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  • michaela0704michaela0704
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    @krex I feel you... I ordered Swiss cross decals for my twin boys' bedroom that should get here this week... we will finish painting their room today, and furniture gets here tomorrow but we have to assemble.  I feel like we are really testing our marriage at this rate!  If I weren't such a perfectionist and DH wasn't so 'hurry up' force it together, it wouldn't be so bad, but... I think I should try to attempt the decals on my own otherwise they'll drive me crazy every time I look at them if they aren't aligned straight and spaced evenly.

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  • @Wino0920 I saw it! I liked it too! I read the books and after I had watched the first movie. 
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  • @delujm0 we do the same thing, it is wonderful!  We have a generic sports program that helps with both large and fine motor skills, introduces most sports, etc. 1 day per week and then a local soccer club sends out a coach 1 day per week for a soccer program.  We still do soccer on the weekends in the Spring/Fall as well as swim lessons now... but at least we don't have to rush around during the work week.
  • OK so I'm having a WTF moment and would appreciate if anyone has a clue what the hell could cause this.  Last night I was abruptly awoken at about 3am to what I thought was DS coming into our room (he shuffles his feet like no one's business).  Of late, his little imagination has been getting the best of him as I've had to rearrange furniture to get rid of the "shadow man".  I quickly realized DS wasn't in the room (odd), but I could hear loud singing from a radio or TV.  I had gone to bed at 11pm and left DH watching a show on our Roku downstairs.  I shoved DH awake and said "You forgot to turn the TV off!" (aka Happy Valentine's Day now get the f out of bed and fix your mistake).  He said I was hearing things and he shut it off.  So I walk down the hallway (we have a balcony down to the first floor) and could see light from the TV.  I yelled down the hallway "No... it is very much on."  DH begrudgingly got out of bed ranting and raving and came upstairs a bit rattled (he swears our house is haunted, but I don't believe in ghosts and can almost always justify the weirdness).  He said "I swear I turned that TV off... I fell asleep watching the show and I woke up to the home screen.  I turned the TV off, but left it set to the input for Roku (HDMI3).  The TV was on and turned to cable (HDMI1)."  That TV has randomly turned on before.  I figure maybe the remote batteries are dying or somehow signals get crossed with the remote upstairs (the playroom is right above the family room and we have cable in both spots).   I've never had the input entirely change though!  Does anyone with a Roku ever notice the input change if the system was idle for too long? 
  • @Elyse1384 never had that issue with our Roku... your post gave me chills!  We are the 2nd owners of a 1950's house, it was an estate sale by the kids... no lie, I do think that the mom, who passed at 93 yo, is 'hanging around' because sometimes weird things happen - not malicious but just odd.  It happened this weekend where I was in the living room and all of sudden I got a huge whiff of cigarette smoke, the father was a smoker supposedly but passed in the late 80's.  Our house does not and has never smelled like smoke since we saw it, closed on it, or while we have lived here... we've done extensive renovations and painted the entire house so it freaks me out.
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  • @michaela0704  We are 2nd owners as well.  The prior owner sadly passed unexpectedly at home and his wife sold the house a few years later (it is a larger house and their kids were grown, so she didn't need the space).  We've always noticed weird things, but similar to you nothing malicious.  While I am religious, I don't believe in ghosts so my brain always tries to find the scientific explanation.  This was the first one I've really struggled to figure out and my brain can't handle it.  I think I'm going to leave the Roku on idle tonight and see if that causes an input change (maybe it is some kind of setting????).  So odd!
  • @Elyse1384 We use the Amazon Firestick. And I think twice our TV has turned on randomly in the middle of the night to cable. I'm not sure what the exact details were but it freaked me out to wake up with a super loud TV on. I just hope it was my cats accidentally hitting the buttons. 
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  • @Elyse1384, I'm right there with @michaela0704.  Your post gave me the chills.  That said, it was probably just a power surge or whatever that caused it to jump inputs. 

