a little ball of rage when I stop her from doing something she wants to do.....I hope this is just a quick phase!

  • @BabyBoyH92016 Bryce went through a phase where all he said was mama. Then for about a month he only said dada. Now he back mixing them both in. I think it goes in waves

    He also does not clap at all. I try clapping his hands but he keeps his finger closed so that doesn't really work. He did just get the hang of waving but it is because we worked on it for like 2-3 months. I don't think any of it is something to worry about. Their little brains are taking so much in right now.
  • Thanks for the responses. I do feel better.

    @jellybiehn yes, I agree that mobility is top priority! He'll smile and look at me while i clap and then 10 seconds later crawl away to explore and climb on something. 

    @Laraeq I guess I shouldn't expect him to wave yet. Ive been trying to get him to clap, but we've just started to make an effort to wave hi and bye so he sees it.

  • @BabyBoyH92016 Xavier only really says Mama and not even all that much. He more babbles a lot. He just started clapping and I have to initiate it most times. I use to worry about things like that but he definitely does things on his own terms. Lol he gets that from me.
  • I'm jealous of all of you that get to hear mama! Ellie has said it a few times and mostly when she's upset but she says dada, doggy, grandpa and Lorelei, seriously what the heck!! Lol. I don't hear her say grandma either and we are the 2 people that take care for her the most. Ellie definitely learns something then she will learn something new and stop doing the other thing. Like right now it's clapping and peek a boo, when it used to be waving and blowing kisses. We hardly see those things anymore. I think it's completely normal. She is getting so much better with her balance. She'll stand up and dance or do some squats, take a couple steps, then fall. She either falls back on her butt or lounges her whole body forward into a person or something soft. It's hilarious.

    Sleeping is still a struggle though....
  • Dylan has finally started sleeping through the night. I honestly don't know if it was the long car ride and he just realized that he could sleep that long or what but everyday since we left for vacation he has slept through the night at least 9 hours. I'm not taking it for granted as I'm sure he will start waking up for some reason or another at some point.

    Since the kiddos are getting close to a year Any advice from 2nd time mom's on how to wean the baby from breastfeeding. My goal was a year give or take and although I don't think he will miss breatfeeding too much as even now he is more interested in eating people food I didn't know if anyone had any tips. 

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  • I think weaning is very close for us too...was planning on making it to one year but milk supply seems to be taking a nose dive. Was initially sad about it but now I really just want my boobs back! 

    I have been looking at tips on the bump but would also love some tips from the STMs here. Plus is it too early to start introducing some whole milk to compensate for the drop in my own supply or should I really be using formula until one year? 
  • Also interested in potentially introducing whole milk at 11 months. I recently went from pumping 4 times a day to 3 and am making about 9-10ounces a day. 

    Next month we will be incredibly busy with moving and getting our current place ready to become a rental property, so I am planning on dropping to two pumps. Instead of supplementing with more formula, I'm wondering if I can start introducing a little bit of whole milk and slowly increase the amount over the period of a few weeks. I want to be 100% done with pumping by LOs first bday (Sept 8).
  • I weaned both babies after age 1, but I gave a cup of milk instead of the boob for one feeding. And then slowly decreased feeds/pumping.
    As far as whole milk, technically boob or formula til age 1. Does something magical happen at age 1? No. So I'm sure 11mo is fine, but, ya know... your doc would prbly tell you formula. I mixed boobmilk and whole milk when introducing it to our kiddos. 
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