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  • @doodleoodle, @Allybiery- I'm there with you too. I keep telling myself there's enough time before the baby comes for her to sort out her sleep issues and start sleeping well again. But, in the meantime it's brutal, and I am SO TIRED. 
  • DD has been going through a major sleep regression for the last month. She's waking in the middle of the night, often can't fall asleep alone, fights sleep tooth and nail, and is waking up super early. I'm ashamed to say that I just had a full on, weepy, hyperventilating panic attack about it. She was sleeping so well when I got KU. I know it's just a phase and like everything, it will pass, but I don't know how I will handle it if this is ongoing once DD2 arrives. DH works nights so it'll all be up to me. 
    My dds sleep has totally changed lately too. Nightmares, peeing the bed, can't even nap without me. I think it's baby stress. Try not to be too hard on her. It's SO tiring I know. I can't tell you how tired I am of changing sheets...
  • Started my alternative to the glucose test today, the finger pricks. So far so good, it's a lot less complicated than I had expected. My weekly random, wish me luck! 
  • I'm all about taking kids to restaurants so they learn. My DD was tough when she was younger, but shes 4 now and is really great when we go out.
    It took a few times but I try not to stress over her being perfectly well behaved. I don't let her run around the restaurant but I'll let her stand up and move around at our table. I'm also big on distractions. Crayons, little toys, or even videos on my phone keep her occupied. 

    My DF and I make a point of not staying in just because we have her with us so she's been to so many restaurants not technically "kid friendly" places and we often find them to be very accommodating. We took her to a brewery near us a few months ago and the owners came out and gave her goldfish to eat and chalk to draw on their floor with. 
  • @allybiery DH worked in restaurants for years and tells me all the time that it will be a long while before we bring our kid out to eat with us.  We'll see how that changes once LO gets here and we're hungry but too tired to cook.
  • I think my husband spilled the beans to his mom about the babies sex. She didn't want to know, so we've been trying to keep it secret from her so she can be surprised (dumb, but whatever).

    Anyway, she asked him about our last doctor's appointment and he told her that we spent a bunch of time going over questions with the OB. Like what? Oh you know, vaccinations, circumcision...

    Whoops! The irritating thing is that she is the queen of denial, so she won't admit that she knows and we're going to have to keep tiptoeing around for another 4 months. Ugh.

  • @HgPa I don't know if I'd be able to accommodate someone else's request to be team green with our baby, so props to you guys for even trying! 

    As far as dining out...I worked in restaurants for many years and there are parents that just don't care, and ones that at least make an effort to correct behavior. I didn't care how out of control the child would get or what kind of mess I had to clean up under their chair or high chair as long as the parents tried to fix the situation. It was the parents that just sat there and let their kid throw food, yell, run around bumping into other people's chairs that got me. I am a FTM, but we plan to take our LO out with us as much as we want to, knowing that it may not always be an enjoyable experience for us, but it will end up as a teachable moment if nothing else (probably for us as much as our daughter).
  • When dd was tiny she cried constantly except when she was being held/worn by someone standing up and bouncing around or walking, so we would only "eat out" at places where we could order at a counter and then eat while we walked around the mall or stand at counter-height tables wearing her. Thankfully that was short lived and now she's a restaurant rock star. Now we take her out to restaurants somewhat regularly. We don't go anywhere super fancy, mostly because we would want to enjoy that experience in a more relaxed way than we can with her along. I bring crayons for her and let her snack on bread  (or cheerios from the diaper bag) while we wait for the food. She does fine. The most she disturbs other people is staring and smiling at them for a long time, which i figured they can deal with. She usually makes a mess on the table and sometimes the floor, but i always clean it up and pile everything on a dirty plate, so I don't think it makes too much work for anybody. She is really easy to handle though, so we might do things differently when we have another one who will have a different personality.
  • @allybiery I remember that stage. It's rough. We felt that way pretty much until our kids reached 3-4. They really can take the fun out of going to a restaurant!

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  • @HgPa I wouldn't have even tried to accommodate that request in the first place, so nice job for at least attempting! 
  • @MKRLTX @ladylolly89 Thanks guys. It bothers me, but it's not my hill to die on. MIL is offering to watch the baby twice a week which will significantly cut down on childcare costs, so I'll play along  :)

    That said, if it was MY mom, we would have a whole discussion about respecting my choices. Or I would have just called her and been like 'It's a boy! Sorry, not sorry.' Lol.
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  • I feel your pain @FSUNole31.  We have vacation next week and I am seriously contemplating still sending DS to daycare so I can have a full day to myself.
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  • Christ almighty, if I have to deal with my mother one more time, I just might lose it.  The conversation du jour was kicked off by my sister seeing a photo posted of me on FB from my baptism/confirmation/first communion when I converted to Catholicism back in 2014.  I swear, if she starts in again on how Catholics are heathens (her opinion, obviously not mine), I might just lose it.  