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  • LMMamaLMMama
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    My house is old. Like 110 years old and I totally believe in ghosts. I often times will just get a creepy feeling. There have been numerous occasions where I've been alone in my house standing in the bathroom doing my hair and think I see/feel something walk by the door. I woke up out of a dead sleep one time (I was by myself again) to hear a Christmas song by the Carpenters playing really loud- it sounded like it might have been coming from my attic. I'm positive I was actually awake, my dog was looking at me alarmed, and it played for a few seconds before I got out of bed and it stopped. We don't have any radios that I'm aware of, none of the TVs were on/computers open, nothing from my phone. No idea. 
  • You guys are freaking me out.
  • @LMMama we had a Christmas song experience too!  I was changing DS in the nursery and DH was behind me restocking the diapers.  I heard him humming Jingle Bells and I jokingly said to DS "Daddy hums because he can't sing".  DH came up next to me and said, "I wasn't humming and was about to ask if you had the TV or radio on somewhere".   I didn't and figured it was someone outside being quite loud, but not a soul to be seen or heard when I opened the window (we live on a very quiet road).  At least it was a pleasant song???  

    The only time I was actually unnerved was when DS was a baby (I want to say around 9 months).  One night he woke up screaming in the nursery.  I tried to calm him, but he was frantically looking around.  I figured I would take him down the hallway to the playroom since the nursery shared a wall with our bedroom and I didn't want to wake DH.   Well when I stepped into that hallway DS's eyes locked on the doorway to our bedroom and he lost it.  I got him to the playroom, but he kept staring down the hallway and crying.  DH eventually came running down thinking something had happened and we ended up bringing DS to our bedroom to soothe him.  Maybe a night terror we thought.  DS again lost it as we approached the doorway to our room and then once in our room, his head bolted back to the doorway and he started screaming and crying again.  No matter where I moved, he was fixated in on the doorway.  We had the lights on by that point and he was beside himself.  He eventually passed out on me, but it was the first and only time I remember thinking "I don't know what he is seeing, but I want it gone".
  • @Elyse1384 so freaked out by your last DS story.  Eeeek!
  • Totally believe in ghosts. I grew up in an old Drs home from the 1800s. Doors open by themselves all the time. And they were old hinge door handles you could slam into the doors and they don't open. I had things whispered in my ear while sitting in my room. My friends refused to stay the night unless there was a group of us because of the footsteps. 

    In a house I used to live in I heard a child laugh. Like a creepy I'm gonna get you laugh. It was so clear that my dog stood up and my oldest who was 18 months looked in the same direction. I slept with the lights on for a week. 

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  • Well we seemed to take this thread a little spooky... 

    I never really admit to believing in ghosts or spirits but I think I must because I get so freaked out when things happen.

    I rented a 2/2 condo with one of besties after college.  It was a newer revitalization area in the city... eveything was new, including our complex.  It had been known to be a not-so-great part of the city... lots of crime... etc.

    I used to have visions and almost/maybe (?) 'see' this man in the corner of my bedroom at night every so often... he seemed cold and lost, never scary, but it freaked me the f out.  I hated when my roommate wasn't there and it happened.  It was always the same guy, just kind of there... I had forgotten about him/those occurrences but my mom has been bringing it up recently and I still get chills when I think about it.

    I wish I didn't believe...
  • And here I was feeling safe from ghosts because my house is new. Thanks for nothing @michaela0704 ;
  • @huskermom14  I miss my grandparents so much, I WISH they would haunt me.  I was really close to them and miss them terribly.  I dream about them every now and then.

