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  • Xavier is self weaning from the boob. He only nurses off of me at night. I'm still pumping three times a day. Weaning the middle of the day pumping out by end of this month and then weaning the other two by his first birthday 9/1. I have plenty of milk in my freezer that I am fine with him weaning himself. He is so active and curious about everything that it is hard to get him to nurse during the day. He will slam a bottle and then be on his way. Plus the kid eats everything all the time. If he isn't sleeping he is eating food and milk. I'm so surprised he isn't a tank but he is still only about 17 lbs but easily 30 or so inches. Long and lean.
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  • @jenkar01 I want your babes metabolism  :|
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  • I think the only reason to avoid cows milk before one but only because they have a harder time metabolizing the proteins in milk in the early months. If you're kiddo does okay with dairy, I'm sure it's fine to start weaning them. 

    I'm ready to be done with breastfeeding (and pumping! God I hate pumping) but man am I going to miss the cuddles! 
  • I know right @BabyBoyH92016. He is an eating machine and so freaking active. I want an ounce of his energy and half his metabolism and I'll be good looking.
  • Along with that, is anyone gradually decreasing the temperature of bottles? Should I be warming his whole milk when he turns 1? He still refuses water so this milk transition should be interesting  :D
  • Curious if anyone else here is over 35? No reason, just wondering. I'll be 37 in less than a month... already planning my 40th "get the hell out of here" vacation  :D 
  • I'll be 35 in less than a week :) 

    Molly refuses water too. But we were told by the pediatrician that she doesn't need water at this age and not to give it to her. So I've stopped trying. My plan is to BF until one and see where we are / how much milk I have left. It's going to be close. At that point I may just BF before work and before bed (if she's still into it) and drop my pumps. I can't wait to be done and have my body back. And my time!
  • @Sbrown721 We have, but not by much. We've only cut warming the bottle by 1 minute. I should probably decrease it again.

    I'll be 35 in December. I'm starting to feel pressure to start trying for number 2  :#:#
  • I turned 35 in June. 

    I stopped pumping 2 months ago... probably why Ellie still eats at 9, 12, and 4 am. But I have to wean her from those slowly, I think. I have a twinge of guilt about it but also know it's okay. My first refused the breast and stopped getting pumped breastmilk at 6 weeks so I know Ellie is totally healthy and will be fine with all formula. She will probably cut the night feedings on her own but it's taking too long! 
  • I'll be 35 in November. I told my SO that we will stop using birth control measures after our wedding and let nature do it's thing like we did with this little one.
  • Wow, lots of us around the same age! Makes me feel not so old :)
    i guess I'm in the minority with planning to breastfeed til age 2? Obviously I can't force anything, but that's what I did with my older kiddos. 
  • I planned on nursing to at least a year old and longer if he wanted but he would rather the bottle vs breast. I'm okay with it for the most part. I think the weaning is harder for me than him because I feel like I'll lose my bond with him and plus I love the cuddles. He is so go go that I don't get the cuddles as much anymore.
  • It's definitely bittersweet no matter what the age! 
  • I guess I'm the baby in the group I'm gonna be 29 in september! @jenkar01 I also find it hard to to get Dylan to concentrate long enough to eat. Like you said he will eat a bottle pretty fast now and then be ready to crawl everywhere. 
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  • I'll be 30 this week! Or else I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of turning 29! I feel pretty old suddenly! I definitely would like to have 1 more baby! I'm not confident on what's best for kids as far as age gaps, but my family is going on a scuba diving trip in Maui, Hawaii in February so I plan on getting pregnant again after that so I can scuba dive  :D
  • Yup...35 is lurking this winter. I do feel the pressure to have baby #2 sooner than later as 35 approaches. 

    Anyone have any experience with contact rashes on baby? LO got a good one after eating hummus. Could be anything from a sensitivity to sesame to just the lemon irritating her skin....but I will definitely not be giving it to her again any time soon! Didn't bother her at all but it sure scared me! 
  • @jellybiehn I think that's what LO has on his chin and cheeks. A couple days ago I gave him some zucchini noodles with marinara sauce. A few hours later in the bath I noticed his mouth looked a little rashly. I think the sauce must of irritated his skin. It's a little bit better now but still some rash. Probably doesn't help that he smears food all over his face multiple times a day and that I'm constantly wiping his face off. 

  • I'm not too far off from everyone, I just turned 33. I think it's very cool we're all so close in age.

    My LO got a contact rash from cinnamon the other day. Everywhere on his body that it touched was bright red. We're not going to try that one again for a while. 
  • So has anyone's LO become a holy terror to change recently? OMG Xavier has become unbearable to change lately. He screams the instant you put him on the changing table and then the instant the diaper is over he is rolling over and standing up. It is so frustrating. We use to be able to distract him with toys but now that his is mobile, Lord help us. And my gracious the attitude on this kid. I was hoping he would get his Daddy's attitude but no Karma had other plans and gave him mine LOL. He is going to be a fun toddler, not.
  • @jenkar01 omg yes!!! So horrible. I finally put the little mobile from the pack and play over the change table topper...works as long as I can get the new diaper on before she runs out of little plush stars to rip off of it! 
  • @jenkar01 I posted about this maybe a 1-2 months ago. My LO was an absolute nightmare to change and would immediately start to scream and try and flip over. I absolutely dreaded it. I tried everything. Special toys, singing, etc...nothing worked.

    It seemed to be a phase because he is so much better now. He still has his squirmy moments, but it is nothing compared to how he was around 8-9 months.