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  • Ladies I've been reading the symptoms boards for the ladies due this month and in march.  They all sound so miserable.    :s Not excited for all of the uncomfortableness coming our way. 
  • Uhhhhh @Wearmi1 I'm not looking forward to it! 
  • DS tested positive for the flu. Ugh!!!! Thank God he had the flu shot so his symptoms are relatively minor (cough, runny nose, tired) but we were on day 5 of fever. Hopefully hes almost through it. I feel so bad for my little guy bc theres nothing they can do for him. I was at the midwife today and shes like youre going to get it so fingers crossed the flu shot minimizes the symptoms and Ive been told to take Emergencee, vitamin c drops, and drink warm water with lemon, and warm water with ginger. Shes crunchier than the average so thats pretty much the limit of what shell recommend. Im hoping for a miracle and I dont get it too.
  • @mombod sorry to hear about DS, fevers are THE worst... it makes little ones so miserable.
  • If my BH contractions stop, I need all the good vibes and prayers as DH and I will be attempting to put together our twins' furniture tonight...  :D 

    One positive is that the dresser came fully assembled and the drawers are even better quality than I could've hoped for... one less item to assemble.
  • Sending healing vibes to everyone who got sick loved ones right now!
    It seems like we just can't catch a break

    I'm currently waiting in ER to get some test results. Took a pretty nasty fall down the stairs after dinner. Hit my head, lost bladder control and all (thought my water broke that's how much fluid came out!!).
    Baby is fine. Now to make sure my arm, back and head are in tact...  UGH!!!

  • @silliegirlie143 Oh no!  Hope you are OK, keep us updated!

    I'm up now too... apparently our house has been struck by the stomach bug... started by the preschoolers that happen to live here.  I'm sure most with kiddos will want to reach through their screen and slap me, but my boys have not had a stomach bug since they were 11 months old and they are now 4yo so this is new territory for us... I'm having to teach my kids how to throw up, ugh...
  • @silliegirlie143 o no! I'm glad your CT scan came back clear! 

    Everyone dealing with sickness I hope your households get better soon! 

    This week has been a "what next" week so far. First Sunday my chip in my debit card decided to stop working. Monday called to get a new one. An hour later went to get gas and use my star card (military credit card that give a discount on gas) that wouldn't read! So called to get a new one. Wednesday went to call my grandma to finally tell her the name we decided on. My phone wouldn't make out going calls!! I restarted my phone like 3 times and it finally started working. 

    Seriously... What's next? 

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  • @silliegirlie143, good luck and I hope you feel better soon. 

    The stomach bug is in my house now! DH and I are down. I had to leave work early because I could tell I was next. DS had it Monday and Tuesday. I can't even keep ice chips down. Ugh. My dryer just decided to break too. Of all the times to not be able to do laundry...
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  • @silliegirlie143, that's so scary!  Glad you're ok!

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  • @silliegirlie143 so glad you're okay!  I slid about 2ft across some ice this morning and it was terrifying even though I didn't go down.  I cannot imagine a fall like yours.  Take care of yourself!!
  • @silliegirlie143 Super glad to hear you're ok - how scary!
    This really has been one of "those" weeks. Despite Monday's root canal, I'm still having what feels like nerve pain that has woken me up at 3am the past two mornings and isn't responding to Tylenol, so a call to the dentist needs to happen to see if this is "normal" or if I need to come back. Sigh. 
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  • Sending everyone who's dealing with sickness healing vibes!!  And @silliegirlie143 I hope you're not too sore today :(  Glad everything checked out!
  • Glad to hear everything came back ok @silliegirlie143
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  • Oh my goodness @silliegirlie143! I'm glad you're OK! So scary.

    I hope all those who are sick or who have sick households get/stay healthy!
  • @silliegirlie143 SO glad you're ok! How scary that must have been!!

    Over here sick too- I reluctantly called a sub for today because I felt like I should toughen up since apparently this is just a cold (flu test came back negative).. But I only got up for a few minutes to get something to drink and had to lay back down because I was so dizzy/weak. Now the aches and pains are starting. No way would I have made it at school today.
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  • That's crazy, @silliegirlie143! Glad you are ok!!
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