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  • @EmeraldNC we definitely have moments of comfort at family events if something odd happens that just "has" to be Grandma. I didn't know her quite like my older cousins did, but I still have fond memories with her. Hugs to you. Grandparents are so special and I'm thankful that still have 3/4 of mine here. 
  • michaela0704michaela0704
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    @doodleoodle sorry   :D

    I don't know... like I said, I don't think I believe or at least I don't want to... I am no help and never like to admit it to many people IRL.  I guess we can just chalk it up to me being a Nervous Nellie...
  • I guess since we're sharing ghost stories I'll go ahead:
    Legend has it that my grandparents' house in Mexico is haunted by the ghost of a 4 year old boy. Many cousins have claimed to see him and it's spooked everyone out forever. After my grandparents passed the house was rented to a preschool. My cousin who was studying to be a teacher did some externship hours there and said the kids were interacting with the ghost and would sometimes come running to the front of the building because they were scared of him.
  • My grandma totally "haunts" my grandpa's house. You can hear the floor creak as if someone is coming down the hall every day at the time she'd be getting up from her nap. Every once in a while her chair will start rocking out of nowhere. It's so crazy. 

    On a non-creepy note, we're on our way to Great Wolf Lodge with DS and I'm sooooo excited!! I hope he has as great of a time as I'm thinking he will! 
    Have fun! We went in October and loved it. We are going back at the end of the month to celebrate DS's 4th birthday. Can't wait! 
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  • I have had multiple ODD happenings that we always blamed on ghosts. I'll share one who lived in an apt I shared with friends back in the early 2000's

    It started with hearing voices coming through the vents from other rooms. Loud enough that it would make you walk to see what the other roommate said, only to find them coming to see what you said.
    Then it progressed to doors being opened or closed. The front door randomly opening in the middle of the night (did i mention we lived in the hood?! Not cool, Ghost...) or the door from the bedroom to the bathroom being closed and locked when you're the only one home.

    It got creepier when we were packing to move out. My Roomie and i had just taken a load of stuff to the new apartment. We were in her room packing her clothes from her dresser for the next load. She couldn't find her keys. We looked everywhere: in our purses, on the bed, on the furniture, on the hook where she hung her keys... nowhere to be found.
    So she says aloud to the ghost to give back the keys so we can go. The keys are nowhere to be found so we start going through EVERYTHING. The keys were in a box in the closet that was at the bottom of a pile of boxes containing keepsakes. How did that happen? It's not like we took the boxes out, put the keys in, put the boxes back, and then started packing the clothes from the dresser...

  • Hubby and I tried to take our 15 month old out to eat last night with us. I'm now convinced we won't be going out to eat for the next 3 to 4 years. 
  • I LOVE ghost stories, I have never experienced anything like that..........  Anyone have anymore?!  I love reading them!!
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  • AllybieryAllybiery
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    I was only semi serious, we will still try occasionally. He also had severe food allergies so that is just added stress as well. Edited to say I think my years working in restaurants makes
    me feel sorry for anybody that has to deal with us lol. 
  • I totally believe in ghosts (and am fascinated by them), but I don't have any stories.  I clearly need to come visit your houses!!

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  • DD has been going through a major sleep regression for the last month. She's waking in the middle of the night, often can't fall asleep alone, fights sleep tooth and nail, and is waking up super early. I'm ashamed to say that I just had a full on, weepy, hyperventilating panic attack about it. She was sleeping so well when I got KU. I know it's just a phase and like everything, it will pass, but I don't know how I will handle it if this is ongoing once DD2 arrives. DH works nights so it'll all be up to me. 
  • My sisters and friends used to love to do seances during sleepovers. I don't think we ever did anything that would make it a legit seance, just candles and chanting. There were some fun times when people got seemingly "possessed" for a few minutes. Nothing dangerous ever happened. My friend did think she saw my dad once in my grandma's house during a seance which was cool. I think I believe in ghosts and I find the concept really interesting.
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  • @doodleoodle I'm right there with you. Had my fair share of weepy meltdowns too over Ds sleep issues. Especially scary to think about adding a newborn in the mix. 
  • Ugh sorry to hear that @Allybiery
  • @doodleoodle hope you at least can get a nap in! 
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