    We sign "all done" when we finish changing his diaper and maybe that helped. When I put my arms up and do the "all done" motion he immediately flips over to get up, so I think he understands what it means. 
  • I will say that having this baby after 35 was prbly my best pregnancy. I felt really good and more relaxed. It had been my goal to be in awesome shape at 35, so that helped I'm sure when I figured out I was pregnant too.
    Diaper changing craziness over here too. She's all about grabbing down there and it's hard to keep her hands out of poo. She also undoes the diaper after I put it on. So one side taped on, she'll have that undone by the time I'm done taping down the other side :/
  • My kid is a nightmare to change also. He screams the second you lay him down and then tries to roll over non-stop! It's so difficult I just keep finding reasons formy husband to change him instead of me but I think he's catching on to my tricks.

    On an entirely unrelated note, we started full fledged sleep training this past weekend. We were cosleeping and my LO nursed all night long so I didn't have much hope. On Saturday he cried for 2 hours before I finally gave up. Same thing with the following nights but something clicked last night. I put him in bed. He whined (not cried) for about 10 minutes then put his pacifier in his mouth, laid down and slept FOR 12 HOURS STRAIGHT!! He didn't wake up once. He usually wakes up 5 or 6 times a night. It was amazing! Fingers crossed it's the same tonight!
  • Omg 12hrs!!! Holy moly!!
  • @Laraeq Yea! Hope it continues!

    Anyone else experiencing a sleep regression? LO has consistently slept through the night since 8 months. This past week he's getting up 1-2 times a night. He's got 4 new teeth poking through, so at first i thought it might be that, but it's been nearly a week of this. I get up and soothe him and it only takes 2-3 minutes so it's not a big deal, but I'm wondering how much longer this will go on for.  He still goes down for bed and naps with no problem.

    He's been standing a lot in his crib, and he's getting better at standing unassisted for several seconds at a time, so i wonder if this is developmental. Maybe separation anxiety? Whatever it is I hope it passes soon. 

  • @laraeq How did it go?? I'm so happy for you. I'm going to start this weekend. Any advice?? 
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease over here...and apparently I never got it when I was young so I have it too. IT SUCKS!! So so painful and itchy for adults. I hope neither of us scar. My husband doesn't have it and I hope he doesn't get it! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!
  • @Sbrown721 Oh I'm sorry, that sounds awful!! I never checked if I had it...must ask my mom! 
  • Oh no!!! That sounds terrible!
  • Oh no! So sorry. That cannot be fun.
  • @BabyBoyH92016 we had about two weeks of a regression about two weeks ago. It was a struggle to get her to bed. It was taking me like 2-3 hours to put her down and then she would wake a million times. It was terrible. But we are back to normal now! Could be developmental as you said! Lots of new things happening. Hope you get your normal back soon!!
  • @Sbrown721 I hope you guys start feeling better soon! My best friend's son (who is also a September 2016 baby) recently got that. She sent me pictures and it looked awful, not to mention she said he was painful for him to eat because of the rash in his mouth. Hopefully yours isn't as bad of a case. I'm sending non-itchy vibes thoughts your way.

    @molosmiles He's slept in his bed for at least 12 hours straight the past three nights. I don't really have any advice other than listening to them cry sucks so find something to do or somewhere to go so you don't have to listen. The first night he cried for two hours and I couldn't take it any more so I gave up. Last night he cried for less than 5 minutes. Also, I read Precious Little Sleep's website (https://www.preciouslittlesleep.com/9-12-month-baby-sleep-guide/) and Facebook group religiously before embarking on this journey. They have some pretty good advice. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  • So pretty sure Xavier will be walking by the end of the month or shortly thereafter. He has been standing on his own for at first just a few seconds but it keeps getting longer and longer. He held it for a couple mins today. He cruises along the furniture and will walk somewhat with his push toy. I'm so not ready for this lol.  Also he randomly started to somewhat sign milk and food today and he has started waving. This kid is stubborn and will do things when he wants and not when anyone else wants him to. He is very smart and strong willed. I may be in trouble later.
  • @Laraeq I'm in the precious little sleep group too! Wealth of knowledge! Respectful sleep training/learning is another good sleep group on Facebook. 

    @jenkar01 A couple minutes of standing! Yes that sounds like he's getting very close. I also feel like I have a strong willed one and am very nervous for toddlerhood. 

    @Sbrown721 I'm so sorry! I hope you guys are feeling better. 
  • @jenkar01 My LO is just motoring around the house with her little push Walker...very bad driver! But I'm with you...not ready for her to become faster!! 

    Still waiting for her to sign something back, but I know she is recognizing them when I do it. I guess I just keep it up and she will sign back when she wants.

    We are currently in a bit of a nap regression but tooth #5 is poking through right now so hopefully this is the reason and she will get back on her schedule soon. 
  • Ellie still does not have any teeth! What the heck?!? She is so sensitive to pain, I'm so nervous for teeth.
  • My LO will be 10 months in 2 days and already has 8 teeth! He was pretty intense whenever there were 2 teeth coming in at a time which happened twice, but much better with just 1 tooth coming in. Those mesh teethers helped a ton. Don't worry it really does last long. The teeth pop pretty quickly. 
  • The FOUR my lo has poking through at once seem to be less painful then the first two he had (which were his top front) with those it was very apparent that he was in a lot of pain and we had to give him Motrin multiple times. He has an upper lip tie so I think that made the top two extra painful. 

    @Sbrown721 I'm a big fan of the mesh feeders for teething. I give lo ice cubes in the feeder 1-2 times a day and he loves it. 
  • I found some plastic feeders by boon. They are so much easier to clean!! And they are cute, it looks like she is eating a popsicle. Ha ha.

    She loves ice and frozen fruit in them.